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  • Now available in Chinese!

  • Blocklancer is the solution! 70% of freelancers have trouble getting paid! 

  • Blocklancer not affected by China ICO regulation

    As you may know, China imposed a temporary ban of ICOs. We will address some important questions there. Most important is that Blocklancer is not affected by the Chinese regulations.

    The ban is not a law

    At the moment the ban of ICOs is not a law.

    Caixin, a local financial magazine and Chinese regulators (People’s Bank of China & China Securities Regulatory Commission) are deciding at the moment, how to handle ICOs in the future. There are reports that a permanent suspension is possible.

    But right now there are no regulations put in place, therefore we can assume that the ban of ICOs is temporary and could be lifted within reasonable time.

    The Blocklancer tokensale and platform is not affected by the ban

    Blocklancer is not located in China and we do not have any business relations with Chinese entities at the moment. Blocklancer is based in Austria and is 100% compliant with the legislative framework of Austria and the EU.

    Blocklancer is not affected, because our token cannot be seen as a financial instrument or security. We are actively developing a cryptoeconomic freelancing platform and the token plays an essential role in our environment. Moreover our platform will be rolled out soon. Blocklancer is NO scam and therefore is not a target for any authorities.

    Regulation can be good in the long run (if done right)

    If done right, regulation can be good for the whole ICO market. It is no secret that there are lots of scam projects around. Some people even argue that 90% of ICOs are scam. Even Caixin quotes a source that said “90% of ICO projects are suspected of illegal fund-raising and intentional fraud”. Moreover there are also concerns that ICOs are used to fund terrorism.

    If regulations are done right, the investors of ICOs can be protected. This would also lower to hurdle and ICOs could reach a broader audience. Moreover scam projects can be filtered out sooner and therefore there is more room for legit projects that are actively developing innovative projects that can improve many aspects of the current industries and services. Blocklancer is avant-garde in this perspective, because we are solving real world problems with the disruptive power of the Blockchain technology.

  • Pre-Sale begins in 1 day!

  • New version of whitepaper released:  https://blocklancer.net/static...

  • Blocklancer ICO: Roles on the Freelance Marketplace

    Tokenholders: Platform Governance

    Perhaps the most critical role on the Blocklancer platform is that of the Tokenholder. Those holding Lancer Tokens (LNC) are Tokenholders and, therefore, subject to certain benefits and responsibilities on the Blocklancer platform. The Tokenholder on the Blocklancer platform is synonymous with shareholders within a corporation. The difference between Blocklancer and the traditional corporation is that Blocklancer is 100% owned and decided upon by Tokenholders.

    Tokenholders will receive 100% of the 3% of fees charged on the Blocklancer platform and will be responsible for voting in the dispute resolution process should disputes occur between Freelancers and Clients. This puts the decision-making power in the hands of those holding LNC — allowing for more fair way to handle disputes on the platform. Tokenholders have an incentive to participate in the dispute resolution process, decided by majority vote, because the Tokenholders who voted with the majority receive LNC from the Tokenholders who voted on the losing side.

    Freelancers: Perform Work

    Blocklancer project has emerged as an innovative decentralized business model called the Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) because of the problems Freelancers face on a daily basis on present freelance platforms. Some of these problems are outlined in our White Paper which can be found in detail on the official Blocklancer website, but are listed succinctly below:

    1. Unnecessary difficulties receiving payments from clients
    2. Clients leaving undeserving/negative profile reviews
    3. High fees on current freelancing platforms (Blocklancer = ONLY 3%)
    4. Unlimited centralized power on current freelancing platforms

    Blocklancer is aiming to make job proposals as easy as possible for Freelancers within and outside of the blockchain industry. With an initial focus on becoming a resource for the blockchain community’s needs, Blocklancer will then branch out to non-blockchain markets with a focus on becoming the Freelance platform of the future.

    Clients: Find Low-cost Freelance Work

    While Blocklancer is focused more on helping the individual Freelancer than the corporation, the Leadership Team understands the symbiotic relationship within the ecosystem and, thus, will be far more affordable than any currently available option for businesses.

    Blocklancer employs ONLY a 3% fee on Employment Contracts created by businesses, but the fee is paid by the Freelancer for having the opportunity provided by the Client. These are essentially projects or gigs a Freelancer can scan the Blocklancer platform for, evaluate, and submit a proposal to be reviewed by the Client.

    Below is a comparison of platform fees charged by present freelance job platforms:

    Blocklancer White Paper

    As you can see above, Blocklancer will be very attractive to companies seeking Freelancer’s for specialized, niche work. The fees are non-existent for companies, which should result in a major increase in employment opportunities. We expect this to, in turn, attract Freelancers to the Blocklancer platform seeking fair employment opportunities.

