Coming Soon - CWI COIN [ Scrypt ]

  • Specification:

    Algorithm: Scrypt

    Reward Type: PoW

    Block reward: 100 cwi

    Total coin supply: 560000000 cwi

    RPC port 7594 P2P port 7593

    Coin base maturity 3 blocks

    Spacing 2.5 minutes

    Timespan 20 minutes

    Confirmations 3 blocks


    coming soon


    coming soon

    Bounties and Contests:

    PM for bounties for:

    Pool 1000 cwi

    block explorer 1000 cwi

    gaming site that accept 100000 cwi

    mobile wallet 10000 cwi

    Windows wallet!710ilI6L!k_tRlge3HvhahBQ3JMt-mRq...


    more details Coming Soon!