Nxt Client (NRS) Release 1.11.7

  • This release adds the ability to submit a JLRDA purchase transaction from the IGNIS Token Sale page even before the sell offer has been published.

    Such transactions are not broadcasted immediately, but held in memory and only sent out when the expected sell offer arrives in the unconfirmed transaction pool.

    For this to work, you must keep the node running after submitting the purchase transaction, until the sell offer has been received and processed.

    Note that after submitting a purchase transaction in advance of the sell offer, you will get a pop-up that your currency buy order has been submitted, but it will not show in the unconfirmed pool. This is normal as such advance orders are kept separately.

    This functionality is currently available for full nodes only, i.e. those that have downloaded the full blockchain. Users of light clients can submit JLRDA purchase transactions only after the sell offer has been accepted in a block. To switch from a light client to full node, set nxt.isLightClient=false in conf/nxt.properties, and wait for the blockchain to download.

    More IGNIS Token Sale UI bugfixes and improvements:

    Add paging buttons to the exchange history table on the Ignis page.

    Initialize the JLRDA units field to 0.

    Fixed "calculate fee" when connecting to a remote node with remembered passphrase.

    Implemented TransactionScheduler, added ScheduleCurrencyBuy and GetScheduledTransactions APIs.

    ScheduleCurrencyBuy API accepts same parameters as CurrencyBuy API, and an additional offerIssuer parameter. Instead of broadcasting the prepared transaction immediately, it schedules it to be broadcast as soon as an unconfirmed currency exchange offer transaction from that issuer, for that currency and a sell rate not higher than the requested, arrives in the unconfirmed transaction pool. The broadcast parameter must be set to false. This API requires a full node (not a light client) and admin password unless running on localhost.

    GetScheduledTransactions API returns a list of all scheduled transactions for a given account.

    Note that these APIs were specifically added for the purpose of the IGNIS Token Sale, and may be removed or modified in the future.

    Other fixes and improvements:

    Allow blacklisting the real remote host, not the proxy, when running a public node behind a reverse proxy. Use the nxt.forwardedForHeader property to configure the header added by the proxy to the API http requests (normally X-Forwarded-For).

    Fixed printing of paper wallet for passphrases containing special characters.

    WARNING: If you printed out a paper wallet for an account passphrase which contains special characters using an earlier release, this passphrase may have been printed out incorrectly, with those characters missing, or truncated. In this case you are advised to print out a correct copy using this version. The QR codes were not affected by this bug, and neither were the standard account passphrases generated by the client.

    Also note that some long passphrases may be cut off by your printer unless page size is adjusted to width.

    Downloads :https://www.jelurida.com/


    Source: https://nxtforum.org/nrs-releases/nrs-v1-11-7/

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