Mobius Bounty Program #1

    1. Submit an app to the live DApp Store using our easy to use Mobius API. Upon approval earn 2,000 MOBI. Start earning MOBI micropayments today from our community members!
    2. Refer a developer that submits an app to the DApp Store before the public sale, that is approved, and earn 1,000 MOBI. The developer must email [email protected] and send us your email address saying that you referred them.
    3. Anyone with 1,000+ Twitter followers that is interested in promoting Mobius through Tweets, Retweets, and Favorites please email [email protected] with your Twitter username and follow Mobius (@mobius_network). We will evaluate your account and send you next steps. We will pick three partners and give them 1,000 MOBI for their participation.
    4. Publish a blog or YouTube video explaining what Mobius and our protocol does focusing on our core value propositions ranging from our Stripe like API for blockchain integration, live DApp Store, Smart Markets, and/or Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol. Email your submission to [email protected] and on a rolling basis we will pick the first five high quality submissions to receive 1,000 MOBI each.
    5. Write translation blog summaries for Mobius in BitcoinTalk or other popular crypto forums. Add a link to the website, white paper, DApp Store, and API Docs and an explanation of Mobius along with the problems it solves. Please email a link to [email protected] and we will give the first high quality submission for each language 1,000 MOBI.

    Language list:

    German, French, Indonesian, Arabic, Danish, Spanish, Protugeuese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish

    Nota bene:

    1. All MOBI earned in the bounty program will be distributed during the public sale.
    2. The MOBI bounty program and rewards are subject to change or cancellation at anytime.

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