CrocodileCash | PoW/DPOS/PoS Hybrid | Strength In Basking |

  • Algorithm: SHA-256 PoW/DPOS/PoS Hybrid

    Ticker: CROC

    Block Time: 30 Seconds

    Difficulty Re-targeting: Every Block

    Total Coins: 55,000,000 (55 Million)

    Pre-Mine: 302,400 Coins (Half for Developer & the Rest for Bounties + Giveaway)

    PoW Reward: 15 coins per block until block 80640 (1 Month) then 1 coin per block afterwards

    DPOS: 1st Week = 60 coins (Starts at block 1440)

                2nd Week = 45 coins

                3rd Week = 30 coins

               4th Week = 15 coins (Ends at block 80640)

    PoS Yearly Interest: 12% Yearly Interest (Starts at block 80641) (1 Month)

    Minimum Stake Age: 2 hours

    Maximum Stake Age: Unlimited

    Mined Block Confirmations Require: 60 Blocks

    Transaction Confirmations Require: 20 Blocks

    RPC Port: 39438

    P2P Port: 39437



    Windows 32-bit:
    Mac OS X:

    Android OS:

    Paper Wallet Generator:

    NOTE: Fix for non connecting wallet, 

    make a CrocodileCash.conf (text file) with the following


    Then save it (as all Files) into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\CrocodileCash & Restart your wallet





    Main Bitcointalk

    Dev FAQ 

    Hello Gizzard,

    It's time to investigate your coin. This is the first time I take a look at a very early coin. Please answer the following, it would be very appreciated:

    1. What Bitcoin commit/release is this based off of?
    2. When did you start development?
    3. What does CrocodileCash bring to the table? PoW+PoS is not something innovative, as its been done several times.
    4. Do you truly think keeping half of all CrocodileDash is fair and healthy for the community? Why?

    1. What Bitcoin commit/release is this based off of ?

    The CrocodileCash codebase was forked from AntiBitcoin [ANTI] (The most stable I've read about for SHA-256)

    2. When did you start development ?

    I joined the Bitcointalk Forums around the end of June/start of July after hearing about Bitcoin, started reading about cryptocurrencies,
    seen there was a bunch out there, come across a bundle of some old and new guides to make your own, decided to read a bit and play around with
    the code testing it on my own internal network applying changes from codebases I read through, seeing what works and whatnot, trial and error
    kind of stuff you know, before seeing that it works as intended, after that I changed (Again) Unix Time, pchMessageStart, generated new merkle,
    genesis, nNonce, (checked) ModifierCheckpoints & wallahconst char* pszTimestamp = "Aussie outback wrangler uses duct tape to shut giant jaws of monster crocodile 9th-August-2017";
    (Last Wednesday I created this coin)

    3. What does CrocodileCash bring to the table? PoW+PoS is not something innovative, as its been done several times.

    It might have been done many times though I applied the values to give everyone a chance at grabbing some CrocodileCash whether it be by mining, staking, giveaway or faucet.

    The Static Proof of Stake rewards that decrease every week (estimated) while running alongside a considerable value for Proof of Work mining gives everyone incentive, e.g: Just say you bought some coins on an exchange because you can't
    mine or have outdated hardware that can't compete, you then deposit the coins to your wallet to stake while the static DPOS rewards are active and you are essentially mining for 4x the PoW block reward then 3x (2nd week), 2x (3rd week), equal value (4th week) with Static/DPOS rewards while miners are mining a strict value which eventually changes to a constant of 1 coin per block while Static DPOS rewards change to a yearly 12% Annual Interest which grants the coin a long life span with the total cap in place, the earlier you get into CrocodileCash the better is the incentive, I also plan on giving back to the Crypto Community with some Commemorative Physical Minted CrocodileCash Rounds/Proofs which will be self loadable with a hologram so people can choose to do as they wish with them.

    4. Do you truly think keeping half of all CrocodileDash is fair and healthy for the community? Why?

    151,200 CROC to be exact, the rest is for giveaways and bounties, I think it isfair considering the above statement + there would be more than 43,200 CROC created per day from mining & current staking reward since they work together.

    I should also mention that I would like some incentive for keeping this coin active & providing things for it otherwise I personally think it would be a waste of time & resources for myself and community.
    I'v read too much about altcoins with runaway devs if something breaks or the majority that dump & leave once it is listed on an exchange or two, I DO NOT intend to do that ! I know it's hard to believe somebody + put trust in them in this day and age since the scene is running rampant with the previous aforementioned.

    Again I take note that I myself even said "after all I don't want to make some crappy sounding coin even though it will be just another shitcoin"
    but I intend to be here along the way to support it & provided things for it so it can end up being a half-decent cryptocurrency Smiley

     CROC's Rule !

  • New Update


    Android OS:

    Paper Wallet Generator:

  • New update # 2

    CrocodileCash Faucet

    Current rewards and chances

    0.05 CROC - 20%
    0.10 CROC - 30%
    0.15 CROC - 30%
    0.20 CROC - 15%
    0.5 CROC - 3%
    1.0 CROC - 1%
    3.0 CROC - 1%

    Can be claimed once per hour.
    Min payout in 3 CROC. Referal 5%.

    (and other faucet settings) will be tweaked up or down according to the
    number of users (and cheaters) to avoid bankruptcy Grin
    Faucet will be filled on a daily basis to be safe from bots.


    cloud hostings, VPNs, Tor, and networks with bad reputation are not
    allowed. PM me if you think you are being blocked by mistake.
    Users with active AdBlockers have at least 85% chance to receive the lowest reward Wink

    If you have any feedback go to :

  • New update #3


    The Croc-lo Game released for CrocodileCash

    Croc-lo is a Chinese Street Dice styl game its the first official CROC supported game.

    If you have any feedback go to

  • New update #4

    What to buy or sell CROC  ?

    Croc have its first community exchange

    Next Croc will be add too everything have been pay 

    More and bigger exchanges too follow stay stune !

  • New update #5

    Croc have been add to a new exchange

    you can trade croc on yubit

    Croc community slack is also open to anyone that want to join

  • New update #7

     Official CrocodileCash  Board

    we are introducing a new board that will allow you to easily follow what is going on in the CrocodileCash community.

    We now have a new official Crocodile cash Twitter account plz follow us @CrocCash

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