Wild Crypto ( WILD) - Merging Blockchain Technology with eGaming

  • Wild Crypto - ICO Starts Sept 5th 2017

    The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users a fully anonymous & international Lottery & eGaming platform, built upon blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a platform that is 100% decentralised and honest, publishing the results to the blockchain. We plan on turning the Lotto & eGaming industry on its head.

    Wild Crypto will produce 100 million tokens in full, offering 30 million tokens to the public in the ICO. These tokens will be exchanged on our platform at a rate of 100:1 but will be offered at 2000:1 during the ICO launch, giving ICO participants a massive investment opportunity after purchase. Once the platform has been successfully launched we plan to begin introducing newly designed slot, casino & lotto based games.

    Participate in the extraordinary growth potential of the Online Lottery & eGaming industry. Register today and back our fundraising ICO – Starting September 5th 2017.

    WILD Crypto’s has the Competitive Advantage!
    World’s first truly global and regulated Crypto Lottery with WILD as the global
    currency. Our jackpots will be progressive, huge with by far the best odds globally.
    The lottery platform will also provide a suite of the most entertaining
    complementary games. Pay-out will be to player’s wallets or to our branded WILD
    pre-pay card that can be used world-wide.
    WILD Crypto is the first global lottery to create their own lottery gaming currency.
    WILD can be used agonistically across all lottery and instant win games on the platform,
    making the WILD a token of true gaming value.
    Increase the size market by providing a mobile focused product to the unserved 18-
    45 age group.
    Due to the ICO part funding the initial prize pool, WILD Crypto can deliver huge
    progressive jackpots from launch. They will redefine the crypto value proposition of
    ticket price and the prize. They will also increase the win probability, creating greater
    hope of a win. They will also increase the number of players engaging in a winners’
    experience and therefore increase the aspirational player market and crowd
    With a content rich and dynamic lotto and gaming platform, WILD Crypto will also
    stimulate the players habit formation, developing loyal player relationships and a
    higher play-to-win spend.
    Players are assured of the governance and game controls of a tier 1 regulatory environment.

    WILD Crypto intends to drive this market expansion by offering a global lottery

    based on its own crypto currency (called WILD) to facilitate a global online market
    that has thus far not been possible. WILD Crypto is regulated in a tier one
    jurisdiction Curacao and will acknowledge social responsibility, ensuring players are
    of the appropriate age, and providing facilities for problem gamblers to limit their
    plays or exclude themselves for periods of time in line with best practice.
    WILD Crypto can provide a range of lotteries and games that improve the win odds
    from 156 million to 1 (in the case of the Euromillions) to 3 million to 1 (in the case
    of WILD Crypto Lotto). With huge jackpots, WILD Crypto is virtually guaranteeing
    several weekly millionaires.
    WILD Crypto is able to increase win odds in several ways:
    • As a technology business, we are inherently more efficient, we outsource
    non-core activities to trusted partners.
    • We are commercially more efficient using self-insured prizes which is made
    possible through the ICO.
    • Using a dynamic approach to the price of tickets and the associated prizes,
    offering complementary games with different return to player percentages.
    - Slots up to 98%
    - Instant Win games up to 80%
    - Lotto ranges vary from 35% to 75%
    - Virtual sports odd can vary depending on the game
    WILD Crypto further addresses the market in 5 key ways:
    • By increasing the size of the market by offering a seamless decentralized
    lottery using our Ethereum ERC20 based WILD Token;
    • By increase the size market by offering mobile focused product to the
    unserved 18-45 age group;
    • By providing unprecedented odds and player experience by eliminating
    bureaucratic overheads and government taxes and by publishing all the
    results to the block-chain to create a truly open and honest gaming experience;
    • By establishing a globally accessible ERC20 WILD token pegged to Ether at a
    rate of 100:1, to create a truly global gaming marketplace; and
    • Providing pay-out in Ether or to those that want it, to a pre-pay card that is
    accepted globally.


