BlockCAT (BCAT) create, manage, and deploy smart contracts with No programming required.

  • What is BlockCAT?

    BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks. No programming required.

    Mission Statement 

    “Our mission is to provide the world a safe way of leveraging inexpensive smart contracts on the Ethereum network and beyond, creating intelligent and automated economic activity at scales not previously possible.” Our team firmly believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, when made accessible. Whether the purpose is personal, business, or otherwise, accessible smart contracts have the potential to be the basis for emerging technology and economic and social activity. We see a future where smart contracts are used by non-technical individuals to buy and sell goods and services, finalize no-nonsense business deals without lawyers in seconds, implement intelligent on-premise and internet-based checkout systems, automate repetitive enterprise-grade fund transfer processes, and create entirely new organizational hierarchies with the press of a button – amongst many other possibilities, all with trust and simplicity. BlockCAT will be a timely and influential platform ready to usher in an explosion in the number of smart contracts utilized.

    Core Objectives

    BlockCAT has the following core objectives:

    1. Build and remain as the de facto platform for creating and deploying smart contracts
    in an accessible fashion by delivering a device-agnostic web portal and a broad set of
    configurable templates for rapidly constructing, deploying, and optionally extracting
    2. Make smart contracts quicker to use, more efficient, easier to understand, and less
    costly than current agreements, contracts, and multi-step payment solutions.
    3. Provide smart contracts that are reliable and inexpensive enough that even the most
    technically acclimated smart contract developers will gain value from using our prebuilt
    or customized contracts, at a fraction of the time and cost of manual deployment.
    4. Implement the tooling necessary to create smart contracts that have minimal risk of
    5. Provide integration with a variety of other valuable services such as prediction markets,
    payment interfaces, and digital asset/currency exchanges.
    6. Provide a marketplace for curating and selling smart contracts created by the worldwide
    blockchain community.
    In summary, BlockCAT aims to make using smart contracts so simple, reliable, and, costeffective
    that they become widely adopted, improving peoples’ lives and making society more

    In our future, everyone uses smart contracts

    - Effortless smart contract creation that anybody can deploy.

    - Mobile and desktop interface to manage your contracts.

    - Design custom contracts that meet your specific needs.

    - Chain or combine multiple contracts to build out entire business payment models.

    - Transfer funds automatically and globally, at great scale.

    - Secure business deals – without lawyers.

    - Transaction verification – remove the risk of sending Ether to the wrong address.

    - Develop and sell your custom contracts on our decentralized marketplace.

    - And much, much more… including applications that no one has thought of yet!


    While far from an exhaustive list, the following examples provide some insight into the
    general idea and class of applications that BlockCAT targets. Please note that this list in no
    way represents the set of complete features ready to be used. This document is not intended,
    at any point, to state or imply the currently implemented features of BlockCAT.

    • Safe Remote Purchases and Escrows

    If you wish to buy from a stranger online, you are required to trust that stranger honors their
    agreement in sending the goods. Similarly, the seller must trust the buyer is honest about
    receiving the goods. With smart contracts, the system becomes trustless as both parties must
    uphold their agreement to receive the goods or funds. With BlockCAT, anybody can set up
    these contracts on a per-use-basis without needing to write a single line of code, opening
    up the world of trustless online purchasing and other forms of escrows without the need for
    centralized systems.

    • Prediction Market Integration

    Prediction markets, such as Augur [8] and Gnosis [9] provide an easy way to access external
    information not typically available to smart contracts, such as the results of elections. Block-
    CAT can leverage this information to provide simple ways of automating transactions that
    occur according to the results of this information.

    • Crowdfunding

    Platforms such as Kickstarter [10] or IndieGoGo [11] are popular places to provide the initial
    funds for large scale projects. However, the project creators have little to no accountability
    to actually create and deliver their proposed project. BlockCAT will provide smart contract
    based crowdfunding that guarantees accountability from the creators. This additional trust
    throughout the whole crowdfunding system will therefore encourage more money to be
    invested into projects. Additionally, BlockCAT will provide payment platform integrations
    so funders not holding digital currencies can effortlessly contribute.

