TribeToken (TRBE) A Decentralized Charity Platform

  • What is TribeToken?

    TribeToken is an all new decentralized charity platform that uses cryptocurrency (tokens) and enables people to help other people in any place and at any time! TribeToken works as a charity platform where you can create your own charity and donate to other charities with little to no hassle and with minimal fees!

    TribeToken Vision

    With TribeToken we want to create a way for people to reach those that are in need of help, by creating a decentralized charity platform where people can create their own charity projects and that way people can donate with TribeToken.

    More specifically the platform will provide a way for a charity projects to receive funds from people around the globe instantly, without incurring major transaction and conversion fees, that are part of the fiat currency system.

    After our platform is live we want to focus on our project called Tribe Economy. That is creating a local economy in developing countries by using TribeTokens. We made 10 000 000 tokens, that are designed for Tribe Economy. We want to teach people on how to use digital currencies and how they could use them in their daily life.

    ICO Information:

    • ICO goal

    Our goal is to raise funds by holding an ICO that will enable us to create a charity platform based on a decentralized Token.

    • ICO specifications

    ICO starting date: 24th July on 12:00 UTC
    ICO ending date: 14th August on 12:00 UTC
    TribeTokens created: 200 000 000 TRIBE
    20 000 000 TRIBE - Team
     -10 000 000 TRIBE - Tribe Economy
     -10 000 000 TRIBE - Bounties and partnerships
    - 160 000 000 TRIBE - ICO remaining will be burned
    Maximum goal: 50 000 ETH
    Token exchange rate: 3000 TRIBE = 1 ETH
    Minimum transaction amount: 300 TRIBE = 0.1 ETH

    20% bonus tokens for the first 7 days off the ICO.

    • ICO allocation structure


    • Tribe One

     For our first release, we are aiming to bring out the decentralized charity platform where you can donate to charity projects and create them using TribeToken.

    • Tribe Two 

    In our second release, we want to focus on mobile app usage off the platform. By creating a decentralized web application that enables you to use the platform on any device available with decentralization!

    .Tribe Three

    In the third release, we want to activate the Tribe Economy. Our team will be heading to undeveloped countries to create a local economy by using TribeTokens and we will keep updating the platform with new features.
    When we start developing we will release a public roadmap to show what we are currently working on in real-time.

    Tribe Platform

    The platform itself is a way to use TRIBE tokens to donate to a variety of charity projects that are created by users for specific purposes, for example raising funds to provide clean water to people that are in need of. Once the donation period is over, the existing amount will be either completed by us (if possible) as or we will contact the appropriate charity organizations that are capable of accomplishing the end goal of the project on the platform.
    The platform will also have a special section for approved charity organizations in which users can donate tokens directly, in this case the tokens will be directly transferred to the charity of your choice.
    Additional functionality of the platform will include: rating the charity project and leaving reviews, ratings and reviews will be displayed on project creator’s profile and generate an overall rating from all the projects he has created, ratings will also be categorized into two different sections - the “Public” section, which will have the overall rating of unregistered/anonymous users on the platform and “Private” sections, which will have the registered users of the platform. A chat system will be included to contact the creator of the project and others, if the creator will be offline he will be notified via email and/or the phone app that there is a new message waiting for him.

    How does the Tribe Platform work?

    The platform works in two parts - the main platform that can be accessed via a web interface or an application on your Android or iOS phone and a smart contract part where you will be able to transfer the tokens to specific project or charity.
    While the charity organization part is fairly straightforward as the Platform’s Smart Contract, or PSC for short, will directly transfer the funds it receives from you to the charity you wanted. For a charity organization to be included they will have to pass through a review to be certain if the charity project is an actual organization.
    The PSC Charity Project part, which includes a donation period, will hold the tokens you send to the project of your choice, until the donation period is over, then it will notify us of the period being over and we can disburse the tokens/funds to the appropriate places.
    Both of the above will require you to have a special code that the smart contract will ask you to provide, so that the tokens are categorized appropriately or moved to the corresponding organization. While to donate the tokens to a project or an organization will not require you to register on the platform, actions like commenting, reviewing and other functionality will be locked behind registration as well as creating projects. We are currently not planning to completely allow anonymous projects, however this might be allowed in the future.

    Tribe Platform Usage & Benefits

    Apart from the platform being streamlined to be as efficient as possible and being anonymous during the donations, using the platform and subsequently using TribeToken can provide you with some benefits.
    Creating a project on the platform with an initial deposit of TribeTokens will earn you a certain percentage, based on that deposit up to a certain point. You will get your initial deposit back if you achieve the minimum goal which can be set by you, but the absolute minimum is determined by the amount that you have deposited. Creating a project doesn’t require you to have an initial deposit, but there will be no earnings for the creator. Do note that if a project doesn’t reach the minimum funding goal, then the initial deposit is consumed and is used for the project. If the total funding, along with the initial deposit of the project is too low, then the tokens are held to be merged with another similar project.

    The Platform Backend

    The main platform is web based and as of writing, is in the Pre-Alpha stage, it mostly uses PHP 7. No framework is currently used, but there are plans on moving the platform to be based on “Symfony Framework”.
    The automation is currently handled with “CRON jobs” on the server side to periodically check the contract for new transactions and to categorize them appropriately on the platform’s database. The database is “MariaDB”, because it provides better security and more frequent updates than the parent version of it, namely “MySQL DB”. More dynamic functionality such as the platform’s chat uses JavaScript/JQuery.
    There are currently no phone versions, these are planned for the Beta stage of the development and will be developed to have all the functionality as the web platform.
    The platform’s smart contract is written in solidity and the source code for the contract and the platform will be available for review on our GitHub.

    Platform Flow Charts

    Charity Project Creation Flow Chart

    Charity Project End Flow Chart


    Roy Brand

    Founder – Concept Designer

    Alexander Kozhukhov

    Founder – Senior Developer

    Laurynas Čekanavičius

    Founder – Developer


    E-Mail:[email protected]

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