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  • The creation of the asset Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF or “asset” or “altcoin”) is an innovative project which will spur the growth and popularity of the cryptocurrency market through a very simple, yet effective means. The CIF asset will offer all-inone functionality as a business incentive, marketing tool as well as customer loyalty program. This document explains our proposal for the architecture of the CIF program, its diverse features, aspects and proposals as well as our roadmap. CIF is an asset designed first and foremost as a business incentive program rewarding cryptocurrency adoption. Although there are other aspects to this project, cryptocurrency business adoption is our number one priority.

    The Vision

    We live in a world where we are seeing the emergence and popularity of digital currencies developing at an exponential rate, yet we have yet to see mass cryptocurrency adoption. Our vision is arm businesses with the knowledge and tools to prioritize cryptocurrency as a means of significant financial exchange in order to spur the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

    CIF Specification:

    Coin Name: Crypto Improvement Fund
    Coin Abbreviation: CIF
    Type: POW/POS
    Algo: X11
    Retargeting Algo: Simple
    Time Between Blocks: 120s
    Block Reward: 50 CIF
    Block Reward Having Rate: 200,000 Blocks
    Total Coins 500,000,000
    POS Interest: 1%
    Min Stake: 30 (days)
    Max Stake: 90 (days)
    Premine: 40% (200,000,000) – Breakdown Below
    • ICO (125,000,000)
    • Bounty/ Airdrop (15,000,000)
    • Team (10,000,000)
    • Business Rewards Program (50,000,000)

    Business Adoption

    Although there are several hurdles currently hindering cryptocurrency adoption, business adoption is of paramount importance for cryptocurrencies continued success. Right now businesses see no incentive to adopt cryptocurrency as they must hedge risk by charging exorbitant fees to the end user. We can see this through the huge markups on credit card transactions as well as ATM fees. The lack of business participation in this market has lead to a question which has gross implications on mass adoption. Why purchase cryptocurrency if there is no way to use it. Although certain businesses adopt cryptocurrency for B2C (business to customer) transactions, the list of participating businesses is regrettably small (Roughly 100,000). Although this may seem like a large number – worldwide this is a fraction of total potential adoption. In a B2B (business to business) market – although research is not as sound on this topic. One can assume cryptocurrencies hold marginal, if any reasonable transaction volume at all. As per Morgan Stanley, price surges are hindering merchant acceptance and only the top 3 of 500 online merchants use bitcoin. The hesitation amongst retailers may also be linked to bitcoin’s scaling challenges, as transactions become slower and more costly. We must educate businesses on how utilizing cryptocurrency can be profitable as well as open their eyes to a variety of alternative cryptocurrency options. Another roadblock is the lack of willingness or ability to spend. By enticing businesses to accept cryptocurrency more opportunities for cryptocurrency holders to spend their assets will emerge The goal of this program is to educated businesses on the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment entity (bitcoin or otherwise) both through brick and mortar establishments as well as ecommerce environments. Business owners will find themselves attracting an emerging market of consumers eager to spend cryptocurrencies in new places.

    Businesses would stand out apart from their competitors, as they would be tapping into a niche market. Fees would be extremely low in comparison to traditional methods of payment. International transactions from a new customer bases could be completed in seconds. Possibilities of an international currency exchange and transactions are endless. The goal of this project is to allow businesses to realize this.

    Business Rewards Program

    The main incentive behind this asset is the CIF Business Rewards Program. This program will reward businesses for their increased awareness, involvement and acceptance of the cryptocurrency market. To qualify for the rewards program. Businesses must incorporate and use a form of cryptocurrency as a viable payment method for their clients. The type of cryptocurrency at this point is not defined due to the fact that this asset is meant to increase the awareness and acceptance of the cryptocurrency market as a whole entity – not promote an individual coin. The program will be offered at zero cost to the businesses involved with our value added services being our revenue source. To qualify for our rewards program, businesses must show 6 months of sales transacted via a cryptocurrency. The business must also show proof that the means of payment (various altcoins) are advertised and communicated to clients. Businesses will receive a quarterly amount (“allowance”) of CIF based on total asset value once calculated upon ICO completion. The allowance will have to be re-calculated against total asset price if asset price increases or decreases. Total quarterly CIF allowance will be calculated based on monetized volume of business conducted with cryptocurrency. Greater volume of transactions will equal a greater allowance. The goal behind this is to not only incent businesses to use cryptocurrency, but reward them for doing so. Cryptocurrency

    training and consulting will be offered to businesses who are involved in the rewards program (see – Value Added Services) to allow them to exchange their CIF for Fiat currencies or use for our value added services/ customer loyalty altcoins. With CIF the merchant demand is reflected back onto the underlying market which in turn increases the value of the altcoin. CIF is a altcoin of fixed supply. Considering there is a certain finite amount created for qualified businesses per quarter the value will continue to rise as demand increases and supply is controlled. The CIF unit price will continue to rise making the program more attractive to new businesses and more lucrative for early adopters.

