ALIS - Japan's first blockchain based social media platform.

  • What is ALIS

    ALIS is Japan's first distributed social media platform. It is a new and novel social media where many individuals can create and find articles which people find valuable. With ALIS token as key driver, we remove ads and stealth marketing strategy and allow people to quickly reach high quality articles and trusted individuals. To be honest, we were intrigued by STEEM ( and started this plan of the platform since then. The article about STEEM is at It is an easy to understand article. Our story began with Sota Ishii, our project member posted several travel photos ( on STEEM. Surprisingly this article gained close to $30 and we were able to buy the most expensive pizza at Domino.

    researched STEEM thoroughly (not for another domino pizza). And the more we researched STEEM, the more we found it to be great. At STEEM, by platform itself being evaluated, STEEM's token itself goes up in value, and traded in exchanges at high price. This scheme was realized by the value increase being distributed to creators and evaluators of articles. Moreover, STEEM has already been valued at 378 million dollars (as of July 9, 2017). We can now truly feel the era of new media. Traditionally the media has relied on ads for their revenue (as you know both Google and Facebook rely more than 70% of revenue on ad sales), and it is unavoidable for user to see ads or articles that are like ads when browsing articles. Under such condition, there has been various counter-measures in ad industry. For example, paying incentives when users allow the ads to appear, or showing only the ads user truly need by means of machine learning, etc. However none of them seem to be successful so far, and users are still forced to consume unwanted ads and meaningless ads that are inspired by native ads trend (much worse because they don't look like ads). The scheme of STEEM has the power to change the rules of economics, from ground up. However we saw two big shortcomings (STEEM is great service nonetheless, and we are inspired by it). First the token scheme which is the backbone of the platform is too complicated and takes long time to understand. Not just STEEM but tokens such as STEEM SP and STEEM Dollars exist, and the means to acquire them are complex and the rules of operating the platform are very difficult to understand for first-time users. This prevents new users with lower literacy from joining, which is negative in terms of activation and retention which we consider are most important in media platform. Second, STEEM is not localized for Japanese audience at all. We launched ALIS project to solve all this. ALIS has three features the traditional social media lack.

    1. Can reach many high quality articles quickly

    2. The value of platform is passed onto the users

    3. Achieves reliability of data with blockchain with lower cost than before

    More Details about Alis:

    Suppose you are a little bit interested in crypto currency and begin gathering information about investment. You start searching and find that there are hundreds of crypto currencies and some of them seems quite interesting. You learn that the crypto currency market is growing rapidly and decide to invest into some altcoins.” Hmm, which altocoin should I buy?” You start collecting more reliable resources, may be using Twitter, Reddit, Medium or reading some articles of media. However, you are not sure which information to trust. There are even scam articles about ICO, and you were about to be deceived. After all you do not know which information source and person to trust… It’s almost impossible to choose which crypto currency to invest.This kind of situation is when ALIS should be used. Since non-centralized social media is not so popular, we would like you to think that it is a service similar to “STEEM (". To explain ALIS more exactly, “ALIS = STEEM + NEM”. The goal of this article is to explain why we describe our service as “ALIS = STEEM + NEM”. If anyone thinks ALIS is great service through this media, and shares this concept on SNS or website, there wouldn’t be anything happier.

    Our service is made in reference of STEEM. STEEM is a great service and it showed a way of media in next generation, because it proofed that by creating non-centralized social media platform, media can be freed from advertising monetize model. On the other hand, we think that its complex system will be a burden for future growth. Because STEEM holds multiple crypto currencies, STEEM, STEEM SP, STEEM DOLLAR, it is making the platform’s rule way too complicated, which damages new users’ engagement, the most important key success factor for social media. We believe that the users and people searching about STEEM would feel that it is “too difficult to use”.

