ChronoBank (TIME) website update - ChronoMint, with ChronoWallet functionality, to mainnet

  • We have also deployed the first version of ChronoMint, with ChronoWallet functionality, to mainnet — so anyone can start using it.

    Disclaimer: Some features listed below may not be available at the time of the publication of this article. However, our team is working hard to complete the development and all features will be available in the near future.

    We’re very pleased to announce we have launched our new website,! You’ll see that we’ve given it a complete overhaul with a whole range of different content and features, to give the existing community and newcomers all the information they need to get started.

    You’ll find explainers for the various elements of our ecosystem and the tech that goes with it, and useful information like exchange data, videos and downloads. We’ve aimed to articulate our core vision here: what we’re doing and why it’s going to change the world, as well as giving visitors all the tools they need to participate.

    Please take a look at the site and let us know what you think. We’ll be continuing to build out functionality — so if you would like to see anything else there, just drop us a line on Telegram or Slack with your suggestions.

    ChronoMint on mainnet

    Alongside this overhaul, it’s the perfect time to announce the first deployment of ChronoMint on mainnet. After months of development and testing, we’re releasing this for public use.

    The deployment includes ChronoWallet functionality, which means that any user can manage both Ether (ETH) and any ERC20-compliant token from the Etherscan list right from the word go — or you can add your own tokens manually.

    We’re currently in the process of conducting a full security audit to ensure the ChronoWallet is safe to use, but we’re equally keen that the community should be able to see what we’ve been doing and contribute with feedback wherever they want. For the time being, deposits are limited to 1 TIME. This restriction will be lifted when our audit is complete.

    In due course we’re going to be adding more features, including:

    • Multi-sig support (we’ll be using our own implementation, which will also be fully audited before deployment)
    • Bitcoin transfer
    • Exchange functionality, using our decentralised exchange
    • Voting

    Many of these will be available as early as the end of this month. Overall, ChronoBank will be offering a very powerful and versatile package of software, that will drive our core ecosystem but that will be of value and use far beyond it. We hope you enjoy using it, and look forward to seeing it play a part in the growth of the decentralised economy!

    TIME is trading on the following exchanges:

    It is also available via Changelly service:




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