Synereo (AMP) WildSpark Beta Numbers

  • The Open WildSpark Beta is upon us. As we gear up to unveil a new website for WildSpark and open the extension for everyone to install in just a couple of weeks, we’d like to thank the hundreds of users who participated in WildSpark’s maiden voyage, providing us with an ongoing stream of thoughtful, quality feedback.

    Some numbers:

    • There are nearly 700 active users currently participating in the Beta.
    • There have been a total of 1,549 Amplification events, averaging 1.16AMPs.
    • The largest amount for a single Amplification was 6.6 AMPs. A single user’s Amplification was valued as the equivalent of roughly 2,000 YouTube views.
    • A total of 1,013 unique videos have been Amplified.

    We created a fun, visual graph based on Amplifications by the most active members, some of which are regular participants of the Synereo Slack community, to demonstrate the interconnected and social nature of WildSpark.

    You can check it out here.

    The WildSpark Beta network

    Due to the closed nature of the Beta, we expected early users to seek out other users with whom to share their Amplified content, resulting in many WildSpark links being posted to our Slack channels.

    We expect this to change with the launch of the Open Beta, as WildSpark’s traction expands beyond our tight community and into wider circles. Users will no longer have to pre-register and be selected; WildSpark will be made available to install directly from the Chrome Web Store starting August the 13th.

    We appreciate your attention and input,

    — The Synereo Team

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