    So, we thought about creating a non-centralized social media limited to one currency, but of course there is a reason for STEEM having multiple currencies. Like STEEM SP is taking an important role for earning repeating users, so the issue is not so simple. Than we focused on concept call harvest in Nem. Nem’s consensus building algorithm is well known as “Proof of Importance”, and we focused on one of its logic, the amount of time after Nem was moved the wallet. By mixing this logic, we believe that ALIS can earn repeating users even by one currency.

    Another point ALIS differentiate from STEEM is that one of our vision is to “visualize trust of people”. For details we want you read our whitepaper, but we are aiming to be a trustworthy platform for people working in BtoC/CtoC market in near future by visualizing users’ trusts through writing and evaluating great articles. We will post the aritcle about what differences between ALIS and STEEM.

    As a conclusion, ALIS will be an innovative and unique platform by using excellent logics, NEM and PoI, simply visualizing people’s trusts.

    At last, we would also like to explain about one more unique point about ALIS, which the service is going to offered in Japan. Japan is still №3 country in GDP, and in February 2nd, 2017, it became the country with largest transaction volume of Bitcoin in the world, beyond China. ( Japan has potential market, but there are only few players using blockchain technology and due the revision of fund settlement law, it is difficult for outer players to enter Japanese market. Due to such environment, we can build a competitive advantage for going global, realizing our vision.

    Introduction to the platform and its features

    In ALIS, we distribute more ALIS token to creators of articled deemed by people to be good, and those who evaluated such articles. In other words, this is social media platform where one can find trusted articles and people by means of rewards. Such media itself is rather new in concept, and features of our platform in comparison with existing STEEM is: 1. Our token is just one for simplicity, and rules of platform evolution is also simple 2. We allow for virtual currency's instability, and by limiting the inflation more than STEEM, we achieve long term sustainability of our platform. 3. We set the final goal at "visualization of people's trust" and our vision is promoting this in connection with national policy

    Introduction of screen image

    In this chapter, we will introduce specific screen images and functions of ALIS.

    The image above will be the top page of ALIS. At a glance, you can identify whether the article is trustworthy by the numbers of "Like" and amount ALIS coin being paid. In addition,

    it lists reliable people as well as articles, making it easier to gather information by the author.

    ALIS also lists reliable people with their tags of specialty

    You can search high reliable articles and people by tags. The tags will be attached by the author of the article, but we are also planning to develop a function to assign best tags automatically by the natural language analysis using the topic model ( With these kind of functions, ALIS provides the value to immediately access to the articles / people that are trustworthy on topics of interest. This function, search of people, makes the difference between ALIS and STEEM. Please note that this screen is only an image, and the design may be changed drastically in the future.


    White Papers:




    To realize our vision, we are planning to have a crowdsale at the end of August 2017. You will be able to exchange Ethereum to our unique ALIS tokens. If you would like to receive more information about ICO and the latest information about our project, please register your e-mail address

    How token is created and distributed

    ALIS is set to procure funds with ICO, and plan to issue 500 million and exchange half of it with Ethereum. The upper limit of distribution is 250 million and the rest (250 million) will be owned by us and our stakeholders. The reason why we own 50% is, we ourselves will have healthy incentive to develop this platform this way. However, just because we own the largest part of token, it doesn't mean we decide how the value of this platform will be created, it must be mentioned. Also, we cannot sell the token we own at our whim (it will be announced that we will limit our ability to sell token with smart contract) Now, we explained that the ALIS token distributed via ICO has 50% of inflation rate, and here we explain about how the inflation part will be distributed. The basic idea is two-fold like already mentioned, they are: 

    1. Distributed to those who created great articles 

    2. Distributed to those who evaluated articles deemed great early

    With regard to amount of distribution, we create a logic where the more ALIS token one owns, the more he/she can receive from this distribution. In other words, we consider those who contribute to ALIS's platform long term and holds more token as most important stakeholders, and we set the rule so that they will have more benefit. This is similar to PoI (Proof of Importance) and if the user is important and cares about the platform, he/she will contribute to the platform in a healthy way, we believe. Also, if that is the case, it may be a concern that someone who bought a large quantity of ALIS token enters the platform suddenly and change the value of platform as they wish. Regarding this concern, as already mentioned, it takes time for ALIS token to become effective on the platform. In other words, while we prevent user with large amount of token from doing wrong, we maintain the incentive to hold the token on the platform. You can say killing two birds with a stone.


