Qtum Foundation Becomes Newest Member of ACCESS

  • The Qtum Foundation is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups in Singapore (ACCESS). ACCESS is the leading blockchain industry association fostering society’s transformation to this new technology in Southeast Asia.

    “By joining ACCESS, Qtum is committed to engaging stakeholders and regulators in a productive manner as a cohesive group,” stated Patrick Dai, co-founded of Qtum. “The blockchain industry is emerging and constructive dialogues need to take place. It’s enlightening that this is able to happen in Singapore and Southeast Asia.”

    ACCESS has been educating public and private institutions on the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since it was founded in May 2014. ACCESS aims to foster an open and clear dialogue between Singapore cryptocurrencies, blockchain businesses, and society at large.

    Qtum shares the vision and mission of ACCESS, understanding the need for providing a united public voice and platform for the ASEAN cryptocurrency and blockchain community to better engage with private and governmental entities.

    “On behalf of the community at ACCESS, we’re very honored to have Qtum join our association,” said Anson Zeall, chairman of ACCESS, adding, “Qtum is definitely an important addition to our community as it will continue to expand the blockchain ecosystem in ASEAN and beyond.”

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