Solvena (SLN) Unified technological infrastructure for cryptocurrency trading & investment

  • Solvena — a project to create a unified technological infrastructure for cryptocurrency transactions:

    The project involves developing and launching a number of Internet products based on blockchain technology.

    Depending on financial results of the ICO, one of the 5 scenarios will be adopted.



    Phase 1
    350 000 USD — transferring platform on the blockchain; tokenization (completed in the prelaunch
    The SLN token is a Solvena's smart contract entitling its holder to share the company's profit. All
    issued SLN tokens will represent 20% of the company's net income. The SLN token is based on
    the Ethereum platform. Token issuance is not limited. If necessary, we can issue additional tokens
    before the end of the sale. At the end of the ICO the remaining unsold tokens will be burned.
    The SLN Initial Rate: USD 10.
    Phase 2
    1 000 000 USD — algo-trading: development and launch of the trading robot, creation and launch
    of the cryptocurrency exchange, where SLN token will be traded among other assets.
    Phase 3
    5 000 000 USD — development and running of the binary option service on blockchain
    Phase 4
    10 000 000 USD — developing our own payment system; licensing, payment system launching
    Phase 5
    15 000 000 USD — launch our own blockchain as a technological base for other promicing ICO
    startups, establishment of the ICO expert center, venture investment.
    All the steps of the roadmap are interrelated — moving to the next stage does not cancel the
    implementation of the previous ones.

    Specifications of SLN token

    SLN is a token issued within an eToken contract, an Ethereum smart contract, written using
    Solidity2 programming language.
    eToken smart contract allows you to issue tokens on the Ethereum network and offers a wide
    range of features:
    • ICAP4 for multi-level transaction routing.
    • Account recovery in case the key is lost.
    • Permit and admission system.
    • Automatic refund of fees charged by Ethereum platform.
    • Built-in exchange for Ethereum.
    • Ability to charge commission for transactions
    eToken implements ERC20, also known as Standardized Contract API. Compatibility with the
    ERC20 Token Standard ensures an easy integration with other platforms, as is always the case
    with any Ethereum-based token.
    The amount of SLN tokens issued on ICO is 2 000 000. All unsold tokens will be burned. If all
    tokens are sold before the ICO ends, we reserve the right to issue additional tokens.


    How does an ICO work?

    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a form of crowdfunding based on digital
    shares (tokens) which we issue in exchange for investments. Following
    the scheme described in our WhitePaper, each token alows investors
    to access a share of the company's income in proportion to all tokens

    What is Pre-ICO / Pre-sale?

    First tokens are issued in pre-sale mode and you can buy first digital shares with additional welcome bonuses.

    When does the ICO start?

    20.07.2017 is the ICO start date. Throughout the entire ICO period,
    purchase of tokens will be available to all interested investors at a
    fixed rate.

    What is the cost of a token and how much can I invest?

    For the entire ICO period, the token price is fixed at $ 10.
    Thus, the minimum investment amount is equal to 1 SLN token. The maximum
    amount of the investment is not limited, however, when paying with a
    bank card, there may be daily limits set up by a bank.

    How to invest?

    Wherever you are in the world, you can buy tokens on our site using
    Bitcoin and Ethereum direct transfer or Visa/MasterCard/Maestro bank

    Open the token order page in your personal cabinet to see more detailed information about the payment procedure.

    How many tokens will be issued?

    During the ICO, we plan to raise USD 15,000,000, equivalent to SLN
    1,500,000 . In this phase, 2 million tokens are issued for the ICO.

    In case the interest in our project exceeds the initial plans, we will
    consider issuing additional tokens earmarked for the projects not
    mentioned in the WhitePaper.

    Where are my tokens stored?

    The SLN tokens are in full compliance with the ERC20 Token Standard and
    are stored on the Ethereum wallet linked to your account.

    When purchasing a token, you can specify your Ethereum wallet or create a new one.

    What is my profit?

    Each phase is timed to the launch of infrastructural blockchain
    projects. The revenue from these projects will be distributed among the
    token holders and will represent 25 to 50% of the company's income.

    After the exchange is launched, you will be able to sell tokens at the current exchange rate gaining additional profit.


    White Paper:

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