• •First cryptocurrency exchange which offers buying and selling of bitcoin using bank accounts. Cryptocurrency has been renowned as one of the leading technology in financial sector today and with the success of this technology most financial sectors start adopting the blockchain technology to smoothen their financial transactions. After the success of bitcoin, several other currencies came in the market and with their own blockchain and it fills the gap between other complexities of blockchain.

    •This is a new emerging market where investors are seeking for a unique and better opportunity as its extremely attractive market for start-ups. Though the market of the cryptocurrency is not completely under control because of identification and security factors, so many users consider it as a burden for themselves.

    •Many exchanges in the market offers trade facilities among cryptocurrency but most of them are limited to specific geographic regions, because every country have their own regulations for cryptocurrencies. To overcome the geographical barrier and fiat currency to cryptocurrency trading, we are designing a new platform which is fulfilling the present market need of all bitcoin traders.

    • Having easy-to-use, robust cryptocurrency exchange technology that enables P2P exchange between fiat & cryptocurrency, secure credit card transaction capability, and secure wallet storage of user different cryptocurrency funds while offering novice users a unique technique to enhance their skills is the main aim of safe & secure trading platform while offering users a bonus on gross profits through exchange would be an additional point.

    •We are METAX with a successful trading platform at and we are presenting an opportunity for investors to participate in a Token Crowdsale for our new social trading platform – META exchanges.

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