    Another important feature to note in the red box — just look how how much existing freelance platforms gouge their Freelancers10–20% of the employment contract PLUS withdrawal fees, conversion fees, and 3–4 days time for funds to hit your account. Blocklancer was developed with these key negative features in-mind for you to have a better Freelance experience!

    Blocklancer ICO Pre-Sale Starts September 7th, 13:00:00 UTC

    An important reminder that our ICO pre-sale starts in less than 48-hours. Those interested can learn more about and register for the ICO and even earn LNC tokens in our Bounty Program by registering here. Remember, the pre-sale will only accept up to 500 ETH at an ICO pre-sale rate of 1 ETH = 20,000 LNC. This is in contrast with the initial ICO rate of 1 ETH = 12,000 LNC.

    Please join Blocklancer communication channels at:

  • Pre-Sale begins in 1 hour! Get +100% tokens

  • Going to the moon! 70% sold in 12 hours! Get your bonus now!

  • Blocklancer ICO Pre-sale Cap Reached in 3 Days!

    The Blocklancer ICO pre-sale launched on September 7th at 13:00:00 UTC with the goal 500 ETH. The ICO pre-sale was to go on until September 21st, but was met within 3-hours of the launch. Our team decided to increase the goal from 500 to 1,000 ETH in order to allow more of our community to support the project, but also to help better prepare our marketing strategy for the ICO launch.

    To our surprise, the increased 1,000 ETH cap was reached within 72-hoursof launch. The contributions came from 221 Blocklancer supporters. The average contribution to the pre-sale was 4.52 ETH per Tokenholder,resulting in an average of 90,400 LNC per Tokenholder.

    Early supporters earned 100% LNC bonus on their contributions in comparison to the base ICO price. Remember, the Lancer Token will be used to vote on platform disputesearn 100% of the 3% contract fees on successfully completed jobs; and to help determine the direction the Blocklancer platform takes in the future.

    Tokenholders should follow our Medium Publication closely over the next few weeks as we come out with updates about The Tokenholder TribuneDispute Resolution Voting Process, and other details about perks around holding the Lancer Token.

    ICO Pre-sale Complete, Onto The Initial Coin Offering Launch

    Now that the Blocklancer ICO pre-sale is complete, we will continue building out our advertising/marketing strategy in preparation for a big ICO launchin November/December 2017. Blocklancer aims to raise a maximum of $50 million in the ICO to build-out a platform capable of competing with the likes of Elance-oDeskUpworkFiverr, and other major freelance platforms, ultimately aiming to make freelancing an easier and more fair process.

    Please support us while earning LNC through our bounty campaign — you can register here. Please give our Medium Publication a follow as we continue our journey to revolutionizing the freelance industry, together!

    Below are Blocklancer resource links:

  • Slack Scam and the Future of our Community Communication Channel

    As you may have noticed, there have been many scammers and phishing attempts around on the Slack channels of Blockchain projects (read more). Unfortunately also our official Blocklancer Slack channel has been infiltrated by theses scammers.

    We are doing our best to ban scammers as fast as possible. Slack provides no mechanism against these scam. Many scammers use the reminder functionality of slack so that the slackbot itself is sending phishing messages to community members.

    Like other projects we are looking for some open-source solutions that can fulfill the needs of our user base. As an alternative to slack, we already created a Discord channel.

    Currently we are also looking at Rocket.Chat and Riot.im.

    Note: Please never follow instructions from any users on Slack to send money to any addresses. Please also check links that are sent to you on Slack. If you encounter any phishing attempts please immediately get in contact with the administrators of the channel.

  • Whitelist campaign

    The Blocklancer Team proudly presents the Whitelist campaign!

    During the Whitelist campaign you can buy LNC Tokens with any currency you like (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, …).

    There is also a bonus for higher investments:

    • $5,000–$50,000 + 20% LNC
    • $50,000 and above + 30% LNC

    The pre-sale was already sold out in less than 3 days and many people were not able to buy ETH in this short period of time. Now there is again an opportunity to contribute to the Blocklancer project!

    For participating, please just head to www.blocklancer.net and click “Apply for Whitelist”. Now you have to fill in the application form. Do not forget to give us contact data like your correct e-mail address or SkypeId. This way we can get back to you as fast as possible.

    Below are Blocklancer resource links:

  • Blocklancer partnership with MicroMoney

    Blocklancer is an official partner of MicroMoney. Together we can integrate the people from the “unbanked world” into the global market. Have you known that currently there are 2bln people, who have no access to financial services?

