district0x Dev Update - Token minting and distribution , Website , dapp & More

  • district0x Dev Update - August 8th, 2017

    We are one week out from the completion of the district0x Network Fundraiser. While closing out this event and getting tokens distributed to contributors safely took a bit of effort, we’ve been making steady development progress on other fronts.

    Token minting and distribution

    At the close of Contribution Period v0.1, we were able to immediately shift efforts towards token distribution. Within a few hours, all contributors to the fundraiser had DNT safely issued to their contributing addresses, and transfers were enabled. About 12 hours later, we completed payouts for community advisor rewards as well. You can check out the full breakdown of events in our district0x Network Fundraiser recap.

    Website updates

    Several changes have been made across the district0x website to reflect the closure of the first Contribution period. The Transparency page as well as a few others have received small updates with information related to the fundraiser.

    In addition, we’re putting together a static FAQ to live on the main website for all of the common questions we’re getting across all channels. We have a long term vision of building out a detailed knowledge base for all of the districts the team develops.

    Feedback dApp

    In a response to events unfolding this past weekend, we’ve shifted gears towards building a Feedback dApp, similar to the current district proposal voting dApp. Rather than allowing tokenholders to vote on proposals to be built this dApp will allow DNT holders to signal their feedback and sentiment towards certain policies implemented by the district0x team.

    Name Bazaar updates

    Development efforts on the Name Bazaar back end have been progressing at a steady pace. You can check updates in the GitHub repository. At this point, it is estimated that the backend work is about 70% complete. Once the backend work is finished, design and front end implementation for the Name Bazaar marketplace will begin.

    Hiring Update

    We’ve spent a significant amount of time the last two weeks in pushing for new engineering hires. We’ve put many candidates through the pipeline, and are in the final stages of negotiation with five of them.

    I’m happy to announce that we’ve had a verbal commitment from one new developer, Mike! Starting Monday August 14, his first priority will be updates to proposal process before moving on to a pass through of minor issues in Ethlance.

    For more information about the district0x Network:

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