• What is Latium?

    Latium is the world’s first decentralized platform for real world projects and community driven initiatives. Latium’s goal is to improve the world by making a transparent decentralized platform to help harness the world’s labor force, while increasing labor equality and opportunity for those who may not have the ability or opportunity to find work. By creating a digital platform that allows for real world actions to be taken and digital reward given Latium helps bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. The Latium ecosystem will consist of many components, but the major roles are played by task doers and task makers. Task makers consist of anyone (Persons, Companies, Organizations, Governments etc.) with a desire to have an action completed and willing to pay a reward to whomever is willing to complete the required task (task doer). Task doers consist of anyone (Persons, Companies, Organizations, Governments, etc.) willing to complete a task for a reward. In its most basic form Latium is a platform to exchange effort for reward or vice versa. There are many basic examples (Freelancer, Fiver, Upwork, etc.) but all of these examples are very limited in scope and do not facilitate the much broader needs of a global labor market. The Latium platform will allow users around the globe to create tasks of any size, from getting more twitter followers to providing clean water to a Sub-Saharan African community.

    Product Advantages

    Easy access to crypto
    Easy access to workers
    Easy access to work
    Fair and transparent
    Real-time payment
    Deflationary design to gain value over time
    Free to use

    LATIUM  Features

    Client Facing Applications for iOS, Android and web including:

    Posting Tasks

    Clients will be given the ability to create tasks, select the desired applicant and verify the task is completed to their standards. A nominal service fee will be charged after a task is completed.

    Referral Program

    Referrers will make a commission off of referred users. They will also have access to metrics and reporting. All commissions will be paid in LAT.

    Performing Tasks

    Clients can apply for tasks, upload task related documents and files, mark tasks completed and request payment.

    Latium Transfer System

    Latium will include two payment transfer options. One will be an internal system that is real time and does not require confirmations from miners and will be 100% free. The other will be blockchain based and require miner confirmation. We are still evaluating if we will use a state chain for these transfers to help mitigate the gas cost of transacting on chain.

    Reputation System

    All users will be given a score based on a proprietary algorithm. This score will help both task doers and task makers decide whom they should work with.

    Profile Management

    User will have editable profiles with avatars, bios and additional information. This allows both task makers and task doers to get a view into who they are potentially working with.

    Group Projects

    This feature allows users to work together for a common goal. Group projects could be something as small as 2 or 3 users working together or something very large requiring hundreds of users to work together. Group Projects can be used for one to many, many to one and many to many relationships. This makes the system flexible and able to handle any task required.

    Chat System

    Both a general chat and task related chat will be made available to all clients.

    Task Search System with Filters

    The Task Search System provides users the opportunity to find specific tasks which coincide with their abilities

    Token Structure

    30,000,000 million fixed supply ERC20 token

    Initial Token Sale
    10,000,000 for sale during initial coin sale

    Latium Classic to Latium Token Pre Sale

    Latium Classic will be given priority in the token sale. All Latium Classic holders can transfer at a rate of 1:1 for the duration of the sale. Latium classic holders
    will get access to the Phase 1 period of 7 days or up to 2.5 million LAT tokens issued before the tokens are available for purchase with Ether.

    Funding Breakdown

    Total Ether raised if max cap is hit, including Latium Classic pre-sales, is 67,500
    ETH. This does not include the roughly 1 million Latium Classic currently in

    Project Budget

    Funds raised both before and during the token sale will be used for the
    development and maintenance of the Latium system. Although much of the
    planning and a decent amount of the development work has already been
    done to prove proof of concept at the shareholders expense, we understand
    the task laid before us to get mass adoption of the Latium platform requires
    greater funding than we currently have.
    Funds will be allocated to allow for an 18 month runway in a less volatile
    currency such as USD, EUR, GBP or CHF. This helps protect the project from
    massive market swings and ensures this project is brought to production as
    soon as possible without market risk.

    40% Development

    These funds will be allocated to both the existing core team and also to recruit new
    developers to help bring the Latium system to market. The stakeholders plan to allocate no
    less than 25% of these funds in an open to the community recruitment process. This will
    allow the community to have a say in who is added to the team. This system will be available
    at shortly after the end of the token sale.

    30% Marketing
    We acknowledge that in order for the Latium system to get mass adoption we need to place
    a large focus on market exposure. We have allocated a large portion of funds received
    towards marketing with this in mind. Marketing strategies will include but are not limited to,
    Affiliate marketing, Online campaigns, CPA campaigns and gorilla marketing.

    10% Operations
    Day to Day operations will consist of admin, HR and operations staff. These
    funds will be used to ensure a smooth operation and as growth starts that we
    have the require manpower to keep up with demand.

    15% Security
    The stakeholders acknowledge that security is paramount for any crypto
    based product. We plan to use this portion of funds to reward bug bounties,
    host a hackathon and to secure outside security audits.

    5% Legal
    These funds will be used for legal review of all service agreements, terms and
    privacy policies. We also use a portion of these funds for any potential
    jurisdictional reviews required.

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  • This is looking to be a really cool project. I recently joined their telegram and you should too:

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