    Business Rewards Program Practical Application

    - Practical Application of the Business Rewards Program will be
    as follows. For this section the business rewards program will be
    referred to as the “program”.
    - Business Rewards Program Launch – January 2018
    - New Program applicants will be signed up quarterly. Coins will
    be allocated yearly for new program applicants. Existing
    program applicants supply will be maintained as per initial
    - Businesses will have to register on a public ledger which will
    be available to audit and view at any point in time. All
    businesses will be vetted to the best of our ability and will be
    open to public investigation and scrutiny at any point in time.
    - Businesses will have to show 6 months transacted sales via
    cryptocurrency to qualify for the program.
    - Businesses will have to show minimum 15% total volume of
    sales conducted via cryptocurrency to qualify for the program.
    This number may be increased due over time.

    - Businesses can be removed from the program at any time if
    they do not meet the minimum requirements.
    - This formal process will be put in place to ensure the
    sustainable growth of the program and continued profitability of
    the coin holders – contracts will be created for new program
    - Businesses on the program will be leveraged to offer discounts
    to CIF holders if purchases are made using CIF coin.
    - Businesses on the program will be leveraged to offer discounts
    if purchases are made using cryptocurrency (in general).
    - CIF Holders should note that issuing altcoins for the program
    will not devalue their coin. Steady linear growth is to be
    expected as program issued coins would actually increase
    awareness of CIF therefore increasing overall value. This is due
    to the fact. These program coins would act in a way much like a
    bitcoin faucet.
    - Value added services are considered to be revenue
    generating and have been incorporated into our business model
    to ensure steady company growth through traditional revenue
    generating models.
    - Businesses can use these assigned CIF to exchange for fiat and
    convert to dollars in any currency, convert them for other
    cryptocurrencies or use them as a customer loyalty altcoin.

    Customer Loyalty Tokens

    CIF can also be used as a customer loyalty incentive program.
    As discussed previous, there are many ways in which businesses
    can make use of their allotted allowance of coins. Although
    exchanging to Fiat is a viable option, the premise of the coin is to
    enable businesses to promote the increased use of
    cryptocurrency. Based on this premise, CIF can also be used as
    a incentive to reward clients for transactions completed via
    cryptocurrency with the vendor.

    As a loyalty incentive program, the business/vendor will be supplied with training and tools in order to instruct customers on how to download a wallet and receive the altcoins once registered online. This will act like a traditional loyalty program in the sense that it will enable the vendor to advertise to the client after receiving consent as well as promote the client to engage further business with the vendor – using CIF or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The drawback of traditional loyalty programs is that there is significant upfront CapEx cost to the business with no guaranteed benefit. ROI is sometimes hard to determine in a small business environment for these programs. Using CIF as a loyalty incentive eliminates all risk associated with the loyalty program as the there is no capital risk as they assets are received at no cost. Proper training and documentation will be provided to the business in

    Value Added Services

    There will be Value Added Services offered through CIF Ltd.
    Which will complement our asset. For additional Value Added
    Services see “Technology”.
    Meraki Turnstyle Integration – Partnered with Meraki, their
    innovative Turnstyle platform offers businesses an easy and
    convenient way to transfer altcoins to customers. Turnstyle is an
    innovative platform for transforming WiFi into a rich proximity
    marketing technology, generating clear and measurable ROI.
    Turnstyle’s platform gives businesses the ability to trigger realtime
    messages, coupons and rewards directly to shoppers’
    phones based on their movement patterns within a Meraki
    powered venue - all without the need for a mobile application.
    This allows retailers and other venue owners to communicate
    directly with customers as they engage with the brand, driving
    increased loyalty and basket size. A strong analytics engine
    supports these marketing efforts, providing strong insights to
    help design and measure each campaign. We would work with
    Meraki Turnstyle to integrate our CIF asset and allow businesses
    to deliver altcoins to customers in their immediate vicinity,
    incenting them to conduct business with them. Meraki Turnstyle
    integration would be a revenue generating option.
    Training – We will be offering professional training courses
    related to cryptocurrency and its function in the business
    landscape. These are offered to business clients using our
    business rewards program. These will include fundamentals, to
    in depth looks at the technology as well as using
    cryptocurrencies as an investment tool. These courses will be
    offered in class or via webinar for all


    CIF runs on its own blockchain and supports its own wallets on various platforms. We have already developed our own wallets (linux, unix, windows, web, os, ios, android) which will be available to both ICO participants as well as business reward program members, immediately.