    We will have the projections of the value token will have in future in three scenarios - optimistic, middle, and pessimistic. For calculation we referred the current valuation of STEEM heavily. As basic logic, with a user's value in STEEM as guide, increase of number of users are multiplied by their value. Please make note of these pre-conditions here: 1. One user will create two articles on average (User average at STEEM) 2. Everything but number of users (operating members , quality of application, countries where users reside) are equivalent to STEEM The value at three years later, calculated here divided by total amount of ALIS token issued three years later will be the value of 1 ALIS token. Please refer to the table below for the detailed simulation.

    Please refer to the number used for calculation has been published below.

    Please note that these figures are presupposing that virtual currency market will grow in long term.

    How the money will be used

    We are planning to use the token for these purposes and ratio if we could achieve the minimum amount of 350 million yen in ICO:

    1. 25%: Assignment of excellent development member (excellent UI/UX designer X 1, web designer X
    1 and full-stack engineer X 4)
    2. 25%: Marketing cost for attracting users
    3. 25%: The cost of application to be approved as domestic operator
    4. 25%: Cost for members who supported us in initial stage and partners who will support us

    The amount exceeding the 350 million yen will basically go to marketing cost, but may be used for the
    following purposes:

    ・Building more solid back office (accounting and legal)

    ・Strengthening user support (since we will likely receive inquiry for virtual currency)

    ・Preparing an fixed-location office (However, in order to have as little fixed cost as possible, we
    don't plan to have a fixed office until we can afford. Because we want to increase the chance of









    ALIS enquiry form :

  • ALIS Tokensale Details are released!

    Finally, We are very pleased to tell you information about ALIS tokensale. Our tokensale will be launched onSeptember 1, 2017 02:00 UTC. Towards the success of the tokensale, all members are currently preparing at full throttle, and fortunately many people help us. In this article I will explain the details of the tokensale.

    # Terms

     - From September 1, 2017 02: 00 UTC To September 28, 2017 01: 59 UTC 

    * Because the time is actually based on Ethereum ‘s block approval time, it is a little bit rough time(around 10seconds).

    # Token price 

    ALIS tokens will be offered in 4 price tiers. 

    WEEK 1:2900 ALIS = 1 ETH 

    WEEK 2:2600 ALIS = 1 ETH 

    WEEK 3:2300 ALIS = 1 ETH 

    WEEK 4:2000 ALIS = 1 ETH 

    The price of WEEK 1 is about 30% cheaper than WEEK4.

    # Accept Token


    # The min and max cap of the token 

    Fund min Cap: 14,000 ETH 

    Fund max Cap: 120,000 ETH(Max ALIS supply: 500,000,000 ALIS) 

    * If we cannnot raise 14,000 ETH, we all refund the tokens. In addition, since this refund is stated in the contract in advance, it is automatically executed.

    If you have any questions about tokensale or ALIS, please join our slack. If you are also interested in our service, follow us on twitter and medium. We always thank you for your constant and enthusiastic support.

    Talk soon, ALIS team

    Meet us on website : 

    Slack : 

    Twitter :

  • ALIS FAQ - About Technology, Token Distribution, ALIS’s Functions & More

    This article contains FAQ about ALIS. It will be updated when necessary. Since we believe that opinions of our community members are most important for service development and success, we welcome frank opinions and questions on Slack or Twitter. We would appreciate it very much.

    · Service Overview of ALIS

    · About Technology

    · Logic of Token Distribution

    · Details of ALIS’s Functions

    · Business Growth Strategy

    · Difference between the Competitors

    · About ICO and Cloudsale

    ## Service Overview of ALIS

    Q1. What is ALIS?