    2 billion people are unbanked

    Many of the “unbanked” are living in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia and South America.

    Where are the unbanked

    But there are even many people from the United States, who are unbanked or underbanked. This shows that being unbanked is not just a problem of the developing world. For example there are whopping 28.3% of US households, that are unbanked or underbanked.

    MicroMoney is creating a system based on the blockchain technology that makes funding for people from the unbanked world possible. To achieve this they combine the most modern technologies: Machine Learning and Blockchain.

    With Blocklancer the people from the “unbanked world” get the possibility to participate in the global job market. They can use the funding from MicroMoney to build a business and with Blocklancer they can find and pay people, who get jobs done.

    MicroMoney and Blocklancer will bring new opportunities to the “unbanked”and together we can make the daily life of 2 billion people a lot easier.

    Learn more about the unbanked:


    The world's 2 billion unbanked, in 6 charts
    LONDON - Two billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via a mobile…www.businessinsider.de

    Below are Blocklancer resource links:

    Below are MicroMoney resource links:

  • Blocklancer and Ties.Network Partner to Create Freelancer Industry Solutions

    We are happy to announce that Blocklancer and TIES.NETWORK have entered into a strategic partnership! We officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding that we work together on bringing the Blockchain technology forward!

    This is great news for the Blocklancer community because Ties.Network is a project management platform allowing users to build teams and complete projects from ideation to growth stages and beyond. Not only that, Ties.Network creates Ties.DB, the first public database for decentralized structured data storage, allowing for advanced search and documents modification. Ties.DB will help bring Ethereum blockchain technology to the next level by lightening the data load decentralized applications will face while operating.

    The partnership creates major synergies with the decentralized autonomous business model Blocklancer is built on and ultimately allowing for greater scalability.

    1. Ties.Network can further utilize the Blocklancer platform to fulfill skilled human capital needs from projects on the platform; in turn, providing freelancers on the Blocklancer platform with freelance work opportunities.
    2. Ties.DB will help further decentralize the Blocklancer platform by acting as a database for structured data stored from the Blocklancer platform.

    Ties.DB is a great solution for decentralized storage while Ties.Network and Blocklancer bring the blockchain technology mainstream!

    Below are Blocklancer resource links:

  • Partnership Announcement: Starbase and Blocklancer Partner to Expand Business Solutions

    We are happy to announce that Blocklancer and Starbase have entered into a strategic partnership! Using the power of blockchain, Starbase aims to connect people all over the world, introducing those who are passionate about conquering difficult challenges with the necessary team and funding to accomplish their goals. Starbase will work like a crowdfunding platform, but has a major focus on using blockchain technology to enable startup projects to offer long-term incentives immediately for those working on projects in their ecosystem.

    We see a major opportunity to align incentives here. At the center of Starbase’s ecosystem is a crowdfunding platform for ICO projects to raise funds. Newly funded startups and projects are going to need specific skilled labor — this is where the Blocklancer platform comes in. Starbase project creators and startups will benefit by leveraging our platform to find the skilled labor they need by listing the job requirements on Blocklancer. This, in turn, will help create an increased supply of opportunities for freelancers on the Blocklancer platform.

    Starbase also has their own rating system which rates each individual team member working on projects. Blocklancer’s rating system can act as an indicator for Starbase project creators to check if the freelancer is competent before hiring them. The STAR token is their ecosystem currency and can be integrated into the Blocklancer platform so that Starbase project creators can search for freelancers who can be invited directly via the Blocklancer platform.

    Finally, the core team of projects on the Starbase platform will gain access to the premium features on Blocklancer, empowering the project creators to better find the skilled labor necessary for their project.

    We are excited to come together as we ramp up for our ICO. Starbase’s ICO starts November 9th, 2017. The Blocklancer ICO launch date will be announced soon. Stay tuned as we continue to bring blockchain to the mainstream!

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  • Partnership Announcement: Blocklancer and HOQU Partner to Create Quality Products

    Blocklancer is pleased to announce that it is entering partnership with blockchain project HOQU.

    In a joint and highly anticipated decision, Blocklancer has entered into cooperation with the HOQU Project as its Marketing and Advertising partner.

    HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair CPA deals based on a smart contracts.

    The Blockchain-based affiliate platform is a market with a potential turnover of $200 bln a year and HOQU is the first Blockchain-based affiliate platform in the world!

    Blocklancer would like to express its sincerest gratitude and delight that HOQU has accepted to become its Marketing and Advertising partner. As a result of this endeavor, we look forward to working more efficiently to cater to all stakeholders and provide them with a truly quality product.

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