district0x Voting dApp Overhaul

  • With the release of the district0x Network Token following the first contribution period, we also released the district0x Voting dApp, allowing all token holders to signal for the community-made district proposal they’d like to see the district0x team build next.

    The system was full of quick solutions, and was far from perfect. Most notably, proposals relied on a quorum mechanism based around upvotes within github itself, with the total number of upvotes required to achieve quorum underwritten by the district0x slack user count.

    Even once quorum was obtained, the core team was required to manually populate those proposals into the voting dApp. This meant that token holders could only signal for a small subset of all proposals. In short, we weren’t harnessing the full power of our token holders to drive development.

    What’s Changed?

    Voting dApp

    Inspired by a page built by slack user @parora, we’ve expanded the voting dApp to include, by default, the top 10 proposals sorted by the number of total votes. Additional filters are available to filter by github upvotes, github comments, and latest proposals.

    The page also allows expansion of the district proposals description on github. To see more than the top 10 with any given filter, a “VIEW ALL” button is available at the bottom of the list.

    In combination, these filters and features should give all users, whether they’re voting or not, an easier way to navigate and discover all district proposals.

    Proposal Rewards

    Most importantly, these changes now allow every single qualifying proposal to be voted on immediately, without having to be manually populated into the dApp after reaching quorum. In effect, the idea of a quorum has been completely removed.

    As a result, we’ve updated the district proposal readme to remove the quorum reward. We’ve also altered the district proposal to reflect changes in the market price of DNT.

    If you submitted a proposal with issue number 95 or lower still have not claimed your proposal reward, please reach out to @brady or @angelo on slack to claim it as soon as possible. Rewards left unclaimed after August 29th will be subject to the new reward structure.

    What’s Next?

    The changes described above are just a few small steps on a long road towards a completely self-sustaining, community-driven process for creating, vetting, and including proposals on the district0x Network.

    In the more immediate future, we will be turning our attention towards an issue prioritization dApp. Much like the voting dApp, this will allow token holders to signal for district specific issues they’d like to see prioritized by the development team. This will allow us to better build towards what the community desires in current and upcoming districts

    Learn More

    For more information about the district0x Network:

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