    Each and every Lotto draw will be recorded to the blockchain as a smart contract,
    validating each result with 100% accuracy, creating the world’s most honest Lotto &
    eGaming platform.
    The platform will provide a smart contract exchange giving players the ability to
    seamlessly exchange Ether into WILD Tokens. Alternatively players can exchange
    crypto currency for WILD Tokens on any number of public exchanges.
    Uniquely winnings will be paid out in Ether to players’ wallets or to a Wild Crypto
    branded pre-pay debit card accepted globally. Players choosing the pre-pay card
    option have the most convenient way to spend their winnings.
    95% of the lottery platform technology is built and fully tested. The Tech Team is
    a winning hybrid of Twelve40’s development power and WILD Crypto’s specialist
    Ethereum Block-Chain developers. Ed Zynda III ( http://www.edzynda.com/ ) heads
    up the Technology team as Co-founder and CTO.
    Experianced Blockchain & eGaming Developers
    Ed will head up a team, that will underpin the gaming platform with a smart
    contract backed token exchange, giving players the ability to seamlessly exchange
    Ether into WILD Tokens.
    The front end platform is designed to mobile first, the website and games are built
    in HTML5 and can be deployed across all smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.
    WILD Crypto players will be able play games on any number of devices either at
    home or on the move, further enriching game experience. Game experience and
    security is paramount to team. They will deliver games through a range of
    technology partners which include a global Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    The CDN accelerates dynamic and static content by placing content at the edge of
    the internet, at the closest possible point to our players gaming location, which
    optimizes the performance further. The CDN ensures there are no barriers to
    expansion and provides the best possible player experience.
    The platform features the latest Instant Win gaming content from the likes Pariplay,
    Pocket Games Soft, Red Rake, Sideplay Entertainment and Link 2 Win. WILD Crypto
    have chosen a range of games for their market segment enabling access to the
    most relevant gaming entertainment.

    The back end platform is purpose built in Java to ensure no barriers to expansion
    capabilities or scalability. It uses a microservice architecture using its own
    proprietary secure payload system, it delivers flexibility in an extremely secure
    environment. There are multiple layers of encryption with all messages
    cryptographically signed and authenticated in transit. Databases are designed with
    anti-tamper technology and record field level encryption. The platform
    deploys deep telemetry which delivers advanced reporting and performance
    analytics to the operator. The Platform contains the Random Number Generator
    (RNG) and game engines which have been comprehensively tested and certified
    by NMI (http://www.nmi.nl). This is a requirement of the regulator and it provides
    evidential proof that the games are fair and will pay out to the odds quoted. The
    output from the RNG will be recorded on the block-chain as a smart contract.
    The platform also has its own Remote Gaming Server (RGS) this technology delivers
    the Instant Win games and enables the game content to be changed with very little
    management of the front end website. This enables WILD Crypto to keep games
    fresh and reflective of market trends. The RGS allows free development of games by
    leading developers against a framework that is already regulatory approved.
    The benefit of this approach is that it enables innovation and speed to market for
    game developers whilst maintaining the integratory of message flows from game
    engines and wallets so that new games can be deployed fully tested and regulated
    in the most efficient manner.
    This combination of technology delivers a regulated, tested and certified Lottery
    and Instant Win games. The design and architecture mean that new games and
    game engines can be easily added to create additional complementary
    entertainment. The platform provides all the operational management
    functionalities necessary, it contains a sophisticated administration system creating
    operational efficiencies with extensive reporting capabilities.
    The platform also provides players with the ability to take complete control of their
    game play, view their play history and pre purchased tickets, set limits for their
    game play if they wish as well as log customer queries. It is a one-stop-shop for
    players providing a seamless experience.
    After the successful launch of WILD Crypto, the platform design enables the rapid
    introduction of newly designed slot, casino & lotto based games, keeping the
    platform exciting for exciting players and to attract new players.

    Wild Crypto Games:

    Wild Crypto is Ahead of the Game

    Wild Crypto is not only Changing the Game, we are ahead of the Game. When you participate in the Wild Crypto ICO, you will be investing in an already proven platform, with years of technology behind it. We are not asking you to support us while we totally build a platform from scratch, with a 1, 2 or even 3 year time frame to completion. Our platform is 95% complete and will be ready to launch in January 2018.

    Your participation in the Wild Crypto ICO will enable us to merge blockchain technology into our existing platform. Creating a gaming experience that is 100% decentralised and honest, publishing the results to the blockchain. We plan on turning the Lotto & eGaming industry on its head.

    Play it yourself

    Wild Crypto has chosen its eGaming partners very carefully. If the games aren’t exciting you won’t come back to play, our games are going to be Wild!

    We are partnering with Twelve40 a white label eGaming provider to help us produce some the worlds most exciting and fun instant games, and will be exclusive to the Wild Crypto platform.

    Twelve40’s Lotto & eGaming technology is currently powering platforms for Countries, States and private operators globally.  They also run their own lottery platform which serves as a test bed for innovation Islands Lotto.  Twelve40 with Wild Crypto are leading the world in fully regulated lottery blockchain technology, with this powerful combination we plan to change the way the world plays the game.

