(ANN) FundCoin first ever ICO backed by investments in a private equity fund

  • FundCoin ICO Announcement

    Today, we are happy to announce the FundCoin ICO campaign — the first ever ICO backed by investments in a private equity fund.

    FundCoins are secure tokens which are backed by investments in Lowestoft Fund, a private equity fund professionally managed by Finles Capital Management. The Fund employs diversified portfolio approach to blockchain investment strategy by investing in multiple companies or Venture Capital funds rather than a single company or currency. It makes cryptocurrency investing safer through underlying investments in private equity, an asset class previously accessible only to large institutional investors.

    The ICO will launch on August 30, 2017, with each FundCoin initially priced at €1. The great majority of the €100m proceeds will subsequently be contributed to the Fund and allocated to traditional and private investments, with up to 30% invested across the blockchain industry.

    The fund is expected to have an internal rate of return of 25%, and the coin holders will receive their profit through tokens buyback. The coins are not mined, so are finite in number, and will be tradeable on several exchanges enabling easier exit opportunities for investors compared to these of traditional funds. Finles Capital Management will draw on its 40 years of expertise to operate the Fund that will offer a safer harbour for private investors from cryptocurrency volatility while taking advantage of the rapidly-growing blockchain market. The blockchain industry is expected to grow at 58% CAGR to 2023 according to Allied Market Research

    Although we strive to have as broad an offering as possible, tokens may not be available to all persons in all jurisdictions as certain offering restrictions may apply. More in particular, no tokens will be available in the US, Singapore or the EEA. Offering and trade restrictions, as well as the rights of holders of FundCoin will be set out in further detail in the offering memorandum.

    Potential investors can register their interest in buying FundCoin on the Finles Capital website:https://finles.capital/

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