Gamescredits & Mobilego News - introduce GNation, GStore Payments Launch & More Update

  • First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for their patience over the previous few months since we haven't been able to share as much as we would have liked. This was not because of issues with development, but because we've been working on a project and plan larger than initially anticipated. This was only possible due to the incredible support you have given us over the past months and years, the same support which ultimately led to one of the largest crowdsales of all time. So thank you again to an outstanding and wonderful community. To better explain this plan we're happy to introduce GNation. 

    GNATION is our global initiative created using the power of blockchain technology and digital assets, with the goal of changing and uniting the gaming industry. Our mission is to offer game developers more freedom and resources, thereby allowing them to earn more money, and interact with gamers better, and unleash their abilities to build better games. By using this philosophy we aim to create a better world for the 2+ billion people who call themselves gamers. Our products have been and will be built around this concept, with the intention of strengthening ties between and within the gaming industry. 
    GStore Payments Launch

    Our mobile game store is now launching in India with local payment methods and some of the top local mobile games. India has a rich and unique culture, which means we must take steps to cater to this massive audience. One of these steps has been our addition of a popular cricket sports game developer and the recent release of our Indian office and customer support team. In addition, we are accepting new applications from developers every day and are entering into deals with Indian vendors and carriers in an effort to deliver the store to a more widespread audience. Corporate partnerships are being finalized and we're confident that the cryptocurrency world has not seen scaling of this size to date. 


    As we have said in the past, esports is one of the key focal poits of GameCredits and MobileGo. GAME.GG will be the application targeting esports audiences, democratizing the world of wagering and offering new functionality to the mobile gaming industry. This application is only possible through MobileGo technology which will facilitate the tournaments and matches between gamers.   

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    Of course, it's difficult to explain everything in just a single newsletter, so next week we will launch both a vlog and blog that will deliver news on a regular basis. With these, we will also cover aspects of development and various events and activities affecting GNATION.   

    Black Arrow Conference Follow Up
    As many of you know several of our team members traveled to Mumbai on August 10th to present at the Black Arrow conference. Sergey Sholom,  Alex Migitko, and Maxim Sholom presented the new GNATION initiative and the suite of technologies that have been released or will be released by GameCredits and MobileGo. The team highlighted efforts to market and gain large acceptance to the Indian community, while also discussing which countries would follow the Indian campaign. Also of note, we are arranging for a number of celebrities that will be backing and endorsing our products. While in Mumbai we were joined on stage by K2Rhym: the most popular rapper in the Arabic world. K2Rhym is supporting the GNATION initiative and will be helping us grow our audience in the weeks and months to come. 

    Over the next
    days and weeks we will continue to release more information about each
    of our products and projects. Thank you again for all of your support.

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