Radium Update #37 — Block Reward Reduction at block 1,133,560

  • As most of you probably already know the Radium network staking reward is dropping from 0.75 RADS per block to 0.50 RADS per block at block 1,133,560 which is approximately slightly less than 21 days from today. This will reduce the annual inflation rate to approximately 8%.

    The annual staking return at 0.5 RADS per block assuming a staking weight of 1,500,000 RADS is approximately 17%, which remains a highly competitive staking return. If one takes the staking weight at the moment of writing, the annual staking return is approximately 26% (at 0.50 RADS per block). This does not include the extra staking rewards stemming from the fees of SmartChain transactions.

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