Lisk (LSK) Introducing Lisky - Command Line Tool

  • Today we are launching our new command line tool, Lisky. Lisky aims to be a low entry point and the most convenient tool for developers who are looking for an efficient way of coding with the Command Line Interface (CLI). With Lisky, it is easier and quicker to plugin new commands in the CLI than building a Guided User Interface (GUI) around every command. This will facilitate delegates, node operators, contributors to the Lisk codebase, developers using Lisk’s infrastructure, and anyone else who’s interested to make use of Lisk’s functionality from the command line with ease.

    Lisky 0.1.0 — First release

    Since the early releases of Lisk Core, we’ve been working on separating logical components of functionality into distinct packages. Lisky will allow you to communicate with a remote or local node and carry out Lisk-related functionality using an interactive or non-interactive command line tool. From today, you can use three commands:

    • get (to get information on accounts, addresses, blocks, delegates or transactions)
    • list (same as get, but more than one at a time)
    • set (to set configuration variables, e.g. to use the testnet or for json output)

    Going forward we’ll be adding more commands to provide a comprehensive suite for all your Lisk-related needs. We’re already making progress with the next minor version, which will add commands for processing transactions, creating accounts and delegates among other things.

    Lisky makes use of one of our other projects, lisk-js, and is built on Vorpal, which makes it easy to write commands as plugins. If you’d like to see a command added to Lisky, let us know — or better yet, write it yourself and submit a pull request!

    Installation instructions and further details can be found in the GitHub repository and on our documentation site.

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