• Trackr is a mobile application which offers real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shifts as they
    are about to happen. The Trackr app offers an all-in-one interface to view and manage your portfolio,
    predicts cryptocurrencies deemed safe for investment (based on historical analysis and current
    market trend) in addition to allowing users to set up watchers to alert on various crypto currencies
    based on their invocation criteria. Furthermore, Trackr will also use historical data models in the
    future and apply machine learning to obtain prediction models by finding patterns in existing data
    and simulations.
    Trackr is different from other tools such as Coindash, Blockfolio or any other portfolio management
    related application since it does not relate to just displaying your static assets and the values
    thereof. Trackr enables the user to run a wide set of ’tests’ to determine their future growth. Another
    important distinction is that Trackr does not save any of its user data on its servers, nor does
    it transmit any user data, all data is stored locally on the user’s client.
    We believe that by educating users, new or experienced, with valuable information will enable
    them to more easily make an informed decision on whether a certain development is worth pursuing.
    This document explains our proposal for the architecture for Trackr, its diverse features and aspects,
    proposals and the roadmap.
    The Trackr token, (’TKR’), is primarily intended to serve as a subscription fee to access certain features
    of the application. A free tier is provided at no cost to all users for most functionality, while
    a few other capabilities will require a monthly nominal fee payable in TKR to use them. Furthermore,
    features that may utilize the TKR token are still being worked on and more information will
    be shared in due time.
    TKR is an ERC20 token issued on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. A safe and publicly auditable
    smart contract will handle the exchange of ETH (Ether) for TKR tokens during the token
    creation phase.
    A total of 65 500 000 TKR tokens will be in existence whereby 90% is allocated to the ICO campaign,
    5% to the bounty campaign and the remaining 5% to the team. An additional 500 000 TKR
    tokens will be available for the purposes of exchanging pre-ICO tokens to ICO tokens.


    This section provides an introductory overview of some of the features that will make up the Trackr
    application in its Alpha version. These features will be updated and new features will be added as
    progress is made along the roadmap.

    * Mobile Application

    The initial offering will be a fully functional mobile client that allows the user to perform a few
     First and foremost, the user is able to keep track of their portfolio value through a visualized
    view of their ROI based on aggregated market data provided by multiple exchanges platforms.
     Secondly, the user is able to set up smart alerts, also referred to asWatchers.
     Lastly, the user is able to view market data and add their Ether wallet address to visualize their
    portfolio over time.

    The Trackr’s backend is responsible for all the number-crunching to compute market data from a
    number of exchanges and your preset preferences, it then delivers these back to the user in an
    optimized data structure, minimizing bandwidth used in
    the process.
    A local mobile cache is used to store old data while new
    data is being fetched (data can be slightly out-of-date for
    up to a maximum of one minute).

    * Dashboard

    The dashboard is the first point of entry into the application. As shown in the image, this page at a quick glance provides the user with a summarized view of their holdings, current pricing, eventual alerts set up on any currencies, historical versus current value chart, and the change percentage.

    * Watchers

    The most interesting feature integrated into the Trackr app is the ability to addWatchers, also recognized
    as rules or alerts. Watchers allow the users to set up customized alerts on any of the currencies
    or exchanges they wish to track. The purpose of this feature is to make it as easy as possible
    for users to setup and be able to track any number of currencies or trades with a huge variety of
    The initial implementation will have the following set of configuration that a user is able to
    F IGURE 2 Watchers Page
    configure aWatcher to detect and alert for:

     Currency pair and exchanges
     Price value for a currency pair
     Relative price and trade volume
    AnyWatcher that is set up is promptly saved on our backend
    servers; this is required for us to be able to inform
    the user if and when a certain set of data matches their
    criteria. Whenever a watcher fires a signal off the user
    will receive a mobile push notification, there are future
    plans to include e-mail, SMS and webhook support as
    soon as possible.
    Initially, only a handful of number exchanges are supported,
    these will be increased several times a month.
    We are doing our utmost to support all exchanges
    eventually. However, it ultimately depends on the exchange
    itself and whether they have the supported operations.
    Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and as such value can increase or decrease by a high
    magnitude multiple times a day. Delays could mean that traders lose out on a potential return.
    Watchers allows users to stay ahead of the market by notifying users immediately if and when a
    volatile market trend has been detected.