    Visit islends Looto 

    demo the Games







    Great Games, Greater Payouts Wild Crypto is curating the world’s best lottery and eGaming content, working with leading game developers from around the world, to produce games that are fun, whilst paying out the largest prizes anywhere. 

    Pocket Games Soft • SidePlay • PariPlay • Link2Win


    We are currently working hard to add to the list of following exchanges:
    • Cryptopia
    • HitBTC
    • Bithumb
    • Huobi - China
    • And others

    The Wild Crypto Wallet & Security

    The team at Wild Crypto are heavily invested in the security of the WILD Token and
    the WILD Crypto Wallet, after all, they are protecting their own money as well as
    The WILD Tokens fund jackpots. It is essential that the crypto wallet is secure and
    that prizes are expedited quickly to ensure the best winners experience.

    We segregate funds as follows:

    • Player fund wallet – legally owned by the players
    • Prize fund wallet – separated to ensure there is cover to pay out all the
    jackpots and prizes
    • Eco-mine / bonusing wallet – to pay out bonuses
    • Operations wallet – Business operations
    • Plus a cold storage facility
    Because our WILD Tokens are created on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, it can be
    easily stored, transferred and converted to fiat, as any other Ether token.
    WILD Crypto employs a 4 eyes and 4 keys approach to crypto currency transactions.
    To approve any transaction, We have a 4 eyes (2 human approvals to pay-away)
    and 2 keys

    Development Roadmap

    The development road map is split into several themes:
    • Adding more of the technology stack to the block-chain in tandem with
    regulatory approvals whilst maintaining scalability;
    • Increasing the selection of games, both developed in house and via
    partners, as well as reskinning games to appeal to different markets;
    • Enabling increased usability and user experience;
    • Integrate new games such as Bingo, Slots and Casino games to increase
    player volumes; and
    • Continuing to develop our cultural diversity, recognizing different markets
    prefer their own style of game, our medium term strategy is to adapt our
    player experience to the cultural feel they desire, the objective is to deliver
    global games with an optimized local experience.
    Regulation, Regulator Control
    The WILD Crypto platform will be licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gambling
    Commission, the Twelve40 platform is regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission,
    regulation ensures that we:
    1 - Act responsibly and put the interests of our customers first;
    2 - Reviewing our policies and procedures to make sure we adhere to the
    highest standards of player protection, data security, disaster recovery and
    anti-money laundering checks; and
    3 - Ensuring our directors and key personnel are suitably qualified to run a
    company like ours, which includes rigorous interviews and background
    We are proud to be a fully licensed gaming company and as such, are commitment
    to providing our players with an enjoyable, secure & private lottery experience at
    the heart of everything we do.

    What’s the Timeline? 

     What started as an idea… with your help can become a reality. We plan on going live in just 4 months! January 2018.



    See the Vision

    Research the Market



    Vision Cast

    Build the Team

    Refine Company Business Model

    Start Initial Platform Marketing

    Prepare for ICO Launch



    Launch WILD Token

    Build & Deploy ICO Smart Contract

    Secure Token Acceptance on a liquid & respected Exchange

    Launch WILD Token Crowdsale



    Finalise Company Structure

    Launch Eco-Mining Bonus Fund for Early ICO Adopters

    Start Building the Code merging Blockchain with existing eGaming Platform, making it WILD!



    Release a Fully Operational Crypto Currency based Platform

    Incentivise User Driven Participation

    Expand Global Marketing


    Q2 & Beyond

    Continue to Refine Platform, bringing New & Exciting Games to the Market

    Integrate AI & VR Technogies

    Get Really, Really WILD!


    The WILD token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token of value. The token is a digital asset, bearing value by itself based on its underlying assets, properties and/or associated rights. Ethereum-based tokens rely on a well-established Ethereum infrastructure, benefiting from several advantages:

     • Security and predictability (as opposed to, for example, having to run an independent blockchain network).

     • Use of robust and well-supported clients (Ethereum-based tokens can be managed with official Ethereum clients).

     • High liquidity (interchangeable with other Ethereum-based tokens or Ether), easier listing on exchanges with infrastructure already in place. 

    Our Ethereum-based token contract complies with the ERC20 standard. More detailed info about the ERC20 standard can be obtained from: https://github.com/ethereum/EI... Because our WILD Tokens are created on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, it can be easily stored and transferred, as any other Ether token. We recommend “MyEtherWallet” for Storage and “EtherDelta” for trading. We also intend to have WILD Tokens listed on larger exchanges once the ICO is complete. A Wild Crypto “Winners Club” pre-pay card accepted world-wide will be available (conditions will apply) so that players can conveniently spend their winnings.


