Synereo - WildSpark Leaderboard Winners: 13-20 August 2017

  • The first week’s results are in! We’ve tallied the numbers, calculated your scores, and have rewarded WildSpark’s most most contributive and active users with AMPs. 8000 in total have been distributed amongst this week’s winners. If you’re on the list – take a look at your new balance!

    If you’d like to be on the list next week, you know what you have to do: discover great content, Amplify and share, and reward creators and other curators for the value they generate.

    Learn more about the contest at

    Prizes: 1st place – 3000 AMPs 2nd place – 2000 AMPs 3rd place – 1000 AMPs 4th – 20th place: 120 AMPs each.

    This week’s winners:

    1. Frank
    2. Alexr1239
    3. Jeffone
    4. Obbly
    5. Zero5xo
    6. Wildsparx
    7. StoneWalker
    8. Oyat
    9. Alexpfeiffer
    10. Donutlord
    11. Future24
    12. JoeyDaMan7
    13. Bart_Visser
    14. Minhlee95
    15. FrankBacon
    16. Mike
    17. Andy
    18. Change
    19. Maclires
    20. Prodigy

    Congratulations to the winners!

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