    A1. ALIS is Japan’s first social media using blockchain technology. People can access to trustworthy articles quickly by using ALIS.  For short overview, see the articles below.

    - Part1. What is ALIS?  — Part2. What is the difference between ALIS and STEEM? How does ALIS plan on maintaining growth for the long-term?  For details, check out the whitepaper.

    -Whitepaper (English)

    Q2. How is the progress of development? When will the service be released?

    A2. ALIS’s development has not started yet. We plan to start the service development after the ICO. Release date is not fixed at this moment, because the schedule can change depending on the service design. We aim to release the β version within 6 months, official version within next one year.

    Q3. Which consensus algorithm do you plan to use?

    A3. PoS will be used as its base, and we plan to add logic to prolong amount of time needed for the token to be valid.

    Q4. If you are going to use Ethereum, why not using PoW?

    A4. We have the image of development by DApps on Ethereum, but there could always be a possibility for better choice. To make the best, we plan to choose the platform depending on procurement amount of ICO.  Existing platform like Ethereum has advantages in perspective of man-hours of implementation and easy operations, but we believe we should consider other choices for reasons such as the raise of transaction fee of Ethereum.  Since we are now considering about our service design, we will update this page or announce on Twitter when details are fixed.

    Q5. How do you read ALIS? Why is it called ALIS? A5. It is pronounced as ˈælɪs. ALIS is a coined word that comes from “alliance” and “wisdom”.

    ## About Technology

    Q1. How much is the transaction fee going to be?

    A1. We will use Ethereum for ICO, and we are also considering about developing on DApps on Ethereum, but we believe that recent transaction fees of Ethereum are becoming rather too expensive and this could be a serious problem for our business model. Since this will be the most important technical choice, we will carefully choose which technology to use.

    Q2. How many seconds will the block time be?

    A2. It depends on block approval time of platform we use. If we use Ethereum, the block time will differ depending on specification of Ethereum.

    Q3. Is ALIS going to be developed on NEO?

    A3. TBA. We will announce as soon as details are fixed with the NEO team, but we figure some time will be necessary for the content and schedule to be worked out.

    Q4. Is ALIS using XEM?

    A4. No, we will use ALIS token, different from XEM. We plan to implement a logic based on PoI, the newest algorithm used in XEM. ALIS token will be tuned for “trust visualization”. Since there were multiple people asking about logic of “trust visualization”, an article about this topic will be released on Medium soon.

    ## Logic of Token Distribution

    Q1. Are numbers of ALIS token going to increase annually?

    A1. Yes, for valid tokens in ALIS wallet, there will be inflation of 50% every year. At this moment we prospect as the number of ALIS token as following:   1st year — 500 millions  2nd year — 600 millions  3rd year — 720 millions

    Q2. How often is the token going to be distributed? A2. It is planned to be distributed weekly. We are doing so to protect the token from fraudulent action, such as user liking unusual numbers. The actual approval period will depend on the specification of blockchain platform we use. If we use Ethereum, since the transaction approval within 12 seconds is too short and the gas price is too expensive, we are thinking about combination with private blockchain.

    Q3. How does the logic for trustworthy article going to be made?

    A3. We plan to make our logic as following:  -Writers and finders of trustworthy article will earn more tokens.  -Trust, in this case number of “like”, from trustworthy people will worth more.  (Logic included in the whitepaper is an example)  The details will be fixed after going through trial and error on the actual platform. For example, when the logic is based on network theory, parameters for token distribution, such as PageRank, betweenness centrality, eigenvector centrality, degree centrality, and etc., will be adjusted so people can quickly access/search trustworthy articles. Of course there are no such thing as definite logic because parameters needs adjustment as the network grows (google search has similar adjustment). Therefore we are thinking about changing the parameters by consensus of the community in each phase of the service. We plan to release an article on Medium about this topic within few days, so please wait for the details.