    Paper Wallet:

    Web Wallet:

    Block Explorer:



    Mining Pool: 

    Release Post ICO


    ICO Details:

    • Start Date: October 1st, 2017 at 17:00 UTC.
    • End Date: January 1st 2018 at 16:59 UTC.
    • Minimum Project Threshold: 1,000 BTC
    • Maximum Project Threshold: 20,000 BTC
    • If minimum project threshold is not met – all BTC will be refunded.
    • Do not send any BTC from an exchange. Only use personal wallets to send BTC.
    • If you are unfamiliar with transferring cryptocurrencies, transaction fees etc. please download the wallets at the bottom of this page and follow the attached instructions.
    • By conducting any transaction on this site you are agreeing to our terms & conditions (see “The Legal”).
    • Investment will be held in escrow until ICO completion.
    • Due to regulations enforced by the SEC, for US Citizens to invest in CIF you must be an accredited investor (see “The Legal”).

    ICO Transfer Addresses

    Please email us confirmation of your purchase to [email protected]

    BTC - ICO Address:



    Tokens will be distributed at the end of each period.

    BTC will be the only viable currency for purchasing CIF. This sale will be used to fund various aspects of the CIF project.

    The CIS Token distribution will be broken down into 3 periods. The token distribution will take place over 90 days.

    Total CIF to be distributed: 125,000,000 CIF

    Period 1: 85,000,000 CIF 

    This period will start at 17:00 UTC September 1st 2017 and will end 16:59 UTC October 1st 2017.

    Period 2: 30,000,000 CIF

    This period will start at 17:00 UTC October 1st 2017 and will end 16:59 UTC December 1st 2017.

    Period 3: 10,000,000 CIF

    This period will start at 17:00 UTC December 1st 2017 and will end 16:59 UTC January 1st 2018.

    Investment Allocation

    • Research and Product Development (40%)
    • Advertising and Marketing (40%)
    • Legal (5%)
    • Team Expansion/ Salaries (15%)

    Research and Product Development – 

    A lot of time goes into researching designs and algorithms which enable us to deliver our asset to businesses. We must create an automatic distribution tool to allow businesses to receive their allowance on a regular schedule. Our asset also has the ability to be used as a customer loyalty reward which businesses can use to incite repeat customers. Our developers will work with businesses to integrate their ecommerce platform with our mobile app to ensure that customers have constant access to the businesses products and services while using our app (which they have received their loyalty rewards on). 

    Advertising and Marketing - 

    In order to promote a continuous and positive growth of the rewards program we will need to invest in advertising and marketing. Advertising will be primarily achieved through social media, SEM, SEO, Google Adwords and PPC. Traditional forms of marketing will also be explored.

    Legal - 

    We need to ensure that CIF complies with the various
    legislations in place governing the rights of our users as well as
    use of cryptocurrencies for business transactions in general.
    We will maintain compliance in whichever countries we conduct
    business in.

    ICO Participants

    As an ICO Participant you will be a shareholder of CIF Ltd. An open forum will be launched shortly after the ICO has been completed. On this forum you will have exclusive ability to register and influence key decisions of this company. You will have direct communication with our executive team through open forum as we aim to be as transparent as possible. We hope that through holding CIF assets you will want to participate on the future direction of this company.

    Blockchain & Mining 

    CIF will be a mineable asset through
    several mining pools (POW/POS). The blockchain is the heart of CIF. The
    blockchain is where all the CIF transactions are stored. Every single
    activity that takes place involving CIF is stored on the CIF blockchain.
    The reason why the blockchain stores all of the networks information is
    to verify all activity and ensure that no fraud is taking place. Each
    block in the blockchain is a duplicate record of the transactions that
    have occurred since the last block (about 2 minutes). Every computer
    (node) in the CIF network shares this blockchain so all computers
    validate the same information. All Nodes in the system run an algorithm
    (X11) many times over a block searching for a solution. This is
    traditional POW (Proof-ofwork) mining. Once the solution is found it
    verifies this across the node and additional coins are released to the
    solver of the solution. Traditional Bitcoin employs this approach. CIF
    takes this process one step farther by incorporating a POS
    (Proof-ofstake) approach. Stakeholders or CIF holders have a chance to
    vote on the Block and verify that the Block is valid. 5 tickets are
    chosen randomly from the ticket pool and if at least 3 of them vote
    ‘yes’ the block is permanently added to the blockchain and the
    transactions are cleared. Both PoS and PoW miners are compensated with
    CIF for the resources used to mine the block.


    ICO Dates

    • [ANN] Announcement – August 14th 2017
    • ICO Start Date – October 1st, 2017 17:00 UTC
    • ICO Close Date – January 1st, 2017 17:00 UTC
    • CIF Allocation – Allocated After Each Period.
    • Trading Launch – November 1stth, 2017
    • Program Launch – January 1st, 2018





    White Paper:



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