We envision an easy registration of ownership rights for every musician – a decentralized storage. An easy way to get insight into these rights – transparency. Every participant in the ecosystem gets his fair share – fair distribution. We envision ease of transactions, almost instant payment provision – ease of payment. We put the musician in the centre of the industry again.

    We will provide the possibility for every musician to create his or her own business model, provide templates of different models and provide data insights. Give them the autonomy to easily raise funds.   We envision one place to take care of all of your music business. Where every participant has the incentive to add value to the network. Where the founders of the network do not keep accumulating value unless they provide value themselves. A marketplace that in the long term is organised democratically and decentralized.

    The Moosty Blockchain Platform will be deployed on the Lisk platform through a sidechain!


    Artist-Centric Model

    Put musicians back at the centre of their industry. In charge of their own revenue.

    • fair distribution of royalties
    • get faster payments
    • Unique rewards

    Music Marketplace

    A marketplace where artists can receive donations, sell royalty-rights, put out requests for help, make licensing deals, and more.

    • receive donations
    • sell partial ownership rights
    • make licensing deals


    Leverage a large community of developers to build services for musicians. Developers earn Moosecoins within the ecosystem in exchange for services.

    • earn revenue with development of open source software
    • profit from musicians creating more value for the ecosytem

    The moosty ecosystem

    Moosty Foundation

    The Moosty Blockchain Platform will be governed from the Moosty Foundation. This foundation will govern the Moosty Ecosystem through the funding of operations, marketing efforts and the creation of incentives for developers by providing Reward through the MRE (Moosty Reward Engine). Over time the Moosty Foundation will become decentralized and decision-making will be democratically reached.

    • Moosty Ecosystem Operations
    • Moosty Reward Engine
    • Moosty Marketing efforts

    Moosty Streaming Service

    The Moosty Streaming Service is a non-profit streaming service where musicians can upload their music. The service will promote upcoming artists, pay-out royalties through the Moosty Blockchain Platform and will stay free.

    • Non-profit streaming service
    • Music platform for upcoming musicians
    • Pays out royalties through the Moosty Blockchain Platform

    How it works

    Moosty Market

    The Moosty Market is an open marketplace where musicians can make deals, and where developers can also acquire deals

    Streaming Network

    • The Moosty Streaming Network consists of two pillars; Moosy Streaming Service and the Third Party Streaming Services. When a musician registers their music on the blockchain they can also upload their music content on one or more of the networks.
    • Third Parties can integrate with the Moosty Platform through APIs and hosting music content.
    • The third party solutions provides external streaming services to make use of the Moosty Blockchain, pay-out through our system and stream content from artists.




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