Darcrus (DAR)  — August Update — Bittrex Swap, ICO Solutions, Metis, New Developer & Revenue Streams

  • It’s time once again for our monthly update and there are some goodies in this one. We first want to thank everyone for their patience as we work through the swap details with Bittrex. These things can take months to play out and the exchange has seen a recent explosion in activity. So let’s get on with it.

    We want to first remind people why the swap is beneficial, and necessary for the success of Sigwo Technologies. The Waves Platform is well equipped to handle the requirements of our various projects. The team is constantly updating and improving their software. They have a proven track record, provide continued support and have the resources to accomplish their own development goals.

    Our team feels this is the right move and will allow Darcrus and Mercury to exist within the same platform. This will create an additional trading pair (DAR/MER) and allow for fees to be paid in Mercury.

    Bittrex Swap

    We have confirmation from the Bittrex team that they will facilitate the swap on their end next month. We have been assured that they’re moving ahead with it as soon as possible.

    With that said, we have been working hard to provide our own solution for the swap which will allow people to send their nDAR (NXT Darcrus) to our web app that will return wDAR (Waves Darcrus) to the provided address.

    We’ve been able to test and confirm that everything is working smoothly and have to apply the final touches before releasing it to our community.

    ICO Solutions

    We’ve been in talks with an upcoming ICO (launch in Feb/Mar) for a fitness brick and mortar business in St. Louis, MO. Sigwo Technologies will be the IT provider for ICO platform and administration of their infrastructure.

    Other responsibilities include building and maintaining the wallet, as well as provide messaging through the wallet using Jupiter and Mercury as the underlying blockchain and use tokens. The platform will have the ability to take several different currencies as payment, track progress, and institute a unique rewards system for those people working out and meeting their predetermined goals as discussed with their personal trainer.

    Additional IT solutions for various projects offering ICOs are in the works. More information will be provided in future updates.

    Metis Integration

    We are happy to share Metis with our community. A new use case for Mercury, which will start taking shape this fall. Metis is an encrypted and decentralized messaging feature that will be implemented inside the Sigwo Technologies wallet. Now that Waves is allowing aliases, we’re able to link Waves and Jupiter together to offer this feature. Metis will have a local and lite version available for you to choose from.

    New Developer

    We want to welcome Rafael to the team as a contracted blockchain developer. He’s already been helping out with the various projects in motion and we’re excited to have another qualified professional working for the success of Sigwo Technologies.

    Revenue Streams

    Now that we are in full motion with projects, consultations, and plans for the future it is time to add additional avenues of income to begin the expansion stages of Sigwo Technologies LLC, Darcrus, and Mercury.

    The team is considering purchasing Bitcoin ATMs and using the transaction profits to buy back and burn Darcrus. Also under review is a small trading fund to increase profits and add additional DAR to be burnt.

    Find us online

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    Slack https://inviteme.darcr.us/

    Telegram https://t.me/darcrus


    1. Bittrex swap
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    6. Steven is once again, still alive.

    Thanks to Diego Voors.

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