• Dev Diary #2

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    Welcome to part two of our regular series of Dev Diaries. Today we will cover the just released Blocklancer Manual.

    The Blocklancer Manual

    We released a full manual explaining how to use the Blocklancer platform. It is intended to just be a small overview of what you can do on the Blocklancer platform but as it seems it already got quite big with 15 pages. There are many more feature which aren’t covered or aren’t covered in full detail but we will add them and all features we are going to add in the future. We also consider to create, alongside the full manual, a Quick Start Guide which only covers the most essential features of the Blocklancer platform.

    We tried to make it as easy to follow as possible because of this we added many screenshots so that there never has to be the question asked “And where is that exactly”. After all Blocklancer is intended for the masses and not for a small niche.

    For everyone who is currently participating in the Alpha release it is a huge help to see the many feature which are already possible on the platform. Beginning from “how to get Ether on my account using the DApp” to “voting in the Token Holder Tribunal”.

    The manual can be downloaded here.

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  • Dev Diary #3

    Welcome to part three of our regular series of Dev Diaries. Today we will present you the improvements we made on the Blocklancer platform in the last week. Let’s get started.

    1. File Attachments to freelance job

    We added the ability to attach files to a jobs offer. Users are able to drag and drop or directly browse the files as seen below.

    Users are able to attach up to 5 file with a maximum size of 1MB each. All common file formats are accepted except file formats with security concerns (e.g. .exe).

    Allowed file formats:

    jpg, doc, docx, gif, png, txt, py, php, cpp, c, h, hpp, psd, js, pdf, css, dwg, tiff, csv, htm, rtx, rtf, tsv, xml, etx, ico, tif, jpeg, jpe, conf, sql, sol

    After some feedback and suggestions from our community we decided, because of privacy concerns, not to implement IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) for this task. The files will only be accessible until the client selects a freelancer. After this period the files will be stored for two more months for potential disputes to happen.

    Users are able to directly preview or download all files in the job view. All common file types are viewable including pdf and all office files such as docx and xls.

    2. Notifications

    We added the ability to view the most important events that happened on the Blocklancer platform whilst a user was away.

    3. Skill rating

    Skill ratings should rather be considered as the experience a freelancer has in a certain skills. After a successful job the freelancer receive 1 additional point in each skill, which was required for this job, if the client rated the freelancer with more than 3 stars. On the other hand if the client rated the freelancer with less than 4 stars he won’t lose any points and thus this rating should rather be considered as experience.

    If you received some points for a skill you hadn’t added in advance you are still able to add this skill later with the correct amount of points. Your added skills are thus completely irrelevant for receiving points.

    4. Other minor additions

    We made many other minor additions to the Blocklancer platform but for the sake of keeping this dev diary within a reasonable length we will skip those changes for now.

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  • Blocklancer Dev Diary #4

    Hi again to another series of our regular Dev Diaries. Today we will talk about the improvements of the whitepaper we released earlier this week. Let’s get started with the changes.


    We nearly doubled the size of the Whitepaper it is now nearly as big as the whole US constitution with all 27 amendments. Fun facts aside let’s talk about the changes.

    We added a whole section explaining the Token Holder Tribunal. This as well forms the biggest chunk of all changes. The Token Holder Tribunal is explained is far more detail covered in 13 chapters. But it leaves some implementation stuff aside which will be covered in the Yellowpaper.

    We as well added a section explaining the Blocklancer ecosystem by explaining how the 3 parts (Fee Pool, Account, Token Holder Tribunal) are separated so they can be used/accessed independently. This allows everyone to easily build applications on top of the Blocklancer ecosystem.

    There are many more changes but explaining all changes would go beyond the scope of this Dev Diary so we will keep it short.

    We as well added all changes we made on the Blocklancer platform to the official manual which always cover the most recent release internal of the Blocklancer platform.

    This already concludes this Dev Diary release.

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  • @blocklancer Looks really good. The business plan!

  • Original article: https://publication.blocklance...

