Artcoin - Tokenized art Collection

  • Art is Subjective?

    1% drive the asset / investment based art market However, the market is much bigger than just investment grade art The pathway to acceptance is long What can we do to shorten it?

    Democratizing Culture:

    The growing Art Market is artificially driven by a very small % of the population.Artcoin aims to democratize culture by o rais funds for the purchase of a collection that will be loaned out for display to public institutions. Token holders will vote to influence buying decisions, prices, expert staff and be able to use artcoin to buy works of art authenticated through the blockchain, both real and digitial .

    How it works:

    Raise Money- Issue ArtCoin

    Select Art - pricing to insure accurate reflective value

    Buy Art - Build Portfolio funded by token holders

    The 4 pillars of Artcoin:

    1. Value

    ● ArtCoin allows you to fund great work

    ● The market liquidity of cryptocurrency allows a value to be created and associated with operating a collection

    ● The token allows us to price and build out an incredible portfolio of work

    ● You can use tokens to buy work in our marketplace

    2.Price work Accurately

    ● Blockchain allows prediction markets and voting to establish better accuracy in price, this should enable the consortium to pay a more accurate market value
    protecting the portfolio from overpaying for work

    3.Provide Access and Authenticity

    ● The collection would be accessible digitally as well as physically through museum and gallery collections

    ● A marketplace would allow artcoin token holders to use art token to buy art from the portfolio or offered

    through sales

    ● The blockchain provides us ways of distributing digital rights and tracking ownership and authenticity of both digital works,  limited edition digital works, 

    and to track physical works and their ownership chains

    4. New Art Market

    ● By creating efficient art markets, allow artists to sell their work for artcoin through the

    ● Physical works, Digital limited edition proofs, and more can be exchanged through the marketplace

    How the Crowdsale works

    The Artcoin token aims to be the
    first decentralized conduit to support a democratized art collection.
    The Artcoin fund, through token sales, will build out the world's first
    democratized private art collection. Token holders will be able to:

    - Access the collection digitally and physically

    - Decide which art should be purchased for the collection

    - Elect art and economics council members to ensure economic and cultural appreciation of the collection

    Sale summary


    Product Stages

    Art has traditionally been an inaccessible asset class, requiring money and
    knowledge that most investors and art lovers down have. will
    democratize and make access available to all as well as crowdsource knowledge
    using blockchain to insure we are getting the best opportunities for the community.
    ▪ Consortium will mint Artcoin tokens and offer tokens to raise money for art
    acquisition (70%), recruiting and advisory count (8%) and funding the buildout
    of the marketplace, voting mechanics and digital rights blockchain.
    ▪ Key staff will be elected by token holders (for arts, economic, and legal
    ▪ The collection will be loaned to public institutions and galleries in order to
    provide physical access for token holders to the collection and insure the
    safety and proper management of the collection
    ▪ Prediction markets, crowdsourced voting and our arts advisory council will
    insure we are creating value through our purchasing processes
    ▪ Subsequent crowd sales will fund the expansion of the collection
    ▪ Work will be offered to participants who want to take full ownership /
    possession of the work with low fees
    ▪ Independant art markets will be enabled and launched


    One Pager:

    White Paper:








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