Omise GO (OMG) Release woocommerce v3.0

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    • Support Alipay payment! (PR #48)

    Start accepting payment with a new Alipay payment method.


    • Be able to manual sync Omise charge status directly in a WooCommerce store. (PR #47)

    Sometimes, a payment processor won't be able to make a decision right away whether success or fail when you make a charge (due to 3rd-party payment processor. i.e. Internet Banking). Instead, it will return a pending status back to a requestor.

    Previously we had no way to re-fetch or re-sync a payment status once it has been created and merchant has to go to check a payment result at Omise dashboard directly then, come back to their store to update an order status according to the result.

    Now you can make it all done at the WooCommerce Order Detail page (admin).


    • Be able to make a refund directly in a WooCommerce order detail page! (for credit card payment method only). (PR #42)

    More convenient that now merchants can create a refund directly in a WooCommerce order detail page without switching between Omise dashboard and their WooCommerce store dashboard.

    Also, an order status will be updated according to a refund status too.


    • Support Internet Banking payment! (PR #41#46)

    It has been asked for a while. Now you can start accepting a payment via Internet Banking payment method!


    • Fully use 'Omise-PHP' library as an Omise API requestor. (PR #38)

    Previously we had built an API requestor here but it came with a cost that we have to keep maintaining (by adding new services) all the time when we deliver new services.

    So we decided to switch to fully use Omise-PHP library as an Omise API requestor. Adding a new feature became faster than before!


    • Huge plugin code refactoring & provides a new plugin code structure (PR #36#37, #39#40)

    For anyone who did customize on the core code of the plugin PLEASE CAREFULLY CHECK THESE PRs BEFORE UPDATE! (serious)

    There are tons of structure changes on its structure and how we declared our class / code, etc. You may read at PR #40 to understand a big picture of these changes, then go with the following PRs:

    • PR #39 : Refactoring core plugin file, having Omise class to handle initiate the plugin.
    • PR #38 : Fully use Omise-PHP in the plugin, remove legacy API connector.
    • PR #37 : Introduce a new plugin template structure.
    • PR #36 : Give a proper deigned-structure for payment methods.

    🚀 Enhancements

    • Backward compatible with Omsie-WooCommerce v1.2.3. (PR #50)

    This PR was here to make sure that Omise-WooCommerce v3.0 won't break the previous features you have in Omise v1.2.3 (please let's us know if there is something break!)


    • Humanize messages that will be displayed on a user's screen (PR #49)

    Error messages were hard to understand and not to the point? Not anymore :)

    Error message will be more human-readable, get to the point. Tell a reason what's wrong and call to a next action on both merchant and buyer sides.


    • Remove Omise Dashboard support. (PR #44)

    We decided to remove it because of 'lack of maintain' since there are new features always coming in our main dashboard (

    Another reason is, we are working on seamlessly integrate our features into WordPress / WooCommerce system. For example, now you can see a charge id and create a refund via WooCommerce order detail page.

    For the rest, we now recommend you to come and check at Omise dashboard (


    • Upgrade Omise-PHP library to v2.8.0 (the latest one). (PR #43)

    At Omise-PHP v2.7.0, there are some enhancements on USER-AGENT header and we need it.


    • Improve UX of the payment credit card form (after our UX team did researches on user behaviours on a credit card form). (PR #45)

    How many times you tried to input your card number at the first field when you see a credit card form?

    Here we decided to improve the UX of a credit card form by having Card number first, and following by Name on card later. Also did some small improvement by updating a form's label to make it more clear and easy to understand what's information you need to input.


    • Update plugin's 'text-domain' to support GlotPress translation system. (PR [#32])(#32) & #34.

    Provide a proper text-domain that would allows WordPress translator community to be able to translate the plugin through https://translate.wordpress.or...

    Contributor: @mayukojpn

    👾 Bug Fixes

    • Fix 'save credit card for next time' feature for WooCommerce v3.x. (PR #45)

    Somehow, our 'save card' feature didn't work well on WooCommerce v3.x. Now we fixed it!

    Tested on


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