Blockpass (BPT) - A decentralized ticket exchange and marketplace.

  • Introduction

    Buying tickets for big events (concerts, sports games, etc) has always been very difficult. Ticket scalpers usually use bots to quickly buy all the tickets and sell them at 3x their original price. Our platform aims to stop this from happening by preventing mass ticket purchases and allowing the original seller decide on whether the tickets can be resold and if so, when.

    Existing centralized ticket sellers (scalpers) are burdened by DOS attacks and limited computational capacity that prevent fair widespread global adoption. In the past, efforts to thwart the issue of ticket scalping have been unsuccessful. With the use of blockchain technology, we are creating a truly decentralized ecosystem and marketplace that benefits the issuers as well as the customers. No more ticket scalping or tickets selling out in a matter of seconds.

    Blockpass is being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain which means that it gets to take advantage of all the great features Ethereum is known for, such as validating ownership, anonymity, security and stability. All interactions with Blockpass use the Blockpass Token (BPT). With BPT, ticket sellers can place price ceilings on tickets, preventing them from being sold at higher prices, regardless of who owns them. Sellers can also completely disallow transfering ownership of tickets or simply choose to make them transferable after a certain date. BPT is used in all buying, selling and owner transfership transactions.

    Blockpass registers the ownership and properties of tickets on the blockchain. This decentralized model makes it impossible to change the properties of a ticket, but allows for ownership to be transferred swiftly and transparently. The issuer of the ticket sets its metadata at the time of creation; this is the method by which issuers can control the maximum price of their issues tickets. The BPT marketplace can be accessed from anywhere at any time, reducing the venue’s operating costs in way of smartphones replacing ticket scanners, whilst making it extremely easy for customers to buy and sell their tickets fairly and securely.

    How it Works

    • Open Marketplace and Exchange

      Ticket issuers and sellers put up tickets for sale in a contract that forces scalpers to pay expensive fees to buy a large amount of tickets. Sellers can also choose to make ticket sale permanent and non-transferable. Ethereum handles everything in the background which means all transactions and ticket transfers are public and anonymous.

    • Blockpass Tokens

      Anyone interacting with the exchange/marketplace will need Blockpass tokens (BPT) to buy, sell or transfer tickets to another address. BPT is an ERC-20 token that can be stored in all Ethereum-compatible wallets.

    • Read the White Paper

      Check out our white paper for more information about the platform, it's use cases as well as a roadmap.


    • Q2-Q3 2017: Development.
    • Q4 2017: Alpha release.
    • Q1 2018: Alpha testing, trial runs with select musical artists.
    • Q2 2018: Public Beta, expansion to different types of events (expansion into different sectors determined by demand.
    • Q4 2018: Public release of v1.0.


    Contribute to the crowdsale and get your hands on Blockpass tokens (BPT). The tokens used in all transaction across Blockpass.

    BPT amount decreases by 20% every 80600 blocks (~2 weeks).

    Check crowdsale page for start and end block for each tier.

    The crowdfunding of Blockpass and the corresponding token cre-
    ation process are organised around smart contracts running on Ethereum.
    Participants willing to support development of the project can do
    so by sending Ether (and only Ether) to the designated address.
    By doing so they create Blockpass Tokens (BPT) starting at the
    rate of 1000 BPT per 1 ETH (80% discount). A participant must
    send ether to the account after the start of the crowdfunding period
    (speci ed as the block number). Crowdfunding ends when the end
    block (block: 4370000) is created. The below dates are merely an

     July 7th: Start of crowdsale - Tier 1 { 1 ETH = 1000 BPT
     July 21st: Tier 2 { 1 ETH = 640 BPT
     August 4th: Tier 3 { 1 ETH = 512 BPT
     August 18th: Tier 4 { 1 ETH = 410 BPT
     September 13th (Block 4370000): End of crowdfunding period.


    More Details Soon!

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