    Our intention is to keep adding useful functionality as we progress; we’ve added the upcoming
    time-line for the next few months in a chronological order. This does not dictate all the upcoming
    features as we may add things with feedback from the community, but it gives a rough indication
    of our timeline. The first initial step is to get the Alpha released before conducting our ICO.


    v. Iona
     Release of Alpha version (iOS/Android)
     Conduct the ICO (16th of August)

    v. Eday
     Implementation of subscription based services
     Increase the amount of available exchanges and currencies
     Team expansion

    v. Barra
     Offline notifications and alerts through SMS
     Automatic coin tracking for new alt coins
     Browse your addresses and their transactions
     Monte Carlo simulations for your portfolio

    v. Skye
     Smart analysis of alt coin trends based on media exposure
     Real-time data streaming
     Start development of web client
     In-app trading with other users

    v. Hoy
     Add webhooks as an endpoint toWatcher alerts
     Safe investment predictions based on historical analysis
     Automatic wallet tracking feature
     Arbitrage opportunities for most currencies and exchanges

    v. Ulva
     Functional web client with desktop notifications support
     Cryptocurrency ranking
     Machine learning / AI for investment predictions

    v. Eigg
     Create teams in Trackr to collaborate
     Public API release
     Synchronization of mobile and web data

    Token Information

    • 58 500 000 - Crowdfund (90%)
    • 3 250 000 - Bounty (5%)
    • 3 250 000 - Team (5%)

    An alpha version will be available for users to test for both iOS and Android with access to initial
    basic set of features before the launch of the ICO.

     Infrastructure Costs - One of primary costs we’ll have to deal with is our infrastructure. Currently
    most if not all of our services run on AWS (Amazon Web Services). We estimate that
    under peak hours and heavy load our servers will scale up to as much as 5 or 10 times, in addition
    to this there are also significant costs to reserve instances (servers) upfront with AWS for
    a dedicated amount of time.
     Team Expansion - Our intention is to expand the team so we can continue to add more features
    at a fast pace and improve the overall user experience. Transparency is very important to us to
    ensure a healthy relationship with the community, we will answer any question raised by the
    community on any of our processes.
     Research and Development - A lot of time goes into researching various designs and algorithm.
    A feature such as investment predictions based on popularity may sound easy at first, however
    when you factor in that fake news and articles need to be vetted programmatically it becomes
    a complex problem to solve. Moreover, we’re looking into AI and machine learning to make
    future predictions for currencies.
     Advertising and Marketing - In order to promote a continuous and positive growth of the application
    and the team we will need to invest in advertising and marketing. Advertisement will
    also be funded through the bounty programto generate interest and for users to test the Trackr
     Legal -We need to ensure that Trackr complies with the various legislations in place governing
    the rights of our users, and in order to do so a portion of the crowdsale funding will go into legal.


    * Rights & Dividends

    An online portal will appear for token holders to register after the ICO has concluded. Registering
    is optional and will require the token holder to either send a unique nonce applicable to the
    registered account or verify their wallet they have their tokens on by signing a message. Stringent
    regulations require us to implement aKYC(Know-Your-Customer) check for users to be eligible for
    dividends, users residing in USA, Singapore or Hong Kong are not eligible for contribution. Please
    be wary of your local regulations, if in doubt seek out advise prior to contributing to the token sale.
    The benefits for token holders (when registered and verified) are interim dividends and the ability
    to influence key decisions and actively participate in the future direction of Trackr. We aim to
    make this process as transparent as possible. A full legal report will be published on the exact requirements
    (may differ by country) prior to the portal going live.