    Q4. I think the current logic might keep away new users because the existing users with more ALIS token, which means more power, seems to have the advantage.

    A4. We believe this can be avoided by logic of token distribution. If there are emergence of users with too much power, this can be a risk to not only the newcomers but to the existing users and platform itself. This kind of situation can be avoided by adjusting the distribution logic, but the platform is under centralized management if the operating organization keeps leading. Since we want our platform to be non-centralized, we plan for user voting to adjust these logic when the service is stable.

    Q5. There are many ways to spread information other than articles, such as videos and photographs. Why is ALIS focusing on articles?

    A5. Like STEEM and Medium, we are planning to develop posting of videos and photographs. We will also allow articles with less numbers of characters.

    Q6. Is it possible to say that trustworthy articles can always be determined by evaluation of many people?

    A6. We believe so at this moment, but not only the numbers of people. The evaluation from people who earned continuous trust is most trustworthy. Of course there could be articles and people that should not be trusted, in these cases, we need to add and fix our logic. For example, if the community members liked each other for inappropriate purpose, we can catch it by adding a detecting logic through the community networks and decreasing distribution of token in such cases.

    ## Details of ALIS’s Functions

    Q1. In the whitepaper it says that you will start from specific categories. Is it possible to use the service for other categories??

    A1. Yes, you can use the service in other categories as well. We are thinking about specifying categories, such as crypto currencies, but we are doing so to target and activate articles and users.

    Q2. Is ALIS going to be open in multiple languages? A2. First, we plan to only release in Japanese. After Japanese ALIS starts running well, we plan service release in English.

    ## Business Growth Strategy

    Q1. In the whitepaper, growth strategy is explained as below, but is it planned to progress in this order? What are the conditions to going to next step and how long would it take?

    1. Establishing market share in niche areas

    2. Expand to areas of all word-of-mouth websites

    3. Based on accumulated trust information of people, deploy new service

    A1. Yes, we plan to progress in this order while continuing verification. KPI are assumed to be the following, but it can change as the service grow. Since ALIS is made by lean development process, please understand that our goal is not the achievement of certain plan, but “enough findings to progress to the next step”.

    1→2: If we can catch the raise of writers and voters utilization rate to articles about crypto currencies, we will determine that ALIS has become continuous platform and will advance to next topic. Main KPI’s will be described by formula below:   number of writers * number of article posted * number of continued users

    2→3:Accuracy of trust algorithm and discovering of key driver will be most important. We are thinking about visualizing the potential possibility of people through the network of our users when ordering a job. For example, in case of a blogger, PageRank and eigenvector centrality will be implemented to the logic. Details will depend on the implementation of each functions, like whether organic search or recommendation, but the matching rate of job orders and its’ satisfaction will be important. We will go on the next stage when we are able to see continuous raise of these rates.

    Q2. How do you plan to attract customers to the platform?

    A2. In the early stage, we are planning for promotion to attract key players in each category, and in next stage our main channel is assumed to be referral.

    ## Difference between the Competitors

    Q1. How is it different from STEEM?

    A1. There is only one type of token, so ALIS is very simple. It is also different because the value of ALIS is “quick access to trustworthy articles and people”. For details, check this article.

    Q2. Other than STEEM, there are similar platform token like LBRY and DECENT. What is original about ALIS?

    A2. USP: The users can reach to necessary information overwhelmingly fast. (By simple UI and trust algorithm) UVP: ALIS can judge of quality information and reward will be given to the writer and finder of the article. (People would naturally want to write articles on ALIS, and quality articles will survive) ALIS believes that finding the valid information first is a very valuable activity. By evaluating them, we can also reward people who has advantages in creating summary sites and curating information.

    Q3. Why can ALIS earn trustworthy articles and people, unlike the existing media?

