[ANN] Disse Coin [DSE] | X15 PoW/PoS 52% PoS Reward

  • This coin aims to be very fast and we mean very fast, We all hate the long confirmation times so we thought we need a viable way to get it done so we have set the block time to 40 seconds which will adjust down to 30 seconds when full pos has kicked in along with setting the required amount of confirmations to 2 blocks meaning that transactions should take no longer than 120 seconds. We want transactions to be completed securely yet without the headache of waiting around for block after block before you can do anything. We will continue to develop ontop of the code along with others to make sure this turns into a success and not like the other coins out there. We see this as a big advantage to the whole network.

    Disse Coin Spcification:

    Name: Disse 

    Abreviation: DSE 

    Type: PoW/PoS turning full PoS 

    Algorithm: X15

    Other Specifications:

    Past & Future drift: 10 minutes
    Max supply: 77 billion Disse
    modifier interval switch: 16 minutes
    Target Timespan: 16 minutes

    Proof Of Work Specifications:

    Last pow block: 40,000
    Block time: 40 seconds
    coinbase maturity: 50 blocks

    Proof Of Work Rewards:

    1,200 Per Block till Proof Of Work Stops

    Proof Of Stake Specifications:

    Proof Of Stake Start Block: Block 1,000
    Block time: 40 seconds
    Min Stake Age: 4 hours
    Max Stake Age: 14 days
    coinbase maturity: 50 blocks

    Proof Of Stake Rewards:

    1,200 Per Block Till Proof Of Work Stops
    Block 20,000 and after will be 52% Per Annual Year

    Transaction Information:

    Transaction Fee Per KB: 0.001
    Transaction Confirmations: 2 blocks

    Port Information:

    port: 13752
    rpcport: 13753

    Source Code:




    Mining Pool:


    -o stratum+tcp://lpool.name:3733 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=DSE

    Bounty/Donate: Kv6y6nzGcDixL46449Hq231EkyFRRvRXNN (DSE)

    Node list: http://lpool.name/explorer/peers?id=1788
    Explorer: http://lpool.name/explorer/DSE


    Nova Exchnage:

    NovaExchange CREAMcoin to Mooncoin Market
    NovaExchange CRM to Litecoin Market
    NovaExchange CRM to ETH Market
    NovaExchange CRM to DOGE Market

  • Do you have a website? The pool, nodelist and explorer URL isn't working. Wallet throws error when it is launched. Not sure why this was posted when nothing seems to be working.

  • @lezz


  • @cryptoking Thank you for your reply, the problem is i cannot even launch the wallet. It throws an error stating "The code execution cannot proceed because libwinpthread-1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem" . I have downloaded the wallet thrice and I still cannot run it.

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