HoboNickels (HBN) Release v1.5.5.0

  • Changes Since

    Turn on and off Staking via startup, rpc, and menus.

    Script Validation Change, must upgrade by March 1, 2018

    Fix some mutability potential problems.

    Removed un-eeded opcodes

    Removed getpubkey and validatepubkey, should be using getaddress and

    validateaddress instead

    Renamed threads to hobocoin

    Add new script checking threads

    split and combine threshold now use all loaded wallets for max combine


    Bump Version and Bump protocol.

    Added WatchOnly ability

    Added importaddress used in watchonly addition

    Imporoved Staking Algo.

    Added mergecoin rpc

    Updated Gui, added windoes open/close buttons to most windows

    Win 32 QT: md5sum HoboNickels-qt_1.5.5.0.zip 09a047007f303206769d7fcc862e2d1f *HoboNickels-qt_1.5.5.0.zip


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