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    Antshares is a decentralized and distributed network protocol which is based on blockchain technology. People can use it to digitalize assets or shares, and accomplish some financial business through peer-to-peer network such as registration and issuing, make transactions, settlement and payment.


    September 2015, antshares released official white paper 1.0
    April 2016, antshares released consensus algorithm white paper
    November 2016, antshares released Antshares VM white paper

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    Consensus Algorithm

    Antshares VM

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    AntShares is based on blockchain technology, digital assets and interests in the physical world, through the transfer of point to point network for registration issues, trading, clearing financial services such as delivery of decentralized network protocol.

    AntShares ICO Bounties

    1, Translations: 50 antshare/500 words
    The translation bounty applies to any antshareblog. Please stick to the languages you are familiar with and will help the community to know antshare project well.

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    The original articles or blogs post discussing the AntShares or Onchain onto an existing blog or news site are welcomed. The article must be at least 500 words long. We will awards up to 100 articles. Any interested freelancers or correspondent can contact us through [email protected] with questions you’re interested. Each writer can submit multiple articles.

    3, YouTube Videos about AntShares: 300 antshare* 5
    The Video can be the combination of AntShares, OnChain and Smart contract, at least 30 seconds long. It can be in the form of an animation, a real life video or whatever you feel it conveys the positive message about Antshares. The first 5 videos that are of acceptable quality will get 300 antshares.

    4, Signatures: 5 antshare/signature
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    All bounties mentioned here start from now on and last till the task finished. AntShares ICO starts from July 7th, and the whole process lasts 45 days, so do not hesitate to get involved.
    For any issues with bounties you can either PM us on twitter or email us at: contact[at]


  • Antshares VM: A Light-Weight Universal Virtual Machine

    The Leading Chinese Blockchain project Antshares today published the whitepaper of its Virtual Machine, the Antshares VM. The source codes of Antshares VM are also available via GitHub now. The whitepaper introduces a light-weight universal blockchain VM, which can be utilized by users on the Antshares Blockchain to deploy and execute smart contracts, upgrading digital assets into programmable smart digital assets.

    Virtual Machine is the key technology to realize a smart contract system. Smart Contract is the vehicle of business logics that exist on the layer of technological implementation. The execution of smart contracts requires a runtime environment, i.e. a virtual machine. On different blockchains, the expression capacity of smart contracts on business rules is limited by the capacity of virtual machines. The developers of blockchain applications should not only master the characters of the technologies of the blockchain, but also functionalities of corresponding smart contract virtual machines.

    The designs, esp. the performances of virtual machines differ at home and abroad due to the different blockchain platforms. Bitcoin VM is light, clear and with a good performance. But it has limited support to advanced languages, status maintenance as well as Turing-Completeness. EVM is a more complete system, yet its architecture restrains itself: either stays within the architecture with limited performance, or breaking the architecture with external codes. Fabric has a very interesting strategy, allowing for a flexible selection of VM dockers and languages available on the market, yet losing the control to the VM and certainty. In the meantime, its sandbox VM has limitations over performace.

    Antshares Founder Eric Zhang pointed, “when we were designing the Antshares VM, we were thinking about a design that merges the advantages of several other VMs, a light-weight universal blockchain VM that is based on OpCode therefore was born: The Antshares VM, in response to the pursuit.”

    When comparing VMs of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fabric, you can tell that Antshares VM has a faster execution speed, better performance, more complete logic control (Turing-complete) and supports to advanced languages. The ledger data interaction and status maintenance can be more flexible, while the offchain data interoperability and integration can be expanded, empowering the Antshares VM to be a universal VM for multiple blockchains.

    Antshares, as we always do, will open source the codes. This will not just be beneficial to the community developers, but in fact echoes with our spirit of shared open-sourceness,” Eric Zhang went on, “an absolutely perfect solution absolutely do not exist, else why we see the difference here and there. However, we can start by merging the outstanding qualities of aforementioned VMs under specific scenarios to quickly iterate and achieve incremental improvement before perfection.”

    It has been told that Antshares VM has great performance, Turing-complete logic control and is capable of flexible onchain and offchain data interoperability. Supports to advanced languages can be expected via corresponding compilers. A customable system calling will bring support to any designated blockchain.

    Antshares VM GitHub Source Codes:

    Antshares VM Whitepaper (English translation in progress, will be released on GitHub Wiki as well):