• With this growth gaming is ready to surpass all other entertainment industries as THE form of entertainment and pleasure for all consumers.
    Despite a healthy market, consumer expectations have changed so dramatically that old revenue models have become outdated, forcing production companies to scramble to find value in new markets. In a world where consumers expect someone else to pay for their content, production companies are struggling to find avenues that allow them to monetize the digital age.
    There is an estimated 2 billion gamers in the world. It is estimated that gamers spend 15.4 billion on content alone.

    With 39% of those gamers playing social games, followed closely by other genres.

     Tap Project (TTT) Vision

    There are currently millions of in-game currencies that are restricted to individual games and eco-systems.
    Currently, the gaming industry is riddled with problems, challenges, and limitations when it comes to payments, transfers of in-game currencies. Gamers spend hours on hours playing games and earning in-game currency, just to have them “stuck” in the virtual world when they stop playing that game.
    • The Tap project (“TTT”) wants to eliminate that very issue. The Tap Coin Network is working to breakdown those challenges and decentralize all in-game currencies into one currency that can be traded, transferred and exchanged into all globally accepted currencies and crypto-currencies around the world.

    • Tap Coin wants to be a widely accepted cryptocurrency, which allows all gamers to seamlessly transfer their in-game currency to Tap Coin. Gamers can then use this currency in other games or platform or even in known cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • Tap Coin (TAP) will be targeting mainstream games, but also indie games and developers.
    • The Tap project will work to provide a payment system that looks to pay gamers for playing the games they love to play. No longer is “getting paid to play videogames” restricted to celebrities, hardcore gamers, or streamers, but we will open the flood gates for the everyday gamer also.

    Benefit to Gamers

    Imagine playing any game, earning its currency and having that currency hold its value and represent cash, in the form of Tap coin or fiat currency. Imagine, having the ability to transfer that in-game currency to another game and continue to build your “wallet” whilst getting paid to play. The Tap project breaks down the antiquated barrier of development and gaming and brings light to a new age of exchange. Console, PC, Handheld and Mobile gaming revenue continue to increase year after year. No matter the platform, your Tap coin will follow you into any game and on any device. Indie developers don’t have to worry about what platform they are

    working on and it they will reach their audience. AAA games across multiple platforms, but just one Tap coin currency.


    A token or coin is designed to represent something of value, in our case a Tap Coin. These coins are –in the Ethereum ecosystem –issued on the blockchain. By adhering to the ERC20 standard it makes it easier for Tap Coin (“TTT”) to be natively supported by projects and other services that are written on the blockchain much easier. Why would we make sure we use this standard? Interoperability. If we ensure Tap Coin uses the same standards as all other major tokens\coins, it will make it easily exchangeable and able to immediately work with Dapps.

    Tap Project Benefit

    Benefit to Gamers

    • No matter the platform, your Tap coin will follow you into any game and on any device.
    • Your hard work is no longer lost or locked up in a particular game.
    • Make money while you play, your currency can be traded on the exchanges.
    • Console, PC, Handheld and Mobile gaming revenue continue to increase year after year.
    • Breaks down the antiquated barrier of development and gaming and brings light to a new age of exchange.

    Benefit to Developers

    • Indie developers don’t have to worry about the type of platform they are working on and it they will reach their audience.
    • AAA games across multiple platforms, but just one Tap coin currency.
    • Integrating Tap coin onto development platforms provides that immediate growth.
    • Allows developers to create smart-contracts.
    • Opportunities are endless, as developers are given the ability to be creative all the while having the security of the block-chain.

    Benefit of Crowdfunding

    • The opportunity to gain 10 000 Tap Coins per 1 ETH.
    • You will be able to trade Tap Coin (TTT) on cryptocurrency exchanges and peer-to-peer just like any other exchange.
    • Make money while you play, your currency can be traded on the exchanges.
    • Tap token will follow you into any game and on any device.

    Engagement in Gaming Vs Competing Markets

    Gamer’s are currently far more engaged than any other media platform. With 41%
    of Gamers remaining engaged while playing video games there is no
    industry that keeps the user immersed. The video game industry is one of
    the few industries that allows the user to feel like they are “there”
    in the world that the game creates.

