Minexcoin - How to register in MinexBank

  • MinexBank: http://minexbank.com/

    1. Download and install MNXcore wallet on our official site https://minexcoin.com/
    2. Create receiving address to be linked to account of Minexbank in the downloaded MNXcore wallet (File -> Receiving addresses -> + New)
    3. Register in MinexBank. To do it:

    The first step: specify your Minexcoin Address (File-> Receiving addresses) with the label “MyMinexBank” and the password that you will use for authorization.

    The second step: MinexBank should receive confirmation that the address is yours. To do this, select “File-> Sign message” in the MNXcore wallet.

    In the first field, enter the address that you have used for registration during the 1st step.

    In the second field, write the word “minexbank” without quotes and spaces and click “sign message”.

    Then, copy your signature and paste it into the corresponding field of the registration form in MinexBank and click “confirm”.

    Congratulations, you have registered in MinexBank.

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