Matchpool Magazine — #001- From Russia with GUP , Guppy’ Competition Winners

  • Trip to Russia, New Recruits, Competition Winners, Our Appreciation to The White Hat Group

    Matchpool CEO, Yonatan Ben Shimon made a trip to Russia with Wings Co-Founders, Stas Oskin & Sebastian Stupurac. Yonatan has met with several crypto projects about implementing their technology inside of Matchpool. More information on these collaborations will be revealed soon.


    Adam Zidgon

    Full Stack Developer Former VP Research & Development at Simplee. Java & C++ Developer. Adam will be joining the Matchpool Team on Thursday.

    Uppy your Guppy’ Competition Winners:

    After extending the competition period from one to two weeks, We’ve picked our winners. Congratulations to the following community members for their Alpha feedback, suggestions and input into the project. The prize for each of the three winners is 5,000 GUP! Please message ‘Dropbot Helper’ inside the Matchpool alpha with your Guppy address to receive your reward.

    Winners (5000 GUP each):

    Tomasz Dolski Martin Sterlicchi Marco Walz

    Runners up (500 GUP each):

    Scott Pressnell Joseph Yao Darius Rug Claudiu Ciobanu Milkyway

    GUP Meme Winners in Crowdfunders Pool (10 GUP each)

    Marco Walz Claudiu Ciobanu Albert Wizman

    White Hat Group Donation Appreciation

    Yesterday, Matchpool donated $50,000 to the White Hat Group for rescuing approximately $10,000,000 worth of ETH from our Parity multi-signature wallet, using the Parity multi-sig exploit. We’re extremely grateful to the WHG for reacting swiftly and rescuing our wallet.

    The WHG will split Matchpool’s donation across all the members that were involved in the rescuing operation of the community’s multi-sig wallets, and managed to rescue more than $150M worth of ETH and tokens.

    Thanks for reading this weeks update,

    The Matchpool Team 💧

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