    Dev Diary #5

    Hi, again to another Dev Diary. This time around it is already the fifth and there are still many more to come so let’s get right to the interesting things.


    We reorganized our Github repositories in the Blocklancer Organization this way all public repositories are easier to find. We added some research work which was used to create the soon to be released Yellowpaper and even some experimental repositories. For all those that are interested in creating some articles for the Blocklancer platform we added a whole repository including images and screenshots which can be used for this purpose.


    The Client is now able to add Milestones to an existing project by pressing the “Add Project Milestones” button which can be found above the bids.

    After pressing the button, the first Milestone gets added and is ready to be edited.

    You are able to add more milestone by pressing the “Add Milestone” button as seen above.

    A client is able to preview his milestones before his final submit (The milestones can’t be removed afterwards) by pressing the “preview” button.

    After publishing the milestones, a client isn’t able to modify the milestones anymore. Otherwise he would be able to simply delete them before accepting a freelancer even though it is an important criterion for the freelancer.

    Freelancer Milestone Actions

    The freelancer on the other hand has two options to interact with milestones.

    • Only the freelancer is able to cancel a milestone. If he decides to cancel it the amount associated with the milestones is subtracted from the total payout. It should only be used if the freelancer and the client decide that the milestone isn’t needed anymore.
    • The freelancer is able to dispute a single milestone. It wouldn’t make sense for the client anyways because if he decides to start a dispute because of a job he wouldn’t wanted to payout any more anyways.

    This concludes this Dev Diary release.

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  • Happy Holidays!

  • ICO starts on January 16th


  • BLOCKLANCER - Token Distribution Report

    In this article we will discuss the distribution of the Lancer Token and it will cover the expenses of LNC and who receives how many LNC for what.

    Total Supply

    The final total supply of the Lancer Token is 152,177,339LNC.

    Dev Share

    The developer of Blocklancer receive 20% of all Lancer Tokens issued which are required to be vested by them for at least one year.

    Dev Share = 30,435,468 LNC.


    The bounty participants receive 2% of all issued tokens. The bounty tokens will be distributed by March 20 at latest.

    Bounty = 3,043,547 LNC

    ETH sent from exchanges

    Because fairly many contributors accidently sent their ETH from an exchanges, we decided to send them their entitled LNC after the ICO. We believe that it’s the best that they don’t need to move away from the project with regret and are able to stay in the community. They paid for their LNC after all.

    Everyone who will receives LNC can be viewed in this document. (We removed the emails because of privacy concerns). If you sent from an exchange and you aren’t able to see your wallet address on the list please contact us. (This list contains those that sent from Freewallet as well)

    Currently = 1,267,804 LNC.


    There were multiple scams around during our ICO and multiple community members fell victim to them because the scammers used Google Adwords to advertise the phishing sites over ours. Those who fell for those scams will receive their LNC because we believe that for the growth of the Blocklancer platform we need a united community.

    We are still collecting the data for this but everything combined should sadly be worth ~60ETH.


    During the pre-sale we raised 1,000 ETH with an exchange rate of 20,000 LNC per 1 ETH. Whitelist participants also received the exchange rate of 20,000 LNC per 1 ETH.

    Thanks to everybody who participated in the Tokensale!

  • Dev Diary #12

    Hello again to another Dev Diary. Today we will discuss about the changed verification system included into the Blocklancer platform.

    Previously everyone who planned to participate in the THT had to make a transaction to verify his LNC ownership. Now it is possible to verify the account by signing a message via MetaMask or MyEtherWallet (Which doesn’t costs any fees -> its completely free). Further it is still possible to verify the account by making a transaction (currently ~$0.05 Ethereum Fees) using any wallet available (Mist, Parity …).

    Blocklancer Wallet

    In the screenshot above you can see the new options available below of the address which is currently assigned to this Blocklancer account. To verify your address using MetaMask you only need to press the “Verify using MetaMask” button to open a new window there you only need to click the “sign” button to complete the process.

    Metamask signing interface

    Useful Links:

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