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  • About India coin

    Welcome to our India coin topic. We’re happy to welcome you here and to give you some more information about the coin and purpose of the coin. As you probably already know is that the Indian economy is still growing and its the second most populous country worldwide with more than 1.2 billion people. Despite of that there is no real anonymous digital currency made for the Indians specifically. With the India coin we want to honor all the Indian people in India and elsewhere around the world.

    Purpose of India coin

    India is a free and independent country since 1947. With this coin we want to support the free will of all Indian people. We can make this possible with an online currency as India coin. If you want to join us or support us, or when you’re just here to give a helping hand. Than we’re happy to have you here. We’ll post our give away later this evening.

    India Coin specifications

    Name INDIA 

    RPC port    19680 

    P2P port    19679 

    Block reward    20 

    coins Total coin supply    1.3b 

    Premine percent    20p 

    PoS percentage    25% per year 

    Max pow blocks 12m 

    Mature in    16 blocks 

    Confirmations    7 blocks

    Airdrop Details:

    Welcome to the official Airdrop of India coin. Are you also a big supporter of the human rights in India and of the Indian people in general? Than this big Aidrop will definitely suit you. Below you'll find the serveral social give aways. 

    Follow and retweet and share our posts on Twitter to earn 250 coins. 

     Like and Share and write about us on Facebook to earn 250 coins 

     Also do not forget to post your wallet address. 

    Soon we'll announce more social giveaways


    - Coming up with the idea of an online Indian currency. We wanted to make a currency that people can use only online.
    - Coming up with the name. The name of Indian coin was there quit fast. We wanted to create an online currency for Indian people
      world wide. We all agreed that India coin was the most obvious name to choose.

    - Making all the preps for the topic on Bitcoingarden.
    - Registering our social media channels and placing the first updates
    - Registering the website.

    - Searching for a webdesigner.

    - Posting our topic.
    - Making preps for the Airdrop.
    - Posting the Airdrop on Bitcoingarden.

    - Development and launch of the website.
    - Looking for suitable webshop with lots of Indian customers to integrate this currency.
    - Expanding the knowledge of this currency thru social media.







    Node list:

    Mining Pools : 

     -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p c=INDIA 

    BPOOL - IndiaCoin added

    stratum+tcp:// -u Walletadress -p x   (VarDiff)





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