    •  Tamper Resistant Polls and Voting

    Traditional online polling systems have weak trust and are vulnerable to attack due to their
    centralized nature. Polls as smart contracts can provide strong and transparent voting systems
    that operate completely autonomously. Decentralizing the entire process guarantees
    that miscounts of ballots are impossible. Additionally, the immutable and open nature of
    the blockchain means that anybody can audit the process and verify the results independently 

    BlockCAT ensures that this process is painless to setup and eliminates the need to manually
    program each poll, transforming the lengthy and tedious process into just a few clicks on our

    • Auctions

    Online auctions are vulnerable to many methods of user manipulation. Both bidders and
    sellers can fail to uphold their promise to pay or deliver goods once the auction has ended.
    Malicious users or bots can place fictitious bids to artificially inflate prices, and throw the
    bidding process into disarray. Centralized auction services can fail to resolve user conflicts
    and freeze funds for large amounts of time. BlockCAT will prevent these problems through
    decentralized smart contracts, ensuring all parties involved must conduct the auction in a
    fair and transparent way.

    • Proof of Existence

    Typically, in order to certify ownership or existence of an item or idea, a centralized party
    must serve as an authoritative source of truth that others must trust. Using smart contracts,
    this ownership data can be written permanently into the blockchain, where it remains
    extremely resistant to malicious change or accidental data loss. BlockCAT makes it easy
    for anyone to perform proof of existence, by providing externally verifiable procedures for
    anybody to confirm the block-chain data is valid.

    The BlockCAT Token Sale

    Sale Start Block


    Sale End Block


    Estimated Start Date

    20:00 UTC on July 15, 2017

    Ether Raised


    CAT Generated


    Base Exchange Rate

    300 CAT = 1 ETH

    This Token Mechanics and Sale Details summary does not constitute an offer to sell or a
    solicitation of an offer to buy BlockCAT’s token, called “CAT”, and is provided for informational
    purposes only in respect of BlockCAT’s platform. The following summary reflects
    BlockCAT’s current expectations with respect to token mechanics and sale of CAT, which
    are subject to change.
    In the near future, the BlockCAT token (CAT) will be sold. As part of this sale, a fixed
    pool of CAT will generated. No further CAT will be created in the future. Once the sale
    concludes, a portion of CAT tokens will be allocated and given to the BlockCAT team as an
    incentive for the success of our platform, and a separate portion will be held as a reserve pool
    and expenditure fund. The community will hold 79% of all CAT, the BlockCAT team will
    hold 20% of CAT (subject to a freeze period), and 1% will be allocated for the reserve pool.
    CAT serves several key operational functions with respect to the BlockCAT platform for its
    1. CAT will be the only means of paying for contract deployment.
    2. CAT owners will be allowed to participate in milestone completion votes, which will
    be used to unlock reserves for BlockCAT expenditure.
    3. CAT will serve as the primary mechanic for verifying third-party marketplace smart
    contracts in a decentralized and secure way.
    When BlockCAT smart contracts are deployed by users, the CAT that is paid as a fee will be
    re-sold and circulated back into the ecosystem at market value.


    Our team wants to proceed with due care and caution to minimize potential asset loss for
    users. As these smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain as immutable code,
    it is particularly crucial that everything is thoroughly battle hardened and easily updateable
    to handle bugs. As part of the development process, we will source independent professional
    software auditing for all smart contracts, in addition to our internal verification pipeline –
    this comprehensive testing routine is allocated its necessary portion of time and is reflected
    in the paced release schedule. BlockCAT features will be released in the following order:

    The feature release schedule for the BlockCAT platform. Vote-based unlocking
    will occur for the milestones marked with an asterisk

    The expected expenditures in percent of total costs for the BlockCAT platform

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