RoseCoin ICO - Decentralized Dating Delivered In Real Time

  • The cryptocurrency of appreciation for real time dating social networks and entertainment platforms.

    Value Proposition

    We propose RoseCoin(s) as a cryptocurrency of appreciation (i.e., gift/tip exchange) for social
    networks such as real-time virtual dating applications and possibly other live streaming and
    love connection businesses. Together with the Whispers application, the platform offers the
    following benefits:
    Benefits for Users (relationship/friendship seekers):
    ● Enhance quality of life at any time and anywhere. No need to waste time going to social
    functions or settings.
    ● Won’t waste time chatting with fake dates, mismatches.
    ● Save time and money by dealing with real people of real interest in real time via video,
    paying per minute.
    ● Exchange gifts via RoseCoin without ancillary cost at the highest possible value (i.e.,
    lowest possible transaction fee) across the globe.
    Hosts (relationship/friendship providers):
    ● Earn money for their free time while having fun at anytime and from their own space.

    ● Won’t waste time dealing with fake users or spammers, since their inquiry requires
    them to pay a fee.
    ● Exchange gifts via RoseCoin without ancillary cost at the highest possible value (i.e.,
    lowest possible transaction fee) across the globe.


    Whispers App for Real-time Virtual Dating Anytime and Anywhere.

    Nowadays, people can connect and entertain themselves virtually anytime, anywhere from
    their smartphone with internet access. However, the current options for online dating poses
    several limitations:
    ● The number of possible matches is limited by proximity to the user.
    ● There is a high risk of fraudulent activity as spammers try to get users attention with
    text chatting message and beg for money (not even counting illegal activities). This puts
    a huge cost on time and effort for real users who just want to find a date to chat with
    ● Many services use fake accounts to engage users and have them pay for the premium
    packages. This also puts a huge cost on time and effort for real users, oftentimes
    leading to catastrophic disappointment if not heartbreak.
    ● Because there is no face-to-face contact, mismatches are common, leading to wasted
    time and efforts once the parties meet
    Furthermore, most dating apps have somewhat turned into hookups/sex apps offline, rather
    than a matching service of personalities for longer term relationships.

    An alternative type of entertainment that has recently developed in this space is the
    live-streaming applications (similar to Facebook Live), which has become popular in Asia [1].
    However, to date these types of applications do not allow users to have a private conversation
    with the Host (i.e., 1 to 1 interaction), as such applications are purely for broadcast
    entertainment purposes (i.e., 1 to many interaction).
    To bring dating/companion finding to the next level, we have developed the Whispers Live
    application. Whispers Live app, currently in beta release and available on both IOS and Android
    platforms for phone and tablet formats, is the social network for real-time virtual dating
    anytime and anywhere. A user can choose from a variety of potential dates by viewing their
    profiles to find one that matches her/his preferences. Upon dialing, the date will come on live
    for 1-on-1 video chatting. Whispers Live application has been built based on our advanced
    collaborative telecommunication technology, where it provides a virtual environment
    mimicking the face-to-face one: video conferencing, chatting/typing, hand-writing, co-browsing
    of the web/documents, and annotation on data to ensure that each chat is not a dull one and
    brings excitement to each party (see reviews of our technology by world renowned technology
    review blogs such as Engadget and Android Authority [2-4]). The world may be vast, but with
    Whispers Live app, we take “distance” out of “distance dating” allowing you to date anyone
    from anywhere with total disregard to physical borders!
    In Whispers Live, like UBER service, we have 2 applications: one app called Whispers Live is for
    users who will initiate a video call to the person of their interest. Other other app called
    Whispers Host, which is for the providers who will receive the video call. Here is more
    information about them:

    1.Whispers Live

    Whispers Live app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Android Play for
    both phone and tablet formats. To use it, users need to have a credit card to pay for the
    the time s/he uses in video chatting. They can also tip the host with RoseCoin or fiat
    currency as well. Anyone can use the service with a valid credit card.

    Mac App: Coming Soon!


    ● Whispers Live app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Android Play for
    both phone and tablet formats. To use it, users need to have a credit card to pay for the
    the time s/he uses in video chatting. They can also tip the host with RoseCoin or fiat
    currency as well. Anyone can use the service with a valid credit card.

    2.Whispers Host

    Mac App: Coming Soon!


    The Whispers Host app is also free to download from the Apple App Store or Android
    Play for both phone and tablet formats. The Host will need to register for an account
    using either Facebook and Gmail sign in and apply to be a host. We will contact the host
    via video call to confirm his/her identity before we approve for him/her for providing

    service to the users. The Host can set his/her own rate for the video chat and earn
    money for each minute hosting the call. With this setup, anyone can start building
    his/her own “Amazon-like store” for selling their time and skill online from their own
    time and space.
    Using Whispers, users can search for a potential person of interest worldwide and initiate a call
    to that person for real time interactive video chat. In doing this, users will compensate the host
    for the time spent on chatting. As a result, users will be more serious in starting a date with a
    host of interest; this will save the host an enormous amount of time and personal dedication
    from dealing with frivolous users or spammers in the system. Because we own the
    telecommunication platform, users can pay per minute.
    Furthermore, on the Whispers Live application, we will have a special section with curated
    contents for models, singers, and celebrities. For the first time, users can connect with them
    privately for the right price.
    Whispers platform collects money from users on the hosts’ behalf and pays the hosts directly.
    Whispers Live platform takes 35% commission which includes the payment processing fee. In
    addition, users and providers can exchange the gift/tip with each other using RoseCoin from/to
    their build-in wallets in the Whispers Live App as a means of appreciation for one another. The
    RoseCoin Wallet has been designed for easy integration into any app in the form of API calls or
    software SDK. We expect to accept RoseCoin as a form of payment for hosts’ time when
    RoseCoin becomes tradable on exchanges, after the ICO, and when our dating social network is
    of critical and globally scalable size.
    The metrics of success for Whispers Live is the total number of hours users chatting with hosts
    and the amount of gifts exchanged among them. In the end, Whispers Live is like UBER for
    Love/Friendship Connection with RoseCoin being a catalyst for bringing personal relationship
    and connection to higher level one minute at a time.

