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  • Qvolta is a global P2P exchange platform that allows users to quickly and easily convert cryptocurrencies into the fiat currencies, and vice versa. We have created Qvolta as a direct response to a huge market problem that exists in the global cryptocurrencies market. In the majority of countries around the world individuals are not able to quickly (within 5-10 minutes) and conveniently convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money. While some exchange platforms are available, most lack the scale and offer unsophisticated tech solutions, that lack security and are challenging and complicated to use. In contract, Qvolta will provide individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Initially two cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange - Bitcoin and Ethereuim, with later envisioned addition of Monero and other altcoins. In order to ensure the best user experience as well as protect the users, Qvolta will act as a guarantor for the trades executed on the platform. Security will further be provided by services as Qvolta Wall and Qvolta Security. Qvolta solution will be available both as a desktop and mobile applications (iOS and Android).

    Qvolta Strategy

    The vision and mission

    • Our vision is to grow into #1 P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, delivering unparalleled value proposition for the users and strong returns for the investors; and ultimately driving the creation of the new financial ecosystem grounded in the interaction between the blockchain and fiat currencies 

    • Our mission is to foster the adoption of cryptocurrencies usage globally, driving increased adoption of altcoins and greater awareness among general population

    Strategy outlook

    Our key focus will be on continuous investment in product development and platform improvement in order to make sure our technology retains its technological lead in the market. We plan to add multiple additional functionalities and features as we move forward, as well as focus on excellent customer service to distinguish ourselves from the rivals such as LocalBitcoins. Geography wise, we plan to launch the product in European Union, USA and Russia at first year, later in second year expand to the key customer markets of Latin America, then to Asia, Australia, other world at third year.Our vision and go-to-market strategy is illustrated in the graph below.

    Short-term targets

    - Securing all the necessary government permits and licenses for the cryptocurrencies exchange in those countries,
    where the sector is regulated by the law

    - Focusing on driving strong user growth, targeting both those users that are already familiar with P2P cryptocurrencies
    exchanges as well as those that have just shown interest in the sector

    Long-term goals

    - Achieving at least 50% market share in the P2P exchange sector; growing into the first platform of choice for both
    individual users as well as businesses

    - Investing heavily in product development ensuring the best tech platform in the industry

    - Expanding the business globally, to ensure presence and strong brand awareness in each key region of the world

    The work scheme of our business

    1. Payments/Transactions with user's fiat money
    2. Payments/Transactions with user's cryptocurrency
    If we consider the first component, then we are completely decentralized: the users' fiat money does not go through
    our trading platform and users make payments to each other directly, without our participation.
    On the second point, of course we could not be called completely decentralized, because orders are processed by a
    centralized escrow mechanism.

    Qvolta (QVT) - ICO Structure

    Date of ICO - 10.10.2017-10.11.2017 (At the time of the ICO we will present the finished product-a full-featured
    desktop version of the p2p exchange Qvolta)

    Number of tokens on ICO - 175 000 000

    Value of token 1 ETH=1 000 QVT

    The official name of the token - QVT

    Deposit Methods – Ethereum

    Date pre-ICO-10.08.2017-15.08.2017 (At the time of the pre-ICO, we will submit MVP)

    Number of tokens per pre-ICO -10 % of the total

    Pre ICO bonus - 50%

    There is no the minimum amount of fund-raising for ICO

    The date of entry into the Cryptocurrency Exchange will be announced after the completion of the ICO within three

    Date of unfreezing of the tokens after the ICO-within three days after the date of the ICO or after the full collection of
    funds for the project

    All unsold tokens will be liquidated

    Structure of financing

    Technical development-30%


    Legal service-15%

    Administration of the project-5%


    Qvolta (QVT) - Roadmap

    Q4 2016

    Emergence of idea, analysis of the market and competitors

    Q1 2017

    Development of MVP


    Date of pre-ICO


    Full-featured product
    version (desktop version)


    Date of ICO


    Adding Qvolta application to Apple Store and Google Play

    Q4 2018

    Creation of
    a financial ecosystem

    Using token in the product

    QVT Token in our product will be used to pay for tariff plans. The trader will have to pay for tariff plan to start creating
    offer for sale/purchase of cryptocurrency on the P2P Qvolta exchange. Tariff plan depending on its value, allows to trade
    the cryptocurrency in the amount provided for by this tariff plan. All tokens are issued by the Singapore company Qvolta

    Our Tarrifs













  • Qvolta (QVT) Minimum viable product is now live!

    We released the MVP so that you could try how the Qvolta usability. In the current version, it is proposed to register and make sure that the platform has a wallet with Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens. Then you can see how the working menu of the Qvolta is arranged. You can try the interface for buying and selling cryptocurrency, ad settings, passing verification, tariff plan, history of transactions, security and support. We suggest you to enjoy the simple and understandable interface of the Qvolta. Try the menu and features of our P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform!


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