(ICO) Substratum Network - Foundation of the Decentralized Web | Referral & Level Bonuses

  • Substratum is developing an open-source foundation for the decentralized web, providing free and unrestricted access to content for a new Web 3.0 The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses industryleading cryptography to deliver secure content anywhere, all without the need for VPNs or Tor. Substratum will revolutionize the hosting industry with per-request billing via microtransactions, all handled by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

    Problems of the Decentralized Web and their Solutions

    • The Problems Solved by the Decentralized Web

    The benefits of the decentralized web are clear and the proponents are of the highest caliber in the technological community but what are the hurdles and how does Substratum solve them? • Serving Up of Decentralized Content • Incentivizing Users to Serve the Content • Privacy / Security / Encryption • Storage and Serving of Content • DNS (Domain Name System) • Development Tools for the Decentralized Web • Net Neutrality • International Digital Barriers • High Hosting Costs 3.2 How Substratum Solves these Problems The Substratum Network will bring the decentralized web worldwide without the need of special software for the average internet user. We will be able to serve Substratum Requests directly to the default browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) without any special software installed on the average consuming users computer. Ease of Use: currently nearly everything that has to do with crypto or the blockchain is very difficult to use and requires technical knowledge. Through our 10+ years of experience working with companies like Apple we understand the importance of a good user experience.

    How Substratum Solves these Problems

    The Substratum Network will bring the decentralized web worldwide without the
    need of special software for the average internet user. We will be able to serve
    Substratum Requests directly to the default browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome,
    Internet Explorer) without any special software installed on the average
    consuming users computer.
    Ease of Use: currently nearly everything that has to do with crypto or the
    blockchain is very difficult to use and requires technical knowledge. Through our
    10+ years of experience working with companies like Apple we understand the
    importance of a good user experience.
    • The average internet user requires NO special software to use the
    Substratum Network. The default browser will service all requests for
    average users.
    • Users who wish to service requests and receive SUB coins in return will
    have a point and click user interface that any user can setup. No technical
    knowledge required.
    • SubstratumPay will be seamlessly integrated and geared towards high
    conversions of low technical expertise users.

    Serving Up of Decentralized Content: Substratum provides a method for serving Decentralized Content through a Mac, Windows, and Linux application / service that is easy to install and run (requires no technical expertise) and serves up decentralized content using the toolkit that we have developed.

    Incentivizing Users to Serve the Content: in order to incentivize users to run the Substratum Network client on their machine we will be providing Substratum Coin to them for doing so. The coin is issued to the serving machine through a micro-transaction from the hosting site to the serving computer. By breaking fees down to a micro-transaction level this will greatly reduce the overall cost to companies and entities that want to host sites and applications on the internet solving yet another problem with the web as it stands today.

    Privacy / Security / Encryption: by allowing millions of Substratum Network users to serve content the biggest concern becomes privacy and security. Substratum solves these issues through advanced cryptography algorithms rooted in Artificial Intelligence that ensures all data remains secure. Following the lead of BitCoin this is the strength of cryptocurrency and the crypto movement.

    Storage and Serving of Content: in order to serve millions of sites, databases,
    and applications the Substratum Network employs custom developed advanced
    compression algorithms and machine learning to geolocate the right Substratum
    Network machine to serve up the content to the appropriate user based on
    geolocation, this will ensure the fastest load time with the lowest amount of
    latency and strain on the Substratum Network and both the serving and receiving

    DNS (Domain Name System): DNS or the Domain Name System is the system
    that currently tells your browser where to go when you type in a domain name.
    For instance when you go to Chrome and type in apple.com a DNS lookup is
    performed to check where to send that request, the DNS system comes back
    with an IP address and your request is routed there. In the first version of
    SubstratumDNS will be a complex, AI enabled DNS server that will receive DNS
    requests along with the geolocation of the requestor and find based off of that
    information the closest available SubstratumNode that is able to fulfill the

    Development Tools for the Decentralized Web: the Substratum Network will
    provide an API and SDK for developing tools on the Substratum Platform. This
    will bring in strong developer support and will accelerate the growth of the
    decentralized web on the Substratum Network.

    Net Neutrality: with the Substratum Network ALL web-sites and applications will
    have EQUAL ability to be broadcast in an equal and fair manner.