    A3. Our system distributes ALIS token to writers and the finders of trustworthy articles. This differ from existing media, which emphasis PV’s. ALIS can realize a media without advertisement by using blockchain technology and token. When ALIS is listed on exchange, it can be changed to other currencies, such as Bitcoin. ALIS token’s value will raise as ALIS grow as a platform, and people would want more token, which means people will write and evaluate more articles. By creating this circulation, we believe we can earn more trustworthy articles and people, and this scheme is exactly what happened to STEEM and Facebook before listing.

    ## About ICO and Cloudsale

    Q1. How can I participate to ICO of ALIS?

    A1. If you have Ethereum and ERC20 wallet, anyone can participate. We plan to release an article introducing how to participate by using MyEtherWallet soon. You can participate from our webpage (, which will be updated to ICO page on September 1st.

    Q2: Do you plan to have some kind of presale of ALIS?

    A2. We do not plan to have a presale. Of course, we will have test verification on mainnet at least 3 times before the sale begin, so you do not need to worry about tests and securities.

    Q3. Are there referral bonus?

    A3. We do not have any bounty and referral bonus.

    Meet us on  website :  Slack :  Twitter :

  • ALIS The key points of whitepaper in 3 minutes


    Thanks for many feedback about ALIS. There are some voices that it is a little bit difficult to read all the whitepaper. Therefore we make this article as a summary of whitepaper. You can read this article in only 3 minutes. We hope you are interested in ALIS by reading this article.

    # Contents

    - What is our vision and mission? Why we start ALIS project? - How does ALIS solve this problem? - Why it makes sense to do this in Japan? - Mid-term business plan

    ## What is our vision and mission? Why we start ALIS project?

    Our Vision A world where people can safely and easily access trustworthy information and people

    Our Mission To create a trustworthy media and platform using tokens based on blockchain technology, that enable users to access reliable articles and their authors.

    # Project Background There is not a single day in the typical modern person’s life where she doesn’t rely on information obtained on the internet. But contrary to our reliance and addiction to such information, the quality and reliability of web media is being questioned on a global scale, and Japan is no exception — or rather, the situation in Japan is exceptionally poor. For example, when you search for articles regarding cryptocurrencies and ICO/ITOs — areas where already significant amounts of money are transacted — you would be exposed to a myriad of Japanese scam articles and hoaxes, not to mention unreliable information or blatant lies. Our management nearly got lured to a scam project as a result. Such situations exist not only in nascent industries but in any area you can think of, where people are exposed to unreliable curation media recommendations on top of search results. We know that many people have gone through uncomfortable experiences where innocent clicks have taken them to stealth marketing or poor quality articles. We believe that the advertising driven nature of traditional media is at the root of this undesirable situation, and decided to create a totally new type of media in Japan that does not rely on advertising income. We want to make a platform which enables people to safely and easily find trustworthy articles and reliable people . We will first focus our efforts on identifying quality Japanese-language information regarding blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO/ITO and related fields. The lack of such information is the reason we started this project in the first place, and our attempt to contribute to the safe and healthy growth of the broader industry will only benefit our own business and users.

    # How does ALIS solve this problem?

    ALIS will be Japan’s first social media utilizing blockchain technology. The service will enable people, through an endorsement mechanism and algorithm using ALIS tokens, to easily find trustworthy articles and their authors. There are three core features and mechanisms to realize this, and to make it successful.

