• The Travel industry is massive, here at Travelcoin we have a fantastic team with real contacts in the industry. With no other coin structured for the Travel industry, Travelcoin has captured the biggest industry in the cryptocurrency market

    Travel sector employs more people than most other major sectors:

    • 7 times more than automotive manufacturing

    • 5 times more than the global chemicals industry

    • 4 times more than the global banking industry

    • 4 times more than global mining industry

    • 2 times more than the financial services industry

    Travelcoin Decentralized Ticketing - Live Demo - Initial Coin Offering


    Our focus on developing the best coin/ticketing system in the travel industry will allow for adaptation into real-world markets to be as painless as possible. This core focus on travel applications is a huge advantage that Travelcoin has when compared with other existing coins currently in the market


    Travelcoin’s business model around decentralized ticket booking utilizes the current online ticketing ecosystems and allows the travel industry to work together to decentralize tickets and allow you to book tickets more easily and at a much lower rate

    For more Details Read White Paper:

    Message from CEO

    Travelcoin`s blockchain and Decentralized apps (DAPPs) have fields customized to handle integration with third party ticketing systems and future travel vendors while ensuring minimum cost overhead. This promises a new travel ecosystem to emerge and create a strong demand for Travelcoin


    Completion of ICO, AUG 15 2017

    Close off Travelcoin ICO checkout. TRV balances are available in your profile. ICO participants will be contacted directly for an introductory email and key notes.

    Release of Travelcoin tokens to User Wallets , AUG 20th 2017

    Travelcoin will reach out to exchanges even before coins are available for withdrawal to ensure a quick and efficient listings and distribution.

    Integration with ERP and Travel Systems

    3rd Quarter 2018

    Integration via APIs is necessary to use travel suppliers’ content – so in order to display hotels, flights, etc. We will gather travel industry communication technology standards and provide a platform to provide the next generation of online commerce.

    Develop web wallet

    4th Quarter 2017

    Online web wallet on our website that will allow the user to transfer to and from the web wallet.

    Develop Mobile Wallet Integration

    1st Quarter 2018

    Develop Android, iOS, Windows app to check TVR balance and send/receive funds.

    Develop Paper Wallet

    1st Quarter 2018

    Printable wallet for those who want a paper trail/copy in their hands. Perfect for older generations who aren’t the most tech savvy. Appealing to all generations is a great opportunity to ensure travel coin becomes a major player in the travel industry.

    Travel "Pass Card" (Credit Card)

    2nd Quarter 2018

    Physical card created with direct link to the users wallet for making purchases smoother.

    Rewards Program

    2nd Quarter 2018

    Travel rewards program that connects to our partners’ loyalty programs creating a unified travel rewards network. The more you use the more you get back!

    Travel App for Mobile Devices

    2nd Quarter 2018

    Development of a native Android and iOS app for users who wish to purchase travel with Travelcoin. This includes support for Android and Apple watches.

    Travelcoin Ticketing Sales Integration on Website,

    4th Quarter 2017

    After integration with major travel/vacation websites in existence our own travel website will be created using Travelcoin as a payment method. With the integration travel suppliers, Travelcoin will be put into use ASAP. We’re investing into our own coin and backing it.


    Travelcoin ICO will be launched July 5th 2017 by a team with solid and relevant skills to execute at the enterprise level. Please check the Travelcoin website ( for the latest information. The Travelcoin ICO has clearly defined realistic goals. Efficient utilization of funds, as well as business-based thresholds for both minimum and maximum raise, will be available. Further, the ICO and post ICO development is governed by industry best practices in good governance for the project, team and technology. We are offering premiums rewards for early joiners. An escrow wallet for the contributions as well as a procedure for returning the funds if a failure occurs will also be available.

    ICO Structure:

    The ICO will feature unlimited tokens for sale, with each token creating a brother token to be held by Travelcoin. After the ICO no more tokens will ever be created. This means 50% of total coins will be available for sale during the duration of the ICO i.e. from July 5th to August 15th.

    Early Adopter Rewards as follows:

    First 24 hours, 20% bonus
    25th-48th hour, 15% bonus
    49th -168th hour, 10% bonus
    During week 2, 7.5% bonus
    During week 3, 5% bonus
    During week 4, 3.5% bonus
    Remainder of ICO, 2% bonus

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