    International Digital Barriers: currently countries like China have strict
    regulations on what their 1.379 billion citizens are able to interact with on the
    internet. Substratum will break down these barriers through a network of
    decentralized computers running the Substratum Network Software. Where
    other solutions that are currently used by residents in these countries require
    special software to be installed, like TOR, Substratum will take a reverse
    approach and require no special software for the average user.

    High Hosting Costs: currently businesses must pay high hosting fees to get
    their web-sites on the internet. Amazon Web Services launched a 3.5BIL USD
    per year business by attempting to solve this problem. They allow you to pay for
    how many minutes you run a web / database server. Substratum completely
    solves this problem through the power of cryptocurrency by only charging for
    each request that is processed.


    How Many Substrate Tokens do I need to run a SubstratumNode and
    begin earning Substrate?
    Zero. You do not need any Substrate Tokens to run a SubstratumNode. You
    only need a valid Substrate Wallet Address (Ethereum address) where we can
    send your Substrate at your designated payout periods.
    Do I need to do any special setup on my computer to run a node?
    For instance do I need to open any special ports?
    Everything is done with point and click, we are focusing on bringing this to the
    masses and to do that it has to be simple. Only ports 80 and 443 are required to
    run a node and those will be verified and opened in the setup process.

    Can I only run my node when I am not working?
    Yes, you can use our Settings Application (Figure 1) to define what resources are
    used and when. This way your node makes the most money possible for you
    when you aren’t working but doesn’t disturb you when you are working.

    SubstratumNode Settings Application.

    What technologies will SubstratumNode support?
    To begin with you will be able to use the following technologies when hosting on
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc)
    • PHP / MySQL (Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, etc)
    • ASP.NET
    • Python (Django etc)
    • More to come in future versions (Rails etc)

    Will SubstratumHost have a Control Panel similar to CPanel and
    Yes, SubstratumHost will have a very easy to use Control Panel that will allow
    you to manage your content as a Web Host on the Decentralized Web.
    Can I keep my Domain Name of my current site?
    Yes! Unlike other companies out there who require you to run on their
    subdomain to run a site SubstratumHost allows you to use your existing domain
    name and deliver content to both the centralized and decentralized web.
    How can you deliver content to a Standard Browser?
    SubstratumDNS runs both distributed and decentralized. It uses the existing
    DNS framework of the internet so we can deliver content to default browsers and
    allow you to keep your domain name; however, that is where the similarities with
    a traditional DNS server end. Everything in between the process of “receiving a
    request from the client and delivering the page back to that client” is completely
    1. SubstratumDNS takes the requestors location into consideration first
    and from there identifies a the closests nodes.
    2. Within that bank of nodes the system locates the node(s) with the most
    accurate information that needs to be served up (since not all nodes
    hold the same information and they actually rotate to content to
    guarantee anonymity for the node) this is a complex process involving
    machine learning.
    3. Once the system locates the best primary node it sends the request
    there to be served.
    4. If the node requires additional content that it doesn’t have but another
    node does have it the two will work in tandem to serve that content.
    Is it more expensive to host on the Decentralized Web?
    Actually it is less expensive. Unlike other hosts who charge you whether your
    content is doing something or not with SubstratumHost you are only charged for
    each request. As each request comes through the amount of CPU power,
    Network Bandwidth and the amount of data are calculated and once a threshold
    of 1 ATOM is reached a micro-transaction will take place between the HOST and
    the NODE and Substrate will be transferred.
    The result of all of this is that since you only pay for what you use the cost is

    * we are still working out some calculations to get an exact fee matrix but we will without
    a doubt be less expensive than Amazon Web Services.

    How do web-sites get CryptoPay on their site?
    Just like other Payment Gateways site owners who want to feature CryptoPay
    will have simple tools to add cryptocurrency checkout to their web-site. Just like
    when a site wants to add Paypal or Stripe there is a registration process that the
    site owner will complete and they will then receive an integration guide to add
    CryptoPay to their web-site. (Figure )
    How is the conversion made?
    Each vendor sets which currency they desire to be paid in. In order to change
    the currency that the user pays in to the desired payment currency CryptoPay
    uses Substrate as conversion currency.