    Total WILD Tokens Created


    WILD Token Allocated for ICO


    Ether to be Raise | 2000:1

    Official ICO Address – Will Be Listed Bellow:

    Create Ethereum wallet 

    Create a wallet on MyEtherWallet.com. Be sure to backup your private keys & keep it safe never telling anyone what it is! 

    Buy Some Ether (ETH)

    Purchase Ether Tokens in an exchange using other currencies (BTC, LTC, XMR or similar). Alternatively you can use exchanges such as Coinbase to buy ETH directly with fiat. Once you obtain ETH, move it to your MyEtherWallet, that you just created in the previous step.

    Get Ready

    Save the Date  – 5th September 2017 subscribe to our newsletter and get notified when the WILD Token ICO Starts.

    Click Here to Subscribe:

    More Token Details:

    • Token name: WILD Token
    • Token ticker symbol: WILD
    • Token type: Ethereum ERC20
    • Token sale start: September 5, 2017 at  08:00 London UK time (GMT + 1)
    • Token sale duration: Approximately 7 Days, measured in blocks, ending September 12th at 8:00 London UK time (GMT + 1)
    • Total tokens issued: 100 million 
    • Total tokens available for sale: 30 million (30%)
    • Total tokens sold to date: 10 million (10%) sold in one day to early investors.
    • Price per token: 0.0005 ether

    Token Allocation:

    • Initial Investors – 10 Million Tokens
    • Pre ICO – 5 Million Tokens
    • ICO – 30 Million Tokens
    • Eco-Mining Pool – 5 Million Tokens
    • Prize Pool Bond – 15 Million Tokens
    • Marketing & Incentives – 8 Million Tokens
    • Business Management – 6 Million Tokens
    • Research & Development – 1 Million Tokens
    • Directors Hold Future Development – 20 Million Tokens

    How to see your Token:

    Your tokens are on the blockchain, where they should be! And can easily be accessed in your MyEtherWallet:

    1.  Go to MyEtherWallet.com.
    2.  Go to “View Wallet Info.”
    3.  Log in using password, key, or keystore file.
    4.  On the right, click “Add Custom Token.”
    5. Input the smart contract where they live, which is the same now as they will always be:


    They will always be at this above address, so keep that number stored along with your password and private key.

    • Input the symbol: To Be Determined
    • Decimals: 18
    • Click: Save

    Now you should see your amount of tokens listed.

    Useful Links:


    White Paper:



    Social Links:









  • WILD CRYPTO ICO — An Era of New Global Lottery

    WILDCRYPTO project will be unveiling the world’s truly global and regulated cryptocurrency-based lottery with WILD being the main cryptocurrency for its operations. WILDCRYPTO will be bringing a fairer lottery system with better odds as opposed to what currently exists. The jackpots are going to be impressively huge and with better odds such that a more balanced ratio of winners and happy players will be established. Game winnings will be primarily paid in WILD Tokens into a player’s compatible wallet or a branded WILD Crypto pre-paid card that can be used globally.

    Recent estimates by the World Lottery Association show that the global lottery industry is currently worth $260 Billion but only a meager 4% of this is online. Signs however show an increasing number of online lottery providers and this is what the WILDCRYPTO project will be taking advantage of as a pioneer in the space. With 90% of the project already completed, the WILDCRYPTO team is leveraging blockchain technology coupled with in-depth knowledge of lottery to launch an unrivaled product. The ICO will be used as a fundraiser to help make the final launch of this Crypto Lottery possible.

    With an already existing international customer base, the WILDCRYPTO project seems ripe to give returns in as short a term as possible. Stakes and winnings will be made transparent since all transactions will be available on a public ledger on blockchain. The project is already collaborating with the likes of Red Rake, Sideplay Entertainment, Link 2 Win, Pocket Games Soft and other established firms in the industry — This should give succor to investors and other stakeholders.

    The WILDCRYPTO ICO starts on the 5th to the 11th of September, 2017. This is on the back of a successful private sale on the 16th of August where 10,000,000 WILD tokens were sold. WILD tokens are ERC20 Ethereum tokens and a maximum cap of 35,000,000 of these will be made available during the 5-day ICO period. The team is also working round the clock to make WILD Tokens tradable on a number of exchanges for the ultimate benefit of investors.

    To participate and invest in this exciting online global lottery venture, click here — https://wildcrypto.com/ico

    For more details, follow the WildCrypto ICO here.



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