    1. Innovative discover of reliable articles We will rely on a combination of crowdsourced human evaluation and a unique algorithm to surface and identify quality Japanese-language articles found on the internet. Initial ALIS Token holders will use their Tokens to “Like/endorse/vote” what they regard as quality articles, and will in return be rewarded varying amounts of Tokens depending on each user’s contribution in identifying such quality information . The authors of such quality articles will also be rewarded with ALIS tokens. The logic of such an evaluation and reward system will be designed in a way so that quality information will be surfaced not based purely on the sheer number of votes that any article may get. For example, greater significance will be awarded to those who actually post high quality articles, and those who find and vote for such articles early. In addition, we are designing the logic so that the distribution of tokens will not be concentrated just to early users of the service, but will be appropriately awarded to newcomers as the platform gains a greeter user base. We will of course monitor and take necessary steps to prevent users from obtaining tokens fraudulently.
    2. Focus market growth and platform value appreciation If we deliver on our mission to create a quality media for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and many other topics, the value of the platform and ALIS tokens will appreciate in proportion to the growth of and need for such related information by an ever increasing portion of the Japanese internet population. We will have various options to expand our scope of services, including language/audience, focus area, premium services, or other related services and businesses including exchanges, consulting and other services.
    3. High Reliability at a Lower Cost with blockchain technology We will be applying blockchain technology as the foundation of for our core system and service. Needless to say, blockchain technology enables us to create our ALIS social media and endorsement mechanism through the use of Tokens, at much lower costs than ever before. This is the fundamental enabling technology of our service, and as a result, we are able to allocate our resources into growing the platform and user base, and maximize the rewards we can give back to our users. We will first focus on the low-cost construction of the platform construction with funds raised by the ICO, and then apply the team’s expertise marketing and in building communities to create a truly innovative media platform.

    # Why it makes sense to do this in Japan

    There are three main reasons why our plan makes particular sense in japan.

    1. Totally Unreliable Media and Information The total unreliability of articles and information on the internet has become a national concern, and the need for a solution has never been stronger. There exist scams exploiting those less informed and vulnerable, countless fraudulent articles, and lies written by anonymous authors not to mention stealth and other sneaky marketing techniques. Of particular concern is in nascent areas — areas that are posed to drive growth and prosperity for Japan — which we feel need our solution most urgently.
    2. Opportunity of Blockchain Technology and related areas in Japan More than $1700 million we raised through ICOs all over the world(refer to : we estimate that Japanese may have invested as much as 15% of the total amount (we assumed this number by searching transaction data of ICO sites). Japan, its government, bureaucrats, investors and technologists realize that blockchain is a disrupting technology, but not enough is happening in terms of entrepreneurship and new projects. Japan has already started to lagging behind the world in the blockchain industry., and we believe that we can become one of the influential thought leaders in the space by starting now — it is the perfect opportunity and time. Our commitment to make Japan a recognized blockchain force is strong. We are building our platform based on blockchain technology, raising funds using and ICO/ITO, and are focusing on serving the problems surrounding media and information on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO/ITO market.
    3. Japan’s huge potential as cryptocurrency market Japan is well known to be accountable for a large portion of trading volume for Bitcoin. Japan is also recognized as one of the frontrunners in Bitcoin adoption bitcoin can even today be used at popular electronics franchises and restaurant chains, and this country is poised to become one of the advanced leaders in the Bitcoin world. In fact, more than half of ALIS’s website visitors are overseas users who are attracted to Japan and its potential. Even with very little marketing, we are surprised to find people from around the globe talking about ALIS on reddit and posting videos on youtube. We believe the potential for Japan in this space is huge.

    # Mid-term business plan

    Our middle term milestones are supposed as follows.

    1. Launch ALIS ICO on September, 1st 02:00 (UTC) 2. Close our ICO on September, 29th 01:59 (UTC) and start to hire our project members and execute on our development plans 3. Launch ALIS βversion on April, 2018 4. Release official ALIS service on October, 2018. We will develop our platform as Japan’s first trustworthy media in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

    We will be sharing the entire ICO process and the system development process on github, in the hope that we such information will contribute to the understanding of such processes. We wish the sharing of such knowhow will help increase the number of entrants in the blockchain industry in Japan. We have released all the activities so far on Trello, so you can track everything in the past and future. We hope that our own success will give blockchain technology and ICOs more attention, and will in turn make more people enter this exciting market.

    Part1. What is ALIS?(Medium)

    Part2. What is the difference between ALIS and STEEM? How does ALIS plan on maintaining growth for the long-term?(Medium記事)

    For more details, please read the whitepaper below.


    Meet us on website : Slack : Twitter :

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