    CryptoPay example screen

    Substrate Token

    * Substrate & Atoms

    The terminology involved with modern cryptocurrencies is confusing to anyone
    who isn't steeped in the world of technology. The average person does
    understand fiat currency, however.
    Substratum runs on Substrate and Atoms, a rough linguistic equivalent to dollars
    and cents. Fiat currency uses whole numbers with two decimal places, and so
    does SUB. This will ease the learning curve and help mass adoption rates in the
    general public.
    Substrate = Dollars (everything before the decimal)
    Atoms = Cents (two places after the decimal)

    * What Gives Substrate Token Value

    Substratum Solves a Global Problem:
    • Privacy / Security / Encryption on the Blockchain
    • Decentralized Storage & Serving of Content
    • Decentralized DNS
    • Development Tools (API / SDK) for the Decentralized Web
    • Net Neutrality – equal and fair access to all sites for all people
    • Breaking Down of International Borders
    • Revolutionize the Way Hosting Costs are Managed and Paid
    Multiple Revenue Streams
    SubstratumNode - Network Members that run our broadcast software will
    receive SUB coins by serving requests. This increases global participation and
    will bring value to the coin.

    SubstratumHost - Businesses or Entities that wish to host sites, databases, and applications on the Substratum Network will use SUB coin to pay the Network Members through a series of micro-transactions for the requests that those members serve up. This will mean SUB becomes the currency of the decentralized web which nearly every tech source agrees is the future of the internet - see “The Future is a Decentralized Internet” - TechCrunch - https:// techcrunch.com/2017/01/08/the-future-is-a-decentralized-internet/ CryptoPay - Version 2 (early 2018) will bring in CryptoPay which will allow all sites and applications that run on the SubstratumNetwork to process cryptocurrency transactions using any publicly traded coin. SubstratumCoin (Substrate) will be the bridge currency which will bring immense value to the coin - see our Roadmap for more detail.

    Token Specifications

    To ensure an ample supply of Substrate to run the Substratum Network, we originally planned 1.2 billion tokens as our total. We later revised that number down to create a higher value for our network members:

    ICO Minimum: 5MIL Substrate Sold

    ICO Maximum: 500MIL Substrate Sold

    What Happens If the Market Gets Saturated?

    Should the market ever reach 90% saturation, the network will create 10% additional tokens and segregate them into an account that is only used as fuel to run the network. These will not hit the exchanges and will only be available for transactions within the network.

    ow We Are Protecting the Development Fund

    How We Are Protecting the Development Fund

    To ensure the development fund is not subject to big market fluctuations, we're hedging it four ways. By doing this we ensure we have the capital needed to finish each phase of the project budgeted for in the Initial Coin Offering. 

    Ethereum (25%)  

    BitCoin (25%)  

    USDT (25%)  

    USD Fiat (25%)

    Substratum ICO 

    • ICO Goals 

    Substratum solves a global problem that all experts agree is the next step in the evolution of the internet. In version 2 of our roadmap we integrate all Cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded into a Payment Gateway that brings all cryptocurrencies to the web and uses Substratum Coin as an exchange currency which brings tremendous value. In order to achieve these goals we need to raise working capital for further development to take us through version 2 and marketing capital to raise awareness about our product. Substratum builds upon principles of the crypto community and takes decentralization to the next logical step in the progression that BitCoin started. Because Substratum is in the same sphere of influence cryptocurrency investors should find this project appealing and the overall reach of this project goes even beyond that of BitCoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. In 10 years Substratum should touch every computer on the planet. 

    • ICO Parameters 

    ICO Start Date: August 14 2017 00:00 EST 

    ICO End Date: September 14 2017 00:00 EST 

    SUB Tokens Issued: 600 000 000 

    Token Exchange Rate: 

    PRE-ICO: 5 750 SUB = 1 ETH ICO 

    WEEK 1: 3 500 SUB = 1 ETH ICO 

    WEEK 2: 3 000 SUB = 1 ETH ICO 

    WEEK 3: 3 000 SUB = 1 ETH ICO 

    WEEK 4: 3 000 SUB = 1 ETH 

    Minimum Amount: 500 SUB (0.1 ETH) 

    Bonuses: Using Referral Codes (see section 4.4) 

    Total Sale Goal: 150 000 ETH 

    Minimum Sale Goal: 1 000 ETH (met during pre-ICO 3.5 times over)

    • ICO Budget Allocation

    - Product Awareness: 30% of Total Budget 

    Regardless of how great the project is no-one will use it if they don’t know about it. Because of that we will be spending a considerable amount of resources on raising awareness of the product. This will involve traditional methods of advertising as well as taking part in Cryptocurrenty / BlockChain Based Conferences worldwide as speakers and booth vendors. Product 

    - Development: 60% of Total Budget 

    The core of the budget is development of the product so the majority of the budget is allocated to development. Through the use of our core team and by bringing in additional resources we will achieve the product timeline set in place. Network Infrastructure: 

    - 10% of Total Budget 

    To kickstart the network we will need to establish data centers around the world to provide the core supernodes.