    * ROI Scheme

    The TKR token will act as a currency to drive its in-app trading and subscription model.
     Users pay a nominal monthly fee for the subscription of ‘advanced features’ with TKR.
     Users may wish to share their successful portfolio, requesting users will be able to see their
    portfolio for the price specified by the user. The exchange of tokens would be conducted by
    smart-contracts, a modest service fee (1–5%) is applied and the remainder is sent to the owner
    of the portfolio.
     Users can promote non-obtrusive and subtle cryptocurrency news advertisement in the newssection.
    This effectively means that their news goes through an approval process after which
    non-subscribers will see it in the news section. The promotion of news will cost TKR tokens.
    Subscribed users may be able to lower their subscription by allowing promoted news to be displayed
    to them.
     Tokens are slowly burned at a percentage over time to keep the price high.
    All of the above points directly contribute to higher token price and benefits to token holders;
    moreover, these are also the key decisions a verified token holders are able to influence. Trackr
    will also be integrated into the Blockchain (usingWeb3 via JSON-RPC), making heavy use of smartcontracts.
    This will be the primary way of providing in-app subscription and trading between users
    (such as sharing portfolios, models, specialized alerts).


    The crowdsale period will start on 16th of August 2017 at 12 PM UTC and will last for exactly 30
    days until 15th of September 2017. The actual start time may vary slightly by a few hours.

    Crowd Funding

    The Trackr token, (’TKR’), will be distributed at a rate of 5000 TKR tokens for each (1) ETH to all
    contributors during the ICO. A total of 58 500 000 TKR tokens are made available for crowd funding.
    There is a bonus allocation depending on the contribution date, which is as follows:
     Contributions made in the first 48 hours of the ICO will receive a +20% bonus.
     Contributions made after the first 48 hours until the end of the second week (14 day period)
    will receive a +10% bonus
     Contributions made during the third week will receive a 5% bonus.
     Any contributions made outside the aforementioned periods will receive no bonus allocation.
    The minimum amount of Ether that can be sent to the smart contract is 10 Finney (0.01 Ether).

    Crowdsale fund will be distributed as follows:

    Bounty Campaign

    Users can assist by advertising on any social media platform they belong to or help with certain
    tasks such as translating the white paper, news posts and more. A bounty campaign will be set up
    a few weeks prior to the ICO. The campaign will be reviewed on a weekly basis based on users and
    points will be rewarded appropriately based on a number of factors (quality, merit, # of audience
    reached, and so on).
    A total of 5% is allocated for the bounty campaign and will be distributed after the ICO has concluded
    depending on the amount of points they have collected during the weeks leading up to and
    including during the duration of the ICO.




    White Paper:






  • Trackr [TKR] — Cerdas Portfolio Management App untuk Cryptocurrencies {Crowdfund Pengumuman}


    audy oktaa

    Apakah Anda sakit harus berurusan dengan beberapa pertukaran dan waktu terkait yang dibutuhkan untuk mencari dan melihat investasi Anda?

    Apakah Anda lelah sepanjang waktu karena Anda mengalami kesulitan tidur di malam hari karena takut investasi kripto Anda mungkin crash?

    Aku benar-benar menderita kedua situasi ini. Beberapa bursa membuatku gila dan kurang tidur yang berkualitas telah meninggalkan saya di tepi yang merupakan kombinasi yang sangat buruk bagi investor atau trader hari.  Ramuan ini menetapkan trader untuk pengambilan keputusan yang buruk, transaksi yang tidak direncanakan, dan FOMO (buta rasional) … yang akhirnya mengarah pada kehilangan keuntungan mudah.

    Bukankah lebih baik untuk memiliki 1 tempat untuk pergi untuk nilai portofolio cryptocurrency Anda?1 tempat yang melacak semua investasi Anda di beberapa bursaTempat yang akurat memberitahu Anda akan terjadinya pompa / pembuangan?Sebuah tempat yang tidak hanya menghemat waktu, tetapi juga dapat meringankan beberapa tekanan Cryptocurrency investasi …

    Saya telah menunggu jawaban untuk nyeri pedagang ini untuk waktu yang lama, dan akhirnya, seseorang telah memutuskan untuk melakukan sesuatu tentang hal itu!

