Flypme - The fastest, most private crypto exchange

  • About Flypme is the fastest and most private accountless exchange to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies. Available immediately, you can try it here.

    To fuel the growth of the exchange and share policy-making with the community, we will issue FYP tokens (ERC20). You can get yours here with a 15% bonus.

    Token holders will receive proportionally 50% of the profits generated by the exchange and will be able to propose/vote for key decisions including new features and crypto pairs. is built and managed by the team at HolyTransaction, one of the first multi-currency wallets and the oldest still active. You can check all public information about it. Considering the nature of our business, we don't deem it safe to publish the full list of team members, because this can expose them to personal attacks and possibilities of corruption from external actors. This is like all other exchanges.

    The team is passionate about engineering products and features that empower anyone, anywhere to control, manage and spend crytpos. Mission

    To become the leading accountless exchange. Values

    • Protect Privacy
    • Promote Decentralization
    • Grassroot ownership
    • Quality
    • Transparency
    • Awesome community

    Flypme Exchange:

    ICO overview

    The FYP Tokens will be available in two separate rounds divided in phases, the Pre-Sale and the ICO. FYP Token Pre-Sale and ICO Contributors must acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms.

    Presale Phase I

    10th July 2017 (15.00 UTC), +21% bonus, 1 ETH = 4840 FYP

    Presale Phase II

    21st July 2017 (15.00 UTC), +15% bonus, 1 ETH = 4600 FYP

    ICO begins

    7th September 2017 (15.00 UTC) +10% bonus before Soft-Cap, 1 ETH = 4400 FYP +5% bonus before Hidden-Hard-Cap, 1 ETH = 4200 FYP

    ICO ends

    21 September 2017 (15.00 UTC)

    If Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end 3 (three) hours after the Hidden-Hard-Cap threshold is reached. The exact time for beginning and closing of the ICO period, as for the time of the countdown closing, will be determined in blocks’ numbers of the Ethereum Blockchain. The exact block number for start and end of the ICO will be communicated before the ICO commences. The three-hours countdown when the Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached is counted in 700 blocks.

    Soft-Cap will be disclosed as the ICO goes live.

    Hidden-Hard-Cap will be revealed as soon as it will be reached and will trigger the 3 (three) hours countdown that will definitely end the ICO.

    Currencies accepted:







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