    • ICO Referral Codes

    During the ICO we will offer bonuses through the form of referral codes.
    Members who took part in the pre-ICO have their codes and can share them with
    people who wish to take part. By using the code you will receive the bonus that
    code Is valued at as a percentage of your level of support.
    The best way to find a code if you don’t have one is to join our Slack community:

    • US Participation

    The Securities and Exchange Commission recently made a filing that most coins
    need to be registered as a commodity to run an ICO for US citizens. The
    exception to that rule is if the token / coin has a purpose as part of a platform or
    system. If it is used as the FUEL that runs the system. Since Substrate is the
    FUEL that runs the Substratum Network we are cleared to run for US Citizens.


    There will be no refunds once the tokens have been issued.


    July – August 13, 2017
    August 14-September 14, 2017
    ICO runs
    September 2017
    COIN added to Exchanges – Bittrex and Bitfinex

    Chinese Exchanges – we working to list on Yunbi following our Mandarin

    Version 1 (2017)

    SubstratumNode - Mac, Windows, Linux Software for Substratum Network
    Users to run their Web, Database, and App Broadcast Nodes and receive
    Substratum Coin on a per request basis.
    Developer Toolkit for Developers to write applications to run on the Substratum
    Network which includes our fully encrypted SubstratumDB (Database
    Management System), SubstratumWeb (Web Application Server), and
    SubstratumApp (App Development System and Broadcast Server)
    SubstratumStore - Decentralized App store for Developers to submit their
    applications to that will serve as the application store for the decentralized web
    SubstratumDNS - this is a DNS (Domain Name Management) system bridge
    that will allow standard browsers on any system (Mac, Windows, Linux) to use
    their default browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) to serve up sites
    from the Substratum Network. This will ensure that we can reach the entire world
    with the Substratum network without the average everyday user having to install
    any special software.

    Version 2 (Early 2018)
    Payment Gateway (SubstratumPay) to the Substratum Network. This will
    enable not only Credit Card transactions but CryptoCurrency transactions for all
    Web-Sites and Applications on the Substratum Network.



    White Paper:




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  • How To Participate Substratum Network ICO Sale

    ICO Details:

    3,000 SUB = 1 ETH

    + referral & level bonuses

    3,000 SUB = 1 ETH

    3,000 SUB = 0.08 BTC

    3,000 SUB = 1500 XRP

    3,000 SUB = 6 LTC

    3,000 SUB = 0.5 BCH

    Reaches Exchanges September 2017

    Important Note

    • Minimum of 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 150 XRP,  0.6 LTC, or 0.2 BCH to join
    • Make sure you complete the form at the BOTTOM of this page to complete the process of joining Substratum.

    Participating in the ICO

    • Do not send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens. You need to have a full Ethereum wallet, not a trading account.
    • If you do not have local Ethereum wallet software like Mist or Parity on your computer, you can use a free web wallet https://myetherwallet.comsee our guide – How to Create a Secure Address in MyEtherWallet). These instructions show you how to participate to the sale using MyEtherWallet, but you can apply the instructions for any personal Ethereum wallet.
    • We do not recommend using Jaxx until they add full ERC20 support.
    • Complete the form at the bottom of this page with your transaction ID and Ethereum Address where you wish to receive your coin

    How to Join the Network

    Using Ethereum 

    Amount to Send: Minimum 0.1 ETH ETH

     Address: 0xAF518d65F84E4695A4DA0450eC02C1248F56B668 

    Gas Limit: 200000

    Using BitCoinAmount to Send: Minimum 0.01 BTC
    BTC Address: 1BpouN3sJJZtRpWJM56ZdStp1USvvpmbD4

    Using Ripple (XRP)

    Amount to Send: Minimum 150 XRP
    XRP Address: rPM1aiRCTqUTj8ibZMqBuvvuPm1mWqBHaA

    Using LiteCoin (LTC)

    Amount to Send: Minimum 0.6 LTC
    LTC Address: LVtZehjm5mCd5SWKzSBYZ1tGUNVPq719ZQ

    Using BitCoinCash (BCH)

    Amount to Send: Minimum 0.2 BCH
    BCH Address: 1KhDawtid3v9kdLLVybPQTWTs5FxfXDrMs

    Contribution Form

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