    Trackr [TKR]

    Trackr | Smart cryptocurrency platform for analysis and growth
    Trackr is a cryptocurrency performance analysis platform targeting both casual crypto investors and seasoned traders…

    Trackr adalah aplikasi yang pedagang telah menunggu!

    • Semua-dalam-satu paket untuk manajemen portofolio

    Aplikasi ini akan memberikan pengguna sebuah antarmuka untuk melihat nilai portofolio Anda di beberapa bursa, mengatur alert harga, dan memanfaatkan prediksi Cerdas Alerts berdasarkan kriteria tertentu semua dengan data real-time.  Trackr juga berencana untuk memasukkan teknologi pembelajaran mesin untuk menyediakan pemodelan prediksi untuk mata uang dan portofolio berdasarkan data historis.

    Pada akhirnya, Trackr akan masuk ke aplikasi untuk manajemen stres bebas dari portofolio crypocurrency Anda bersama dengan memberikan ide-ide perdagangan berguna satu dapat mengandalkan.

    Untuk informasi lebih rinci tentang Trackr, saya sarankan membaca Whitepaper:

    Crowdfund dan Alpha Client

    Awal untuk pertengahan Agustus, Trackr akan menjadi tuan rumah crowdfund untuk proyek di sana.

    Saat ini, dengan semua ketidakpastian Bitcoin dan Aug.1, tanggal tertentu belum diputuskan.  Tapi tim pengembangan telah menyatakan bahwa mereka akan merilis versi Alpha aplikasi sebelum atau bertepatan dengan crowdfund tersebut. Hal ini agar pengguna dan investor dapat menguji aplikasi sebelum membuat keputusan untuk berinvestasi.

    Saya merasa penting bahwa mereka akan memiliki versi alpha kerja sebelum crowdfund tersebut. Saya sendiri akan mendasarkan investasi saya pada apa yang saya lihat dari klien Alpha

    Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang crowdfund, proyek, atau tim pengembangan

    Kunjungi website: atau BitcoinTalk [Ann] halaman:

  • Trackr [TKR] Token Distribution Plan

    The purpose of this post is to answer some frequently asked questions and communicate our token distribution plan, which we anticipate will make Trackr more lucrative to both contributors and bounty hunters. We realize there there’s an imbalance of token distribution ratio between the various groups (contributors, team and bounty) due to the crowdsale not being fully sold out.

    Token Supply

    A total of 65M tokens are available, of which 90% are reserved for the crowdsale, 5% for the team and bounty respectively. An additional 500K tokens were made available (outside the total available tokens) purely for the migration of presale tokens to crowdsale tokens, these are not counted in the calculation below. Excess crowdsale tokens are automatically burned when the crowdsale finalizes (this can not be prevented).

    Given the above allocation breakdown, we have the following number of tokens:

    • Crowdsale: 58,500,000 TKR
    • Team: 3,250,000 TKR
    • Bounty: 3,250,000 TKR

    From the Bounty campaign the following allocation is available according to the rules specified in the bounty section:

    • Signature (40%): 1,300,000 TKR
    • Blog/Website (20%): 650,000 TKR
    • Translations (20%): 650,000 TKR
    • Facebook (10%): 325,000 TKR
    • Twitter (10%): 325,000 TKR

    The key difference here being that the Blog/Website section may not have all its bounty tokens handed out due to one of the rules:

    6. The maximum number of tokens in this section is capped to (points / 2) * 350, meaning if you have a total of 300 points then you’re eligible to a maximum of 52500 tokens. Actual number of tokens you receive varies by the amount of interest (more interest is less tokens, less interest is more tokens).

    This effectively means that if only one person is accepted and has 100 points allocated, then they would only get a maximum of (100/2)*350 = 17,500 TKR tokens.

    This rule is in place because it was anticipated at the start of the bounty that this section would receive the least amount of signups that follow the rules, so we wanted to prevent a few people holding a very large sum of TKR tokens.