    Tap Coin (“TTT”)

    Tap Coin is designed to be flexible and ensure control of the future evolution of the project. Tap Coin (“TTT”) is created during the crowdfunding stage, as outlined in this whitepaper. (“TTT”) will be limited to the pool of tokens created during this stage.
    • Tap Coin (“TTT”) is a token on the Ethereum platform. Its design follows widely adopted standards.
    • Gamers can buy, sell, and trade Tap Coins (“TTT”) on cryptocurrency exchanges and peer-to-peer just like any other exchange.
    • An amount of 1.5 billion tokens will be created initially to start. 750 million will be offered to the public during a 28 day crowdfunding sale.

    Crowdfunding Participants Sale: 750,000,000 TTT (50%): Minted coins offered for sale to public participants.

    TAP Project Team: 150,000,000 TTT (10%): These coins will be distributed to the team. Coins will be subject to a period of illiquidity. These coins will also be used to incentivize future employee expansion and future development over 5 years.
    Tap Legacy: 120,000,000 TTT (8%): Tap coins allocated will compensate an investor stakeholders, and founders who contributed to the progress of the TAP project over the past years. These coins will be made immediately available and will be allocated proportional to each person’s contribution.
    TAP Participant Rewards: 30,000,000 (2%): These coins will be used to compensate crowdfunding participants for bringing in significant value after the crowdfunding sale.
    Tap Project Foundation: 450,000,000 TTT (30%): These coins will be used to create developer partnerships for gaming within the TAP project. The foundation will also be used to reward innovative indie game developers to help foster the implementation of TAP coins into their games. These TTT coins will be managed by the TAP Foundation group.
    Note: The coin creation is capped at 75,000 ETH (or BTC equivalent). The amount of coins mentioned above assumes a sold out coin sale sold at 10,000 TTT per 1 ETH. In the other case the total amount of coins created will be less and the above breakdown will be allocated pro rata.

    CrowdFunding Information

    The crowdfund campaign will take place online, and will be raised through Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. Participants supporting the development of the Tap project can do so by sending Bitcoin or Ether to the designated address. The TAP Project looks to raise a maximum of 75 000 ETH. The distribution of TAP coins will be distributed upon completion of the crowdfunding campaign. The minimum threshold of 500,000 USD will be established, if the contributions are raised less then such, the contributed ETH will be returned.
    Backers supporting TAP will be provided 10 000 TTT per 1 ETH. Milestones are outlined below

    Distribution of Funds

    All funds received will be distributed as such:

    Tap Project Team: consists of employee salary and costs. We assume that this will finance a team of 7 highly talented individuals. Most of them developers for a period of 5 years initially.
    Business Operations: this includes the cost of an office and other indirect costs such as legal fees, payment diversifications, and future development.
    Technological Expansions: covers expenditures associated with expanding Tap Coin but also expanding on decentralized game as a whole. This also includes expenditures on external technology that Tap coins depends on.

    Marketing & Business Development: includes Tap Coin marketing strategies to get game developers and companies onboard. This also will support 3rd party integrations for developers expanding the Tap coin community.
    Business Unification: covers the Tap project expansion plan. This includes both mergers and acquisitions of likeminded companies or technology. All companies will be rigorously vetted and audited to ensure smooth transitions.
    Contingency: is calculated as 5% of the total budget.

    Usuful Links:

    White Paper:https://tapproject.net/index.p...

    Smart Contract:https://github.com/TapProject/...

    Social Links:





    Dev Blog:https://medium.com/@tapdev



  • Early Contribution Address + Tap Community Partner + Tap Coin Pricing

    How To Gain Maximum EXP Contributing to the Tap Project

    We are down to the last 24 hours before the contract starts accepting contributions and we wanted to put out a document to better help those on Game day! Just a reminder our Contribution period will begin on October 5th 2017 at 1200 pm (noon) PST and run until October 20th 2017 at 1200pm (noon) Pst. Those that contribute during Early Contribution will be provided a 30% Bonus. For ease we have attached a link to our timezone that will show our exact current time -> https://time.is/Vancouver. Additionally, the contract will be open as soon as the countdown clock reaches 0.

