PayFair | Pre ICO - a decentralized escrow platform based on Ethereum

  • About PayFair

    PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain Low fees for making a transaction, its safety and privacy Saving time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy

    PFR tokens are an essential part of the system. Tokens create trust nodes, ensuring the trade between counterparties

    How it works

    Self-regulating system consists of independent escrow-nodes and trust nodes. The heart of decentralization is our Ethereum-based token PFR, it ensures the trade between counterparties and prevents from fraud


    Cryptocurrencies support

    Supporting all major cryprocurrency with high liquidity

    White Papers:





    01st September - 30th September: pre-ICO campaign. Issuing ERC-20 tokens.ICO smart contract. PR-campaign.

    01st November - 30th November: ICO. PR-campaign.

    December 2017: Audit and beta-testing the platform.

    Q1 2018: Releasing the first working version. First interest
    payments. First developments onneuronetwork. Testing and collecting data
    using neural network.

    Q2 2018: Releasing a mobile application, messenger bots, browser plugins and fiat support integration.

    Q3 2018: Integration into different internet resourses.







  • PayFair platformplanning to release a test version On 20th of October

    We started developing the demo-version of our platform PayFair.

    For technological base we decided to use the combination of MongoDb(mongoose) + Node.js(express.js) + + Vue.js.

    created a user authorization system with authorization support via REST
    API, using JWT (Json Web Tokens) (for further mobile apps and
    extensions development).

    We started the front-end implementation
    on Vue.js using in order to get system notifications
    (invitation for a trade, new message, new dispute etc).

    We started working on REST API and already succesfully implemented:

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