    This rule only applies to Blog/Website (and has been effective since launch of the bounty campaign). The current allocation for the Blog/Website campaign is as follows:

    There a total of 17 unique users in the blog campaign that have been accepted as of today, the current breakdown is as follows:

    15 users with 10 points = 1,750 TKR (17,500 TKR total) 1 user with 20 points = 3,500 TKR (3,500 TKR Total) 1 user with 120 points = 21,000 TKR (21,000 TKR Total)

    Our total allocation as of this writing for this campaign is 42,000 TKR out of 650,000 TKR, which means that ~600,000 TKR tokens are unallocated.

    Current Proposal

    Currently a little over 3,250,000 TKR tokens have been sold to contributors to the Trackr project, this is roughly the same amount as the team and the bounty. At this time it gives roughly a 33%/33%/33% split between the contributors, bounty and the team.

    Our current proposal is:

    • We will re-allocate 2,750,000 TKR tokens of our existing team budget to all contributors, proportional to the amount they contributed.
    • Unallocated tokens from the blog section are added to this pool, which at this point is 600,000 TKR (actual amount will be calculated after the ICO concludes)

    Now the distribution ratio looks as follows:

    • Contributors: 3,250,000 + 2,750,000 + 600,000= 68>#/li###
    • Bounty: 3,250,000–600,00 = 27>#/li###
    • Team: 500,000 = 5>#/li###

    This is more favourable to contributors as their total portion higher. This allocation will take effect prior to any exchange going live but after the ICO and bounty concludes on the 15th (as that is when we can work on the exact distribution).


    TKR holders (no matter if they’re contributors or bounty hunters) will receive airdrops from a portion of the TKR generation by the subscription/trading/advertising platform when it is live. The following criteria apply:

    • The amount of TKR your receive from the Airdrop is proportional to the amount you hold
    • You MUST hold at minimum 2500 TKR in your wallet DURING and BEFORE the first 48 hours after the first exchange has gone live. This essentially means that if you’ve traded all your tokens away when the exchange is live then you are no longer eligible for TKR airdropped tokens ever (even if you buy them back at the end of the 48 hours). We will be confirming TKR tokens by address for each block in those 48 hours.
    • Airdrops timings are not announced to prevent trading tokens for the purpose of airdrops.

    Bounty TKR allocation

    Once the ICO concludes on the 15th of September, we will close and lock all existing spreadsheets for bounties. During the following 2–4 days we will compose a single spreadsheet with every unique user and their total amount of TKR allocation (indicating which section contributed how many points).

    The spreadsheet will also go through de-duplication (meaning only the entry with the highest points are taken into consideration for duplicate users/wallet addresses, per bounty campaign). Once the sheet is ready the following process will apply to receive your TKR tokens:

    • A user wanting their bonus tokens has to confirm that their wallet address is correct and that their TKR token allocations looks fine. Once the user has done so via a PM on the BitcoinTalk forums (from the same username they used in the bounty campaign), they will then receive their bounty (these will be sent every day / two days at a specified time in a batch).
    • Please note that any user that has not confirmed their tokens within one month’s time from the spreadsheet being finalised will automatically forfeit their tokens, this is done to ensure that tokens don’t end up in the wrong wallet addresses, hacked users or simply non-existent/inactive users (as the tokens would essentially end up nowhere).

    All unclaimed tokens after one month from the bounty campaign will be rewarded to contributors, effectively increasing their ratio even higher.

    We hope to reach a 85% contributors/10% bounty/5% team split in terms of TKR ratio after roughly one month as we do not anticipate all bounty hunters claiming.

    Moreover, we are confident that more contributions will increase the ratio from now until the end of the ICO, thus the actual ratio will be higher for contributors than mentioned before.

    Concluding Remarks

    There’s a lot of information to digest, we hope to make it lucrative for both contributors and bounty hunters (through airdrops) to retain their tokens. We’re also confident that in the last few remaining days the contributor token ratio will increase as we have almost tenfold advertisement running during this period.

    Remember that our ICO is still going strong until the 15th of September 12 PM GMT. You can visit our website at if you’re interested in contributing or want to learn more about the project.

    If you have any questions, feedback or issues then please join our Slack or reach us by e-mail.

    — With ❤ the Trackr Team!

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