Umbrella Coin (UMC) Dev Update — Week of August 13th

  • Whiteboarding becoming a reality Sample Claims Page

    Another week of hard work for our team! Last week, I posted some whiteboarding sessions the development team had, and some rough screen shots of the claims page. What a difference a week makes! We’ve been pushing updates pretty regularly and have really improved the view, and started building out a lot of the functionality, with some mock data. We think the card design looks sleeker, and presents the data more clearly.

    We’ve also been working on the smart contracts that will soon integrate with our client — we added some logic for terminating policies, granting payouts, and refunds. Excitingly, our token has been deployed to the blockchain!

    Also, perhaps more excitingly, we are approximately one week away from our crowdsale! I encourage you to read our terms if you’re thinking about sending Ether our way. The exchange rate is going to be 1 ETH = 600 UMC. It’s worth noting that we’re providing a 100% bonus to adopters to help us reach our minimum goal of 5000 ETH, so 1 ETH = 1200 UMC. After we reach 5000ETH, it will go back to the regular rate of 1 ETH = 600 UMC.

    We’re just over a week away from the start of our crowdsale and the start of helping a community full of people tired of paying so much for insurance, but receiving so little!

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