5 Interesting Facts About ChronoBank You Probably Don’t Know

  • The face of blockchain industry has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2017. ChronoBank began at the start of the ICO boom, and nowadays investors in crypto currencies might not even know that. Here are five facts about ChronoBank.

    Fact 2: ChronoBank progress in numbers

    41353 — number of code lines. Check our GitHub + [GLOC extension for Chrome browser] https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gloc-github-counter-lines/kaodcnpebhdbpaeeemkiobcokcnegdki) 2971 investor supported ChronoBank on ICO 16 560 person-hours spent on the project 18 professionals in ChronoBank team from 6 countries 15 partners 7 exchanges 1 and only time-based cryptocurrency in the world

    Fact 3: Ithaca hour creator, Paul Glover, is ChronoBank’s advisor

    We are proud to support an idea of equality in people’s opportunities. No matter where you are from and what kind of work you are doing, you deserve to be well-paid. Paul Glover created Ithaca hour in 1991 in a small town in the USA. Since then, more than $110,000 worth of Ithaca Hours have been issued in an area where 500 merchants accept the currency, and thousands of residents use it. He proved that the community confidence could back the currency if people truly believe in its value. We are happy to say that Paul Glover is one of the ideologists and a consultant of the ChronoBank project.

    Fact 4: ChronoBank was founded by one of the leading short term labour hire companies in Australia

    Creator of ChronoBank Sergei Sergienko was one of the entrepreneurs who founded Edway Group in 2007. Edway has grown to become one of the leading Australian companies in short term labour placements and training. The company has multiple divisions in the fields of labour hire, painting, training and technology with offices around Australia. Edway tries to keep in sync with the latest technology trends and developments to be ahead of the competition. ChronoBank took all of that 10-year experience and put it in a solid revolutionary system.

    Fact 5: Products and services ChronoBank’s team is currently working on

    TIME — a token which gives its holders the right to receive a part of commission fees from operations with LH-tokens. In simple terms, Time tokens are your investments in a ChronoBank company.

    Labour Hour (LH) — coin based on average hourly wages in the host country and are backed by a real labour force from big recruitment and labour-hire companies.

    ChronoMint — is the interface for ChronoBank smart contract management system. We tried our best to make it super-safe, convenient and functional. ChronoWallet, as a part of ChronoMint, is one of the most secure ERC20 tokens wallets on the market. It was run through complete security audit with some the strongest smart contracts experts.   LaborX is ChronoBank’s platform for workers and clients, a place where your can list your job positions or get employed 24/7 internationally. Commission in the system is almost flat — only 1% of every job position. Reputation system will make every hiring fair, plus, payment terms are registered in the smart contract, and it can be processed on an even per-second basis.

    TIME is trading on the following exchanges: https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/chronobank/#markets

    It is also available via Changelly service: https://changelly.com/

    Website https://chronobank.io/

    Twitter https://twitter.com/ChronobankNews

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChronoBank.io/

    Telegram https://telegram.me/chronobank

    Slack https://chronobank.herokuapp.com

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