    Additionally, we have released our contract address on our Early Contribution Page, it can be seen here -> https://tapproject.net/index.php/early-contribution/ . You will receive your Tap Coins immediately upon contributing.

    • Note* Please use vigilance when contributing, the official contract address will ONLY be listed on our website. We will not be releasing the address on any other platform! We will provide immediate updates via Twitter or Telegram but NOT addresses. Lastly, do not send from any exchanges as your contribution may be lost. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

    We have also included “HOW TO” documents, which may behelpful if you have never contributed to other “ico’s” in the past. They can be seen here -> How to set up MYETHERWALLET & How to set up MIST .

    Tap Community Partner

    After discussion with multiple members in the community we have decided to introduce Tap Community Partners. This status will be held for those who contribute over 5ETH during the Early contribution stage. We want to show that this project could be nothing without the community and those that contribute during early stages are to be rewarded. This is why we are rewarding an ADDITIONAL BONUS for those that contribute over 5 ETH.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    5–25 ETH Contribution receives an ADDITIONAL 2% Bonus (32% total)

    25–50 ETH Contribution receives an ADDITIONAL 5% Bonus (35% total)

    50–100 ETH contribution receives an ADDITIONAL 10% Bonus (40% total)

    100+ ETH contribution receives an ADDITIONAL 20% Bonus (50% total)

    please email us at [email protected] with your ETH address (to become a Tap Community Partner), and we will verify you. You will receive the bonus at the conclusion of the Early Contribution Period.

    Tap Coin Pricing

    On October 3rd , we locked in our ETH/USD pricing for our contract and wanted to provide a little bit of an explanation for our analysis. Our pricing will take into consideration the next 15 days during our Early Contribution period.

    Obviously, If we were able to successfully predict where Ethereum would be in the coming days then we would be fortune tellers and in the wrong line of work.

    Over the last four months, using a day time frame, Ethereum has seen a high of $404.99 USD and a low of $134.78 USD (marked as arrows). The mean of these two numbers is $269.88; however, at the time of pricing (October 3rd) the Simple moving average has settled at $274.47. Stoch RSI shows overbought and a slight downtrend into oversold territory is expected. Therefore, using the resistance and support lines of $302.14 and $256.97, respectively, would provide a better visualization of the mean price of $279 for the next few days. Therefore, on October 3rd, we locked our contract in at $279.

    for more information please visit our early contributions page at https://tapproject.net/index.php/early-contribution/, our telegram at https://t.me/joinchat/GhozCg2EdK8peUsUqkHFLQ or contact us via email at [email protected]

    “Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all”

    Game On!

  • The Tap Project, a symbol?

    Symbol — “a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process” (www.dictionary.com)

    What does the Tap Project mean to you?

    The Tap Project means something different to everyone. Depending on your social economic status, experience, position or location your view of the Tap Project may mean something different. To some the Tap Project symbols a push to a new industry standard of gaming, a universal wage and currency system, an opportunity to get paid to play, or as a developer a new revenue stream. What ever it may be, the Tap Project means something different to everyone.

    What does the Tap Project mean to the team?

    The Tap Project is a symbol of change and disruption into a long withstanding industry. The Tap project means all of the above and more. The Tap Project is an opportunity for many to create and change something that they believed could not, and would not change. It symbolizes the fact that hardwork, dedication and grit can change absolutely anything. The Tap Project is the evolving organism, while the Tap Coin seeks to fuel that organism with blockchain technology. The possibilities of the Tap Project are endless and the opportunities to expand are vast. A network of gamers, developers, publishers, and blockchain tech companies, seeking to push an industry standard from the complacent past decades. From the beginning, the team has been transparent, fluid and open to feedback and criticism. We may not be your average ICO token, or ethereum project but we are real and ready to jump into a blue ocean of potential.

    So, what does the Tap Project mean to you?

    “Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all.” — Tap Project

    Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/tapcoin

    Visit our website: www.tapproject.net

    twitter: www.twitter.com/tap_coin

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