PayFair | Pre ICO - a decentralized escrow platform based on Ethereum

  • About PayFair

    PAYFAIR is a decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain Low fees for making a transaction, its safety and privacy Saving time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy

    PFR tokens are an essential part of the system. Tokens create trust nodes, ensuring the trade between counterparties

    How it works

    Self-regulating system consists of independent escrow-nodes and trust nodes. The heart of decentralization is our Ethereum-based token PFR, it ensures the trade between counterparties and prevents from fraud


    Cryptocurrencies support

    Supporting all major cryprocurrency with high liquidity

    White Papers:





    01st September - 30th September: pre-ICO campaign. Issuing ERC-20 tokens.ICO smart contract. PR-campaign.

    01st November - 30th November: ICO. PR-campaign.

    December 2017: Audit and beta-testing the platform.

    Q1 2018: Releasing the first working version. First interest
    payments. First developments onneuronetwork. Testing and collecting data
    using neural network.

    Q2 2018: Releasing a mobile application, messenger bots, browser plugins and fiat support integration.

    Q3 2018: Integration into different internet resourses.







  • PayFair platformplanning to release a test version On 20th of October

    We started developing the demo-version of our platform PayFair.

    For technological base we decided to use the combination of MongoDb(mongoose) + Node.js(express.js) + + Vue.js.

    created a user authorization system with authorization support via REST
    API, using JWT (Json Web Tokens) (for further mobile apps and
    extensions development).

    We started the front-end implementation
    on Vue.js using in order to get system notifications
    (invitation for a trade, new message, new dispute etc).

    We started working on REST API and already succesfully implemented:

  • PayFair Update  16-5-2018 - Marketing, Temporary Fee Promotion, Exchange Update & More

    Please find below the new weekly update that will be published every Wednesday moving forward. We have decided to stop producing “spot” updates as if you are not always watching the announcements you may miss something!

    Topics within the weekly update will include, but are not limited to: Marketing, Exchange news, last weeks completed developments, this weeks planned developments and anything else deemed newsworthy!


    The platform has come a long way since go-live. As such we now feel that we are in a far stronger position to start pushing the PayFair name. Therefore we are looking to implement Stage 1 of marketing on the 1st June 2018.

    Stage 1 - Referral Programme Roll Out

    This is an integral part of our marketing strategy as this will allow users to help spread the PayFair image across social media commencing on the 1st June 2018.

    Every individual that you refer to the platform will net you 10% of the fee of every non-escrow transaction completed by the referred. There is no limit on how many individuals that you refer. These fees will be taken from the percentage designated “Marketing and supporting the ecosystem”. Therefore Trust and Escrow node holders will not be impacted and their payouts will remain unchanged.  These numbers are being finalised but is unlikely to change significantly (if at all).

    Stage 2 - Digital Adverts

    Advertisements will commence after the referral programme has come into operation. At this time we do not have a fixed date as we would like to give our community an opportunity to spread the word.

    Temporary Fee Promotion

    PayFair will be reducing its fees within the platform effective immediately until the 31st May. All trades within the platform will be reduced to 0.1% for Non-Escrow (normal) and 1% for Escrow (dispute) trades while we focus on the remaining bugs, implementing quality of life upgrades and run performance tests ahead of the referral programme launch. As such would like to encourage as much trading volume as possible until Stage 1 of marketing, the referral programme, is implemented.

    21 additional exchange enquiries have been sent and several talks/negotiations are ongoing. Due to Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDAs) we are unable to disclose the names. Please note that this process does take time as each exchange can have terms and conditions that need to be reviewed by legal, favourable terms agreed and reasonable fees for both PayFair and its customers.

    Weekly Development Plan

    This week our current focus will be on the following:

    1. Implement an adjustable Gas meter into all wallets enabling the user to select how much Gas they would like to pay for the transaction;

    2. Implement email notifications to improve quality of life. Browser push-notifications are also planned but will not be completed this week;

    3. Improve and update Buy and Sell adverts. The aim is to improve a customer's user experience throughout the process;

    4. Integration of a “Transaction Status” for withdrawals. This will help combat queries and provide a significant quality of life update;

    5. Continued work on the optimization of transactions within the system;

    6. Further development on the referral system.

    Last Weeks Development Progress

    1. Additional FIAT Pairs and Payment Methods have been added (more planned):

    Fiat Pairs:

    Bangladesh - BDT

    India - INR

    Ukraine - UAH

    Kazakhstan - KZT

    Saudi - SAR

    Malaysia - MYR

    Indonesia - IDR

    Thailand - THB

    Canada - CAD

    Payment Methods:









    Gaming Gold

    1. Improved guides redirection defaulting to the landing. Added a trade guide for the escrow node, in the form of a pop-up window;

    2. Agreed trades can no longer be changed from the original by more than +-5% for both price and quantity. This is to reduce “over haggling” preventing high-volume traders completing transaction swiftly;

    3. Fixed minor bugs in the interface: footer bug, display bug in both buyer / seller screen;

    4. Integration of internal logging of server errors / notifications;

    1. API response headers have been created to further strengthen the platform security;

    2. Rounding of rates to 2 decimal places has been added;

    3. Limits to Fiat have been improved (note: Crypto/Fiat has no daily trade limit on the platform, this is in relation to buyer and seller adverts and the limits they choose to set);

    4. Added the ability to enter Fiat when creating a transaction through exchange;

    5. User issues with deposit / withdrawal / transfer tokens has been solved. Should you be experiencing any issues please email [email protected]

    6. Sell Advert creation is no longer possible if the user does not have the required crypto available. An error message has also been added in to provide clarity should a user try to trade without the required funds;

    7. Added 2FA names for keys in the Google Authenticator;

    8. Fixed several problems within the registration process;

    9. Fixed multiple minor bugs.

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