White List for Cindicator Token Sale

  • Dear partners, collaborators and friends of Cindicator,

    We have carefully studied the experiences of our colleagues during ICO launches, and we have observed a full spectrum of problems as well as risks associated with current Token Sale practices. We are not alone in this — Vitalik Buterin has also written a good post about them:

    • Early contributors risk missing out the opportunity to access our products;
    • Token buyers are often too motivated by profiteering;
    • Risk of money laundering;
    • Risk of blockchain network overload;
    • Risk of centralized attack and theft;
    • Risk of the ‘central bank effect’: a large number of tokens distributed between a few holders.

    After taking into account all of the positive and negative experiences of previous ICOs, we intend to protect the interests of the ecosystem, the community as a whole and, most importantly, the interests of our intellectual investors, forecasters and analysts — those who believed in us from the very beginning. It is their participation in particular that allows us to move forward in the development of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem.

    We therefore decided to conduct our Token Sale in several stages:

    1. Private round for ventures. This stage was vital to compensate all operational costs (marketing and creating a solid legal framework and technical security infrastructure) and was finished in mid-August. $200,000 was raised at this stage.
    2. White List stages. These are closed rounds during which we plan to gather the greater part of the funds. These stages will begin at the end of August and will last until 12 September. We will review each investor application in order to select investors with the same long term interest for Cindicator.
    3. Crowdsale stage. This stage starts on 12 September and will last for one month, or until we reach the max hard cap (whichever comes first).

    By having only a select number of investors sharing a long term view of our product, we believe that our Token Sale will be beneficial for all participants within the ecosystem. It will help align the interests of investors, users and participants vital for the future of Cindicator:

    1. It will be fairer to our current team of 10,000+ analysts, which has been growing steadily for two years. It will motivate them to continue delivering quality forecasts and analytics of financial markets.
    2. It will help in the formation of a reliable and diverse ecosystem with token holders of different professional backgrounds from different countries. These people will be able to increase the synergy of our collective ecosystem.
    3. It will help those who need our products most as well as those who want to become part of our ecosystem through the simplest and most convenient possible purchase of tokens (in advance, with no rush and without technical issues).
    4. It will help us reject short-term minded profiteers and acquire long-term orientated participants.
    5. It will allow us to protect our economics by avoiding anonymous whales and thus keeping the risk of money laundering to a minimum.
    6. It makes it possible to distribute CND tokens evenly among all those who want to participate in the Token Sale. Different stages will be given different limits regarding the maximum sale amount.

    If you would like to participate in the Cindicator Token Sale, please fill out the form on our website to access the White List.

    We recommend including as much detail as you can while filling out the form, so that we are able to create the most reliable community of token holders and ecosystem participants possible. Answering the questions fully will increase your chances of being approved for the White List.

    We will happily share our experience with other teams. Together we can make this market more transparent, secure and effective.

    Kind regards,

    Cindicator team.

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