REX - Important Preparations for Monday’s Token Sale

  • Over the many months of development on the REX platform, through the release of our Pre-Alpha, and onto the impending Token Sale beginning on July 31st, the REX Team has maintained a steady course and achieved its landmarks, despite the volatile tides of the blockchain industry.

    The REX Roadmap is achievable, sustainable, and built for long-term growth. The groundswell of support we’ve received from the Ethereum and real estate community has been remarkable. Moving forward, REX is optimally positioned to be the world’s first global, accessible, and fair listing service, and that’s why we will proceed without delay with the Token Sale on July 31st. As an Ethereum-only token sale, we’re certain that the Bitcoin User Activated Soft Fork will not hinder the success of our contribution period, and here are a number of reasons why….


    We acknowledge the importance of Bitcoin in the world of blockchain. But as is no secret: REX is built on the Ethereum network, and the REX Token Sale asset contract will ONLY accept ETH. BTC holders should strongly consider transferring BTC to ETH immediately to participate in the token sale with ease.

    Consensus from the Community

    From our open-source UI to our vibrant Slack and Discord channels, we’ve engaged with the REX Community at every step. After receiving feedback from the REX Community, it’s clear that the vast majority are looking to move forward according to plan. We’re in this together, and we feel like the whole community is behind us.

    Achieving the REX Roadmap

    When it launches in 2018, REX will enjoy status as the first global blockchain MLS listing service in the world to reach market. Along the way, we have multiple partnership milestones that we will achieve to spur growth. Time is of the essence

    Our Word is Our Bond

    We believe we’ve exhibited a track record of delivering on our promises. This ethos of transparency and accountability is central to our mission. We have long-since stated our intention to launch our Token Sale on July 31st, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We know that many who intend to participate are prepared, and have already set aside the Ethereum they intend to invest in the Token Sale.

    Keep in mind: It’s now clear that many exchanges will block BTC trading on August 1st as the UASF plays out. We’d like to remind you once more that if you hold BTC and intend to participate in the REX Token Sale, now is the time to transfer that value to ETH, as the REX Token Sale will ONLY accommodate ETH.

    As we race down this final stretch towards the token sale and what will be a monumental month in the future of REX, the real estate industry, and everyone supporting the REX endeavor, we’d like to thank you for being there with us on this journey. This is just the beginning.

    For detailed information on the REX Token Sale, all of your questions are likely answered HERE.

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    Check out our YouTube channel where you can find our newest videos including our brand new REX TV video series with REX’s very own Lauren Glasses. She will be interviewing brokers, lenders, developers and technologists on real estate, Ethereum and all things REX!

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