[ANN][ICO] CrazyBET - Bet on any events with you friends. ICO July 23 - Aug 10

  • CrazyBET (crazybet.io)

    Our mission is to allow friends to easily bet with each other on any events.

    Links: www.crazybet.io  ▐ White paper▐   ROADMAP

    Examples of bets:

    • Who will drink more alcohol?
    • Who is the first to go on a date with Mary?
    • Who has it bigger?)
    • What  turnover will be on a BTC/ETH pair on Poloniex?
    • Who is better in StarCraft?
    • Will the BTC price achieve a certain rate?
    • What height or what speed will the waves reach in Soorts-Hossegor?

    CBET platform allows you to create three types of bets:

    • Bet with a third party confirmation.
    • Bet with automatic confirmation by API.
    • Bet on the competition in games with PvP mode.

    Our platform will act as guarantor of such transactions and providing extensive options for their organization. The internal currency for betting is CBET.

    It works on the basis of smart contracts, which allows them to achieve a high level of security and honesty of bets.
    Using our website or app, people will be able to customize all the details of the dispute and conclude it. The platform provides security from scammers and waiver of bid through smart contracts, automation of decision making and competent work with Arbitrators. 


    START DATE: July 23, 2017 at UTC 00:00 
    END DATE: August 10, 2017 at UTC 00:00 

    ICO price - 2000 CBET = 1 ETH.
    The domestic currency of the platform is the CBET.
    After project starts (October 2017) CBET price for players, if buy at the platform will be 1CBET=0,5$.
    It's more than 5 times more expensive than when buying at ICO.

    For your attention: 
    - daily facebook  campaign
    - translates and articles in fixed amount of coins

    Total tokens for Bounties is 1 200 000 (more than 100 000$ for now and about 500 000$ after project starts).

    Bounties categories:

    Translation and moderation – 200 000 CBET tokens
    Twitter – 200 000 CBET tokens
    Facebook – 150 000 CBET tokens
    Article/Blog/media – 250 000 CBET tokens
    Signature – 250 000 CBET tokens
    Other – 150 000 CBET tokens

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