    Blockchain Implementation

    RoseCoin is implemented as an Ethereum-based token on the Ethereum blockchain. RoseCoin
    complies with the ERC20 token standard.
    We will closely monitor developments in public blockchains. If development of Ethereum
    stagnates or the Ethereum blockchain becomes a less hospitable environment and other
    alternative blockchains become available and robust, we may choose to move RoseCoin to
    another blockchain; in such a case, all ownership positions would be preserved 1 - to - 1 ratio. If
    all public blockchains become infertile grounds for RoseCoin, we will develop and operate our
    own blockchain.

    Total Supply

    The total number of Rosecoin created will be 1 billion RoseCoins. RoseCoins will be allocated as

    ● Crowdsale: There will be a pre-sale period of which 5% will be available for purchase
    with a bonus of 20% additional RoseCoins. During the ICO, 10% of RoseCoin will be sold
    to the public. RoseCoin will be issued through a public crowdsale at 100,000 ETH.
    Crowdsale participants will only be able to purchase RoseCoin with Ether. RoseCoin will
    be distributed to buyers through an Ethereum smart contract automatically during the
    pre-sale and sale periods. There will be an over-allotment pool of 5% which we will
    issue at a 30% premium if the 100,000 ETH ICO target is reached.
    ● Platform Reserve: 40% reserved for a user growth pool. This allocation is needed to
    perform the distribution of RoseCoin and bootstrap the Whispers networks, i.e. users
    ● Company expenses, Board of Advisors and future employee retention program: 17%
    reserved for future company expenses, new employee bonus and retention program
    and our Board Advisors.
    ● Team members, contributors and partners: 20%. this allocation is needed to reward
    team members, contributors and partners, for their significant contributions made to
    the development of Whispers and RoseCoin. In addition, it will incentivize core team
    members and align it with the success of RoseCoin. However, this allocation will be
    subjected to a 6 months lock up period starting from the date of RoseCoin issuance.

    ● Bounties and Rewards: 3% of RoseCoin will be allocated to reward proactive crowdsale
    participants through our bounty campaigns and ICO-related expenses


    The price of Rosecoin will be set at 0.001 of an Ether at the the time of crowdsale. Following
    the token sale, the market will set the price on cryptocurrency exchanges.


    We will use 3% of monthly revenue on the Whispers Live platform to buy back the RoseCoin
    from the exchanges after the ICO, and circulate them back to the Whispers Live platform to
    reward active users/hosts in order to stimulate gift exchange activities . This will help establish
    good demand, usability and credibility for the RoseCoin going forward..


    The team will seek to foster a strong community around RoseCoin, and attract community
    members who can give feedback and evangelize usage of the token and product.
    A Facebook fan page for RoseCoin has been set up to foster discussion and keep owners
    informed of updates.

     Token Sale

    The RoseCoin token sale will be taking place on October 1st, 2017 @ 8pm PST. 10% of the total
    supply of RoseCoin will be sold in the public token sale. Instructions on how to participate will
    be released on the RoseCoin website [5] , emailed to users, and broadcasted through various
    media channels.

     Smart Contract

    The smart contract for RoseCoin is available on GitHub [6]. In order to ensure security, the
    token is based on the ERC20 standard.

     Use of Proceeds

    The token sale proceeds will primarily be used on three areas:
    ● Enhance personal relationships through gift exchange via RoseCoin and therefore the
    Whispers Live service worldwide.
    ● Develop new partnerships with other live-streaming platforms and online dating sites
    for using Rosecoin as a means for sending gifts via RoseCoin wallet.
    ● Acquire market share through additional viral growth mechanisms, paid marketing,
    advertising, PR, etc.


    We plan to expand aggressively across all markets to make this a truly global app for anyone, anywhere. If you are passionate about our vision, please contact us for opportunities to collaborate where you are and help us recruit. We are also looking for brand ambassadors and talent agents worldwide!

    Q4, 2017

    • Beta Release of the Whispers Live and WhispersHost Apps with RoseCoin enabled for gifting/tipping within the platform
    • Marketing of Whispers Live platform- SEA and Asia focus
    • Recruit/Finalize Teams and Infrastructure Setup
    • Launch and Conclude RoseCoin ICO

    Q1, 2018

    • Enable RoseCoin Trading on Cryptocurrency Exchanges
    • Expansion to North America & Australia
    • Reinforce Customer Service/Host Recruitment Team with additional hires
    • Release of multi-language version of Whispers platform and additional enhancements + events

    Q2, 2018

    • Expansion to South America & Africa
    • Market and enable RoseCoin to be used on other livestreaming platforms

    Q3, 2018

    • Expansion to Europe & Rest of World

    Q4, 2018

    • Continuous improvements of the Whispers platform to ensure happier dating lives for our users & hosts 1 minute at a time.
    • Globally.

    Pre-sales Event

    20% Additional RoseCoin Bonus

    Available until Oct 1st, 2017 - 20:00 PST

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