HoboNickels (HBN) Release v1.5.5.4

  • Fix to refresh coin weight every 10 blocks, to prevent coins from not staking. Add new checkpoint.

    Windows QT. md5sum HoboNickels-qt.zip b40ead6c1c3d958128275889688d9b88 *HoboNickels-qt.zip

    Mac OS QT: md5sum HoboNickels-Qt_v1.5.5.3_macOs.zip 8f4d47d4ff352caadcf08fb718d3b76a *HoboNickels-Qt_v1.5.5.3_macOs.zip

    The Mac Compilation is still a work in progress. Please report successes or failures